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between your heart and mine by [personal profile] oflights
Sid/Geno, 17k. Sid and Geno are both rookies that can't exactly talk to each other, but they have a lot of sex anyway. Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to reccing the classics, but this is definitely one of those. bb penguins in love. :')

All I Ever Wanted by [ profile] sevenfists
Sid/Geno, 10k. Very aptly titled, as this fic is everything I have ever wanted: Sid and Geno a decade into their friendship, reconsidering and turning it into something different. I really like the emotional care this fic takes, and how the change in their relationship takes time, over many conversations.

A Mutually Pleasurable Consensual Experience by [ profile] Deastar
Sid/Geno, 13k. In which Geno bottoms for the first time. When I talk about loving kink negotiation and first times, this is the kind of fic I am talking about.

The Biblical Sense by [ profile] sevenfists
Sid/Geno, a/b/o, 58k. Sid and Geno form a temporary bond in hopes of getting Sid's heats under control. Spoiler: it's not as easy to keep their feelings to themselves as they thought.

other pairings
only the game fish swims upstream by [ profile] TheDukeofAvon
Kessel/Bozie, 10k. In which they get outed, and the aftermath is kind of rough. One of my favorite outing/internalized homophobia fics on the more realistic end of the spectrum.

tell me all the things that i want to hear by [ profile] Idday
Eichel/McDavid, 8k. McDavid hates Jack. Jack's sure of it. I keep reccing this author because they keep writing really enjoyable fics for this ship, and here's another one.

Haute Cuisine by [ profile] elisera
Benn/Seguin, 15k. In which Jamie is an incubus and it takes Tyler a long time and some pretty confused feelings before he figures it out.

Seven Minutes in Blue Pontiac Heaven by [ profile] Trapelo_Road475
Doan/Nash, 2k. A story about being old and remembering when you were young. Mostly I am reccing this for the narrative voice, which has a lot of character and is just really fun.

Stop Making Sense by [ profile] Vidriana
Kapanen/Nylander, 23k. This has the realest feelings of any fake dating fic I've ever read. These are two kids with a lot of insecurities and vulnerable spots.

Human Nature by [ profile] Ferritin4
Lack/Luongo, 11k. Man, Ferritin always makes her worldbuilding feel just effortless. This is a story about how Lu does magic and Eddie is magic and oh, incidentally, Aaron Ekblad is, too. Very fun.
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