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Riverdale 1.01-1.07

(Madchen Amick icon ftw!)

I'm all caught up on this show, and you guys, it is so great. Archie Comics are one of my most hardcore nostalgia fandoms from my preteen/early-teen years, which makes me feel like I'm supposed to be some kind of purist about it. However, I think there are fandoms to be a purist about and fandoms that I just want remixed every which way, and Archie is definitely the latter. And so this campy, trashy soap is EVERYTHING I DREAMED OF.

* Jughead Jones has been my fav of faves for twenty years, and I am positively giddy every single time he's on screen. Is it because of the twenty-year crush? Because I love this Jughead, specifically? Because Cole Sprouse? Because he is the woobiest woobie on the show? IDK, and I judge myself a little, but I love him SO MUCH, and it was probably inevitable.

* Perfect characters: Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Archie's dad, Josie. Lots of racebending in this show. I especially appreciate that Veronica is both 100% NYC rich bitch and also explicitly Latina. I really want more Reggie. I love Betty SO MUCH MORE than I thought I would.

Archie is also fine, although I kinda dgaf about his music vs jock angst. This digging up old Andrews-Jones history is way more interesting.

* No OTPs yet, but I do have a variety of ships I'm intrigued by: Betty/Veronica (Veronica is ELECTRIC every time she's on screen), Reggie/anyone. I am just aching to ship Veronica/Jughead, but the show so far has refused to give me any V/J interactions. :( Betty/Jughead is pretty freaking adorable but not in a way that makes me need more of it. (I also desperately want a B/V/J threesome, possibly with Jughead as a virgin.)

* I love how this show killed the Betty/Archie/Veronica triangle dead by the end of episode two. It's been 76 years of that, guys. We did not need it anymore. B/V friends 5ever.

* The Blossoms are amazing. Cheryl is especially amazing, and most especially to me, who remembers when Jason and Cheryl appeared on the scene in the comics in the mid-90s. Meanwhile the Jason flashbacks are just kind of... lolarious? I think he's definitely serving the narrative best by being dead.

* I'm not imagining the incesty Blossom twin vibes, though, right? I'm not? I mean it's already canon in one Archie universe. (Afterlife with Archie, A++ zombie AU incidentally written by the same guy who's Riverdale.)

* This show is, at its core, about not trusting anyone over thirty. Almost every adult in this town is corrupt, evil, incompetent, or straight-up delusional. Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge are the best of a bad bunch.

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No, you are definitely not imagining the incesty vibes. From the moment we got the initial details on Jason's disappearance, I was like "they were banging, weren't they?" (At the very least, Cheryl appears to have a very Winchester-like devotion to her brother.)

I am really fascinated by the bad parents who (mostly) try to be good to their kids! So far, the only one who hasn't done bad things is Sheriff Keller, I think? And tbh, I won't be shocked if he turns out to have a shady side as well.
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Yeah, that whole scene with Sheriff Keller was weird -- his reasons for taking Jughead in (without contacting his legal guardian!) were really flimsy, I thought. I feel like it was more due to poor setup/writing than a character thing, though.

Also I forgot to mention this earlier, but I am secretly hoping that it turns out that Jughead and Archie's moms ran away together (though that makes the fact that they left the boys behind even sadder).
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I also desperately want a B/V/J threesome, possibly with Jughead as a virgin.

You are singing the song of my heart. A friend and I were just talking a few weeks ago about this exact scenario, haha.

I'm not imagining the incesty Blossom twin vibes, though, right?

You are 100% not. I saw their matching outfits and weird vibes and shouted TWINCEST!!! at my computer.

I'm not sure the B/A/J triangle is killed dead, though. Especially since Veronica and Archie had a ~moment~ recently. They haven't kept up mentioning Betty's feelings for Archie, but I'm wary.
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Riverdale is SO TRASHY and yet also SO FABULOUS. I love it, and I also say that as someone who grew up on the comic books. I only wish that it would stop trying to get me to care about Archie and his terrible teen angst of being torn between football and music. Give me more Betty and Jughead, Supersleuths!, or Betty and Veronica destroying slut-shaming jocks, or weird, comic book inspired dream sequences.

I'm not imagining the incesty Blossom twin vibes, though, right? I'm not?

Uh, no. Who knows if they'll ever make it explicitly canon, but the vibes are real.

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Thanks for the link, that was a great article! I think it's amazing how they've taken a company that could certainly be seen as stodgy or old-fashioned and modernized it. Also, I had no idea about all the behind-the-scenes drama.

Jughead's dream is styled like a 50s era comic - Jughead's beanie, Archie's bowtie, Veronica's headband, etc. It's a little trippy!
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Is it possible to read Jughead as aro/ace in this show? Do you think it's reasonably possible he will continue to be readable that way?

I mean, I am all there with you for the B/J/V sandwich in fanfic, but Jughead is one of my tiny and beloved set of childhood characters who looked upon romance the same way as me, and the only one who has since been confirmed ace in canon rather than getting paired off, and I think if I started to watch the show and then he got a standard* het romance subplot I would just be irrationally angry a lot, so.

*one like the ones he occasionally had in the comics where it was continually emphasized that he would never love a girl as much as he loves hamburgers would be fine. And I would be okay if he ended up gay probably, that hasn't happened to one of my beloved ace characters yet
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Yeah, he came out in one of the first issues of his title after the "new art style" reboot. Though it wasn't so much a coming out as him going "yeah, duh," to a new friend, IIRC. I am not consistently reading them, but I am reading them as I stumble upon them, which is also how I read them as a child, coincidentally! So my knowledge of canon is a mix of 1960/70s digests inherited from an uncle, early-90s digests inherited from friends, and random single issues here and there up to the present. But Jughead was pretty consistently written as Not Really Into Girls throughout the whole run, even when everything else got pretty whacky and AU, and that's basically my one non-negotiable for this canon.

So, alas, I fear this show is not for me. :/ I wish it could be!