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I just got back from watching it the second time. You guys, I liked it the first time, but I LOVED it the second time. It’s so dense with character moments but also silly moments but also this goshwow cosmic stuff that is MY JAM. GotG1 and Winter Soldier used to be tied for my favorite MCU movie, but I think GotG2 just moved into first place.

Some things I particularly loved this time:

* “I don’t know why they’re after us. What a mystery this is.”
* QUANTUM ASTEROID FIELD lololol this movie is totally bonkers
* That half the opening action scene was just Groot dancing while stuff happens in the background.
* “If he ends up being evil, we’ll just kill him” - Gamora, the emotional support we need and deserve
* The whole conversation about why Groot doesn’t like hats. I about died both times.
* “Well, of course not.” ;____________;

And also, on second watch I think I fell in love with Peter? He irritated me sometimes in the first movie and entertained me in others, and I ended up feeling sort of neutral about him, but I really love him in this movie. He never really gets invested in the story Ego tells him. He cares way more about the idea of a dad than about this phenomenal cosmic power stuff Ego tries to sell him on, and he doesn’t ever seem really tempted by it. “And what’s wrong with that,” he says - not like someone who’s learned a valuable lesson, but someone who never really doubted in the first place.

Canon notes:

Peter first piloted the Milano when he was 10.
They use inches to measure things!
They say “Oh my god” and “Hell” (”Hel”?)
Drax and his sensitive nipples lol
So what’s the deal with Mantis’s outfit, anyway?
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