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pairings with Pens
We've Been Here Before by [ profile] sunshinexbomb
Backstrom/Malkin, 3k. When Nicky sleeps with Geno while pining for someone else; he doesn't expect to build something with Geno instead. Very sweet.

you know that I'm greedy for love by [ profile] dangercupcake
Crosby/Mackinnon, 3k. This is sweet and simple and cute, and I cry every single time I read it even though this is not something I usually ship.

Thunderdome by [ profile] seigeofangels
Sid/Geno, 2k. Mpreg, but patterned on sand tiger sharks. I love this ridiculous fic so much, it's like it was written just for me. (It wasn't, just to be clear.)

Care and Feeding of Skinny Daisies by [ profile] downjune
Fleury/Murray, 2k. In which Flower and Matty are both plant witches. Also there's kissing. This is just such a sweet, gently melancholy fic, and I <3 it. I also recommend the 5+1 fic linked in the author's note, which you really probably should read first.

GroupMe by [ profile] katwalking
Letang/Maatta, 2k. This has hot Olli/Tanger porn but by far the best part is the NHL omega group chat, which is HI-LARIOUS.

Under Review by [ profile] concinnity
Crosby/Sheary, 5k. PWP that is thoroughly grounded in and motivated by the characters it's about in ways I'm not used to seeing in PWP.

Game-Winner by [ profile] downjune
Dumoulin/Letang, 3.5k. Dumo is awarded the Pirates helmet after the game, which means he gets to pick any teammate he wants to sleep with. He picks Tanger, to everyone's surprise (especially Tanger's). Porn AND ALSO FEELINGS, my fav combo. :')

beast mode by anon
Sid/Geno, one-shot. Siren!Sid really, really needs to lay these eggs, pronto. Fortunately Geno is here for him. If you like tentacles and oviposition, this is for you.

What Do You Want to Wager by [ profile] trilliath
Sid/Geno/PK, 10k. Geno makes an ill-considered bet. This has a MUCH higher feelings-to-porn ratio than I guessed it would from the premise. Also it's hot.

other pairings
speechless by [ profile] savedby
Matthews/McDavid, 3k. Conor and Auston play together at the World Cup, and it's kind of awkward, honestly. I really love how this is a getting-together fic that's like the opposite of the usual mutual pining, "they just get along so well" set up.

as steady as by [ profile] torigates
Marner/Strome, 4k. Makeup/breakup fic that really digs in the angst, like a painful-yet-good massage.

before I turn around by [ profile] inlovewithnight
Benn/Benn, 37k. In which an AU version of Jordie falls into Jamie's life, and things get really fucking complicated. (Also: complicated fucking.) This is the kind of fucked-up angst that I'd expect out of SPN fandom; it is such an unmitigated delight to have it pop up here. Just so, so satisfying.

Next Level Bromanship by [ profile] disarm_d
Benn/Seguin, 8k. This is kind of a tough read, because Tyler is such a homophobic jerk in ways that hurt both him and Jamie, but it was satisfying for me for the same reasons. And he does get somewhere eventually.

Out of play, out of competition by [ profile] thenorthface
Latta/Wilson, 142k. "Latta/Wilson Bachelor AU" sounds like the opposite of anything I would care about, and yet I LOVED THIS, because it's a canon divergence AU where Willy still plays hockey and Mike used to, but now he's on The Bachelor. Just a really fun, satisfying long read.

whisper dirty to me by [ profile] crispierchip
Barrie/Mackinnon, 2k. Nate has an ear kink, Ty figures it out. Bless the kinkmeme is all I have to say here, and bless everyone who writes for it. This is very cute.

tui gratia iovis gratia sit cures by [ profile] Idday
Eichel/McDavid, 3k. A very cool fic that circles around the idea of blessings and curses

Wild Magic by [ profile] thedeadparrot
Carter/Richards, 4k. Melancholy. I really liked how this used Jeff and Mike's incompatible magics to parallel the repeated RL crossing of their paths.

we are the ones (you left behind) by [ profile] Idday
Eichel&Strome, 9k. In which Jack and Dylan are both having kind of sucky years, and somehow they bond over it. I love unlikely friendship fics, as well as fics that are about the friendships with gay romances in the background between other characters. This was right up my alley.

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I get so caught up in AO3 that I forget that there is fic here that never makes it there. And then I miss really good writing. Which should be criminal! Thanks for sharing your recs!


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