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It's been a quiet summer, fic-wise, so this one's a little shorter than usual.

5 Times Sidney Went Into Heat and One Time He Didn't by [ profile] kleinergruenerkaktus
Sid&Geno, 22k. Sid is an omega who whose heats are really traumatic, and Geno is the friend who helps him survive them. This was really a hard, raw read, because Sid's emotions are so raw and he goes through so much, but it was also really, really good.

the kids are gonna be by [ profile] Sour_Idealist
McDavid/Strome with McDavid&Crosby mentorship, 24k. It's Connor's first year in the NHL, and Sidney Crosby is his unlikely mentor-by-text. I really loved the Connor&Sid relationship here, and how it means so much to Connor but a lot to Sid, too, as he helps Connor navigate through a lot of the same high-pressure difficulties Sid faced. I'm such a sucker for these kinds of gen relationships. And the McDavid/Strome is also very sweet.

I wanna fit inside you by [ profile] dangercupcake
Sid/Taylor, 5k. This is kiiind of tentacle fic but much further on the xeno end than people usually mean when they describe it. Lots of worldbuilding in this one, and I love how it muddies how much incest is even a taboo in this fic's universe. Also, kink negotiation and shame/comfort. My feels. *___*

This Small Magic by [ profile] mriaow
Sid/Geno, 7k. A ballet AU that is about what you'd expect from a ballet AU, maybe, but nonetheless delightful. This is old-school S/G, so has some old-school S/G tropes in it.

Steel Cities, Beating Hearts by [ profile] detentionlevel
Sid/Geno, 4k. This is a very sweet cyborg!Geno fic that is also the oldest S/G fic on AO3.

can't buy a thrill (orphaned work)
Kessel/Bozak, 9k. In which Tyler wants Phil to tie him up, and Phil is really not sure how he feels about that. I love kink negotiation and relationship negotiation, and this has both and is delightful.

Cherchez la Femme by [ profile] pantsoffdanceoff
Scrivens/Scrivens, 15k. In which the Habs put Jenny Scrivens in net instead of Ben. I loved the entire premise of this, and I loved watching Jenny navigate the NHL much more similar to our own than I usually see "women in the NHL" fics. And Jenny and Ben navigating their relationship through all this is very satisfying, too. I would love to see more fic exploring this kind of premise and set of themes.

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I greatly enjoyed "This Small Magic"! I like its realistic take. Not that I know a great deal about ballet. But I found the take on "The Nutcracker" to be just about right. There's a reason it's such a classic, yet it can so easily just be worn out. The author addresses that and finds a legitimate explanation for its endurance, I think!

Plus, Sid and Geno! In tights!


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