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This links list feels woefully sparse given all that's happened yesterday and today; I hope y'all have found other sources for the airport protests, the NY taxi driver protest, and Steve Bannon's elevation above the National Security Council.

Activism / resources
* How to Take Action – and Stay Sane – in the Trump Era (Rolling Stone)

* CAIR to Announce Constitutional Challenge to Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Executive Order. You can donate to CAIR here.

* As we wait on the EO, if you hold a passport from: Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen & aren't a U.S. citizen, call for free legal advice. (City of New York CLEAR project - their homepage w/more info is here).

* Get your credit cards out. These are all the orgs I can find who are already lodging legal resistance to the Muslim ban. (Twitter)

* Resistance Manual - a wiki that collects info on Trump's agenda, actions so far, effects, and what we can do about it. Today, I am clinging to this bit.

* Basically a tractor rolling in slow motion in front of a sunset with the American flag superimposed ([personal profile] rydra_wong). Frankly at this point my calls to my GOP Congressman are 60 seconds of barely contained fury, but this post advocates for a different approach. I suspect it's one of those things where it takes both kinds.

Good news
* BREAKING: We sued Texas in December. Today, a federal district court has BLOCKED Texas's unconstitutional fetal burial rule! (Twitter)

* Trump’s Immigration Ban Is Illegal (NYT)

Bad news
* Helping undocumented immigrants now a crime under Trump (Univision)
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