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I've been wanting to write Buffy/Faith a/b/o for ages. This is... not exactly what I planned to write? But I enjoyed writing it, and here it is.

as the gentle rain from heaven (1757 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Faith Lehane/Buffy Summers
Characters: Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane
Additional Tags: Watersports, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Nonnies Made Me Do It

Every O watered the flowers at least once; it was part of the teen experience. All the movies said so. It was fine.

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[community profile] trickortreatex authors are revealed! I wrote five things, which I'm lumping here all in one post for convenience. I had a lot of fun playing in basically all my fandoms, especially since the Buffy characters I want to write usually aren't eligible for exchanges.

However, out of the bunch I definitely had a couple of favorites: the hockey fic (which at 4k feels absurdly long for a treat in a 300 word exchange, but oh well) and the steampunk Meg/Castiel. Because, you know, steampunk Meg/Castiel. Even if the fic doesn't really have a plot, as such.

When In Doubt, Set It On Fire - hockey RPF, Crosby/Ovechkin, 4000 words
First Sidney tells Alex Consol's ice is cursed. Then he says he has a plan to fix it. Then he stops talking to Alex very much at all, and that's when Alex starts to get worried. -- More monster-y than actual horror, it turned out. Oh well.

bright wings - SPN, Meg/Castiel, 1200 words
Castiel has metal wings. Meg has an oil can. -- AKA the steampunk fic. :DDD

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship - SPN, Meg + Bela friendship, 700 words
Meg goes to hell in search of loyal subjects. She thinks she may have found one. -- A treat for [ profile] gryfndor_godess, with bonus Meg kvetching of Crowley's redecorating scheme. :D

Enough to Make a Girl Feel All Gooey - BtVS, Buffy/Faith, 500 words
Buffy told Faith to stay in Cleveland. Yeah, right. -- A treat for [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni, theoretically an AU of the Wishverse. Yes, an AU of the AU. Hush.

wherever you go, there you are - MCU, Natasha + Bucky, 500 words
Natasha thought about the places she’d like to hide, given a choice. She ordered them by practicality, and she started at the bottom. -- My first MCU fic! Behold!
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Someone asked me about my Buffy/Drusilla feelings recently, and I went on long enough that I thought I'd paste it here.

it's a very short manifesto, mind )
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Title: Biding Time
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Rating / Words: PG / 1800 words
Warnings: mpreg
Summary: In which the world is still ended, Spike is still pregnant, and he and Buffy are still feeling their way through the idea. Set in my post-apocalyptic shanshu!Spike/Buffy mpreg 'verse.

A/N: And lo! an errant Spuffy fic appears! Apparently I had one more fic from this 'verse in me - or on my hard drive, rather. I never posted any of it because I thought I was going to write a lot more, but I don't expect that to happen now, and shuffling the vignettes around has yielded something that approximates a fic. So here it is.

Then there was the big announcement. There was some discussion on how to handle that part. )
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Title: you make it with your hands
S6 Spike/Buffy fanpoetry (free verse), suicide ideation, rated PG-13 for thematic elements

A/N: For [ profile] upupa_epops' Multi-Fandom Adult Theme Comment Ficathon for [ profile] plural_entity's prompt of Buffy Summers and an excerpt from Sylvia Plath's "Lady Lazarus." Because obviously the thing to do in response is to invite comparisons between my poetry vs. Sylvia Plath's.

There's a part here that I like, and I have zero perspective on the rest of it. Am posting before I lose the nerve. Dedicated a little bit to [ profile] quinara, for whom I keep wanting to write fanpoetry.

poem )
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Title: A Little Less Alone
Fandom: BtVS
Characters: Faith, Buffy
Words / Rating: 3600 words / PG-13 for language
Spoilers: Through "Chosen"
Summary: For reasons entirely opaque to Faith, Buffy shows up one day on the doorstep of Faith's Cleveland rathole, looking broken.

A/N: Hey, look! I still write Buffy fic!

I'm so embarrassed that it's taken me so long to finish this fic. I started it for the 2010-2011 round of [ profile] winter_of_faith, which means the first thousand words of it have been hanging around for more than a year. I sat down and finished it today because [ profile] dulcedeusex was kind enough to rec it - which made me feel guilty all over again - and also because I was tired of writing things I couldn't post yet.

So here, have a posted thing.

Part One (previously posted at Winter of Faith) )

Part Two (new material) )
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Title: All Things Are Subject
Characters: Buffy, Scoobs, Spike, Angel
Words / Rating: 2300 / PG-13 for imagery
Warning: Major character death. YES, REALLY. My first time ever to use this warning. Also, gross bodily injury stuff.
Spoilers / setting: sometime between 4.15 Who Are You? and 4.19 New Moon Rising
Summary: The vamps of Sunnydale are having trouble holding themselves together.

A/N: Written for this prompt at the Sharp Teeth Horror Ficathon (the October 2010 one, to be precise). Title from a quote by John Dryden.

Buffy didn’t notice the weird at first. )
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'Tis my [ profile] winter_of_faith day! I have committed the second (fairly short) chapter of the Buffy&Faith fic I started for the last session. Fortunately, I think I'm unblocked now, and I even have plot. I might even sign up for another day so I can post more of it before the end of the session. (Which, PSA: sign-ups still open until Wed 7!)

Anyway, new chapter of A Little Less Alone here; previous chapter here.

For those who find things difficult to read over at the comm, I also plan to post the whole whole thing to my own journal once I've finished it.

Fic post!

Oct. 8th, 2011 12:25 pm
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Over at [community profile] seasonal_spuffy, I have just posted And Take My Waking Slow, the latest installment in the post-apocalyptic Spuffy 'verse. This is the prequelest of the prequels, so no prior knowledge of the 'verse required. Also, it means no mpreg, which I know will please some of you. *g*

I have posted on my day and everything. Yay me. I'm very glad my posting day was not last week like I thought it was.

Also, this makes four fic-like things posted in the last month. And all very different things! This is the most productive I've been in ages.
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This is apparently the recs post of ficlets about people not Spuffy. I don't think Spike appears once in these fics. I ask you, what's the world coming to?

Much Buffyverse fic goodness this way! )
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From "The Replacement"

RILEY: I still don't get the original plan. I mean, why do it? The slayer half would be like slayer concentrate, pretty unkillable.

GILES: But the two halves can't exist without each other. Kill the weaker Buffy half, and the slayer half dies. [emphasis mine]

Dude. That’s the entire season in a line. We spend the entire season emotionally killing the Buffy half, until all that’s left is the Slayer. And then she dies.

Recs #15

Jun. 7th, 2011 08:20 pm
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Much Spuffy and one Wes-and-Faith thing. In particular, much Spuffy by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni or from [ profile] sb_fag_ends or both, which between them are the sources for something like 75% of all the Buffyverse fic I've read recently.

Also, a note: it occurred to me that it's weird for me as a mod over at [ profile] seasonal_spuffy to single out particular fics from the comm, but I urge all you Spuffy-inclined folk to check out the masterlist of our last session, if you haven't already. There's some excellent stuff there, as usual.

Let's put this out there first, so it doesn't get lost in with the Spuffy:
A Witness to See the Mess I've Made, by [ profile] ever_neutral
Faith, Wes; mid-Ats S4
This is a lovely fill-in-the-blanks fic of Faith's time with Wes as they try to stop the LA apocalypse. The voices are excellent all the way through, and it adds up to quite a satisfying character study.

Take Five, Everybody, by [personal profile] stultiloquentia
Spike/Buffy; post-NFA; NC-17
So much fic about this ship assumes that they enjoy a transcendent, glorious sex life, for which, if they (and by 'they' we mean 'Buffy') have any brains at all, they shuck friendships, responsibilities, and innermost convictions. Bleah. This, on the other hand, is about a relationship that may finally be coming together into something workable and also about the awkward sex that comes with. Wonderful for the voices and the awkwardness, emotional and physical, that feels real instead of fantastic.

This Wanton World-verse, by Eurydice
Spike/Buffy; AU; NC-17
The single most imaginative thing Eurydice has done, IMO, this is a joyous remixing of Buffyverse elements. Buffy's the Slayer, Ethan Rayne is her keeper and de facto watcher, the Slayer line's gone wonky, and Spike is a vamp hired by the Council to fix it. One dead Slayer, coming up. This gets pretty dark in places, but watching all the different elements come together is worth it.

Green Card 'verse, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Spike/Buffy; AU S4
In which the Initiative is much scarier, Spike's chip is much more useful to our heroes, and Buffy marries him to protect him from the folks who want him back. The premise is pure crack, but B_m_B is doing wonders with it so far. I love the quiet, awkward fledgling friendship that's developing between Spike and Buffy and how it's trying hard to be something more besides both their efforts. Also, it has them being civil to one another, which it turns out is a favorite thing of mine. (I know you are all shocked.)

Everything Would Be What It Wasn't, by [ profile] smells_corrupt
Spike/Buffy; early-season AU
The world is falling to pieces, and our heroes need allies, even if the ally is Spike, who's only around to keep an eye on his newly-ensoulled girlfriend. These are the bare sketchings of a truly fascinating premise, and chock-full of our favorite secondary characters as well. I only wish there was more of it.

For a Certain Value of Real, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Spike/Buffy; post-NFA
When Buffy finally finds Spike after the big battle, he can tell she isn't alive. But, it turns out, neither is she dead. This is one of the weirder Spuffy premises I've ever seen and beautifully executed.
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I just posted my [ profile] seasonal_spuffy contribution, the latest installment in my series of post-apocalyptic Spuffy mpreg vignettes. This one's the earliest in the chronology that I've posted so far.

I meant to write the pre-mpreg fic for this round of SS, but that fic didn't come together in time. However, there may be a follow-up vignette to this one ready in time for Free-For-All Day in May.

And Don't Let Go

FIC: Balm

Mar. 9th, 2011 06:46 pm
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Title: Balm
Characters: Spike, Buffy, Spike-baby
Words: 850

A/N: That's right, a bit of Seraphverse fic! [ profile] ruuger made me this lovely icon, which seemed excuse enough to polish up this snippet set late S5 in the Seraphverse.

A week or so after the funeral, Spike sat in his scrounged armchair cradling Cora when Buffy came creeping down the stairs. )
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It always mystifies me in S7 when the decision to keep Spike around is justified by pointing out what a strong fighter he is. As if we've ever cared tuppence for brute force on this show. As if he is somehow a better fighter now than he was, say, in late S5 through early S6, when he'd already proven his loyalty but hadn't committed the AR yet and wasn't a brainwashed murderer.

Also, for some reason the word 'fighter' bothers me. Spike... is good with his fists? Enjoys a rumble now and again? Gets antsy for a spot of violence? Can handle himself in a fight? Yes to all those things. But somehow 'fighter' seems so generic and nondescript.

I realize that it's largely (entirely?) Buffy using this justification, and that it's a good, safe, pragmatic reason she can give to mask other, more personal reasons. It always fell really flat to me, though. I mean, really, no one ever called her on this?

Then again, If they challenged that logistical decision, then they might also question why this apocalypse requires tactics no other apocalypse has required and various other plot peculiarities of S7...
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Buffy-gets-vamped fics are a dime a dozen. I don't have the taste for them, personally; I'm not all that interested in what Buffy would be like without a soul. That sounds too much like straight horror for me.

But: Buffy-gets-wolfed? Are there are there any of those fics? What if Oz had gotten a nip in before he was tranqued? What if she'd run into Veruca some night? It doesn't seem that unreasonable.

Seems to me a Buffy-and-Oz fic in which her dealing with being wolfy prompted him to finally deal with being wolfy could be very good indeed.
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This recs post is half things-from-last-year-I-can't-believe-I-haven't-recced-yet (rediscovered when I was putting together my [ profile] buffyversetop5 posts), half older finds, and one brand-spanking-new fic that hasn't gotten nearly enough love yet. Also a pretty even split between the Spuffy stuff and the other stuff.

Teh Spuffy

Fin Amour, by [ profile] angearia
AU S5; Spike/Buffy
Not the first Buffy-is-pregnant-with-the-Key fic I've read but almost certainly my favorite, this has occasionally humorous, eventually gorgeous Spuffy stuff going on in it, plus a three-hankie angst warning. Really lovely and on my list of Favoritest Babyfics Ever.

Let Nothing You Dismay, by [ profile] constance_b
S5; Spike/Buffy
In this old-school fic, Buffy gets nabbed by Initiative-type bad guys, and it's up to Spike and Dawn to save her. Too bad Spike has to get his chip out to do it, and too bad he doesn't have snowball's chance of getting her to trust him. Weird to say, but my favorite bit here is the epilogue, which I think I've read at least twice as many times as I've read the rest of the fic.

I, Robot, by [ profile] calove
S5; Spike/Buffy
Another classic that I somehow missed. Giles and the Scoobies order a Spikebot for Buffy for training purposes. Surprisingly, this results in much less porn than one would expect and many more sweet character moments of Buffy and Spike, together and separate. (Also: Spikebot/Buffybot, the match made in Warren's basement. The hijinks they could get up to, if only Spikebot were anatomically correct!)

Apologies: A Dialogue, by [ profile] willowgreen
post-series; Spike/Buffy
By magical means unspecified, Spike and Buffy are made to actually talk out all the things they're sorry for. The author apologizes for the meta nature of the fic, but honestly, I love seeing these two get all their issues out in the open. Basically a sweet, lovely fic despite the subject matter.

Obstacles, by [ profile] shapinglight
post-series; Spike/Buffy
An oldie-but-goodie that I read long ago and have been cogitating on all this time. In a happy Spuffy future, Buffy's sudden loss of her powers throws huge tension into her life and her relationship with Spike. Despite the Spuffy nature, what's stuck with me most strongly about this fic is how Buffy comes to terms and deals with her, ah, handicap. It's one of the first fics that started me on the path to understanding the hero that is Buffy Summers.


The Other Stuff

Taking Care of Business, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
post-NFA; Faith, Wesley, Illyria
After it all, Faith comes to clean up some loose ends at W&H, specifically Wesley, who appears to be alive when he's supposed to be dead. Some great lines, some lovely character interaction, a beheading or two, a conclusion that fits perfectly even when you wish it didn't.

Courting Sin, by [ profile] leni_ba
S2 AU; Buffy/Angelus
I'm really only interested in Buffy/Angel in S2, and then only because of the way it subverts any number of romantic and horror tropes. Buffy/Angel happily ever after does nothing for me. However, I seem to have a weakness for twisted dark manipulative Buffy/Angelus, of which I'd be unaware were it not for this fic. Claustrophobic and brooding, with a narrative style that skates on the edge of traditional, this is a really impressive example of the sort of thing it is. Highly recommended for those who think they might like that sort of thing.

Battlefield of the Gods, by [ profile] bobthemole
post-series AU; Glory, Illyria
Two old acquaintances of the multi-dimensional pantheon get together for coffee. Humor and Glory!pwnage ensues, as it should. Delightful.

Wide and Starry Sky, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Rulesverse; Wes/Illyria
A companion piece to the Rulesverse Spuffy babyfic Winds Blowing Chill, this is about Wes and Illyria working towards something that might possibly be a relationship, and I think it's the fic that started me shipping them in the first place. Plus it's got Illyria leaving a message on an answering machine, which is difficult to beat for sheer fabulousness.

Silence Speaks, by [ profile] knifeedgefic
pre-series; Dru
The beginning of what the author says will be an ongoing series of Dru-centered ficlets, these first few are fascinating and chewy, with some very sharply written imagery. I'm always interested in fic about Dru, and these are very satisfying indeed.
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It's that time again. Rather than writing more on the [ profile] winter_of_faith thing (which I'm gonna do here any minute now, because it's due tomorrow), I recorded another session of the 30 days of Buffy. I don't know how [ profile] quinara manages to answer five questions in one go, because it took me fifteen minutes on two questions this time. Sigh.

Day 2 (Favorite Song) and Day 2 (Favorite Female Character - Anya, Buffy, Dawn)
15:23 minutes
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Title: The Slayer's Vampire Tryst
Words / Rating: 5500 words / PG-13
Characters: Buffy/Spike
Spoilers: mid-S5, through "Into the Woods"

Okay, y'all, this is the real, honest-to-goodness Spuffy fic, begun years ago for [ profile] seasonal_spuffy but never posted and now finished as a sort of late holiday present for all you Spuffy lovers on my flist. I'm serious when I say it's a present; I'd quite probably never have finished it if I hadn't promised in December that I would. It still feels a little unfinished, but then again nothing else is pushing to be put in, so we're going to call it done. Also, there's a bit in the middle that's a bit daft. (Actually, the whole thing's a bit daft. Fair warning.)

Finally, I seem to be a bit fixated on the whole "shag or die" trope, as this fic is basically one long exercise in making fun of it. Again.

Happy gift-giving season of choice, O flist. Y'all are the best.

She was the Slayer, right? She understood about sacrifice. )
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Yes, more of the post-NFA, post-apocalyptic Spuffy mpreg. (The post-apocalyptic part is hard to spot sometimes. But it's there, I swear!) Warning: high schmoop quotient in this bit. First installment here.

Buffy woke with the certain knowledge that something had changed. )
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Merry Christmas, [ profile] deird1 and [ profile] shapinglight! (Deird, yours may ring some distant bells - it's in answer to a prompt you gave me back in, like, March that I never responded to. :p)

Also included is a drabble I wrote for the (Ex-)Housemate as part of her Christmas; I figured you guys wouldn't mind if I posted it, too.

For [ profile] deird1: Buffy, Faith
Some Burnt, Some Rebuilt )

For [ profile] shapinglight: Spike, Giles, post-"The Gift"
In Many Forms )

For Housemate: Kendra
New Lessons )
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[ profile] angearia couldn't decide if she wanted sweet and functional or dark and dysfunctional, so I decided for her.

Merry Christmas, Emmie!

Buffy/Angelus - R for language
The Echo of Sweet Memory )
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Title: To Come Home To
Spoilers / Words: post-NFA / 1200 words
Characters: Buffy, Spike
Rating: R for sexiness and a wee bit of Language.
Warnings: mpreg

A/N: Besides the Initiative, I've only ever been able to sell myself on one other Spike mpreg scenario, and this is it. Now with bonus implied post-apocalyptic backstory! There may eventually be other bits, both before and after this one.

Title provisional; suggestions heartily welcomed!

ETA: There is more of this fic, it seems. All installments may be found here.

It’d been four weeks at least since Buffy had cautiously resigned herself to the idea of having a baby. )
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'Verse: To Come Home To
Characters: Buffy/Spike, ensemble
Rating / Word Count: R / 10k and counting
Warnings: mpreg (in the second half of the series)
Summary: It's a broken world out there, and the folks in here aren't doing so great either. Spike's human now, to his regret; his body's doing weird things not wholly explained by the fact of being human; Buffy's feeling the weight of world's brokenness on her shoulders, and isn't sure how much more she can take. Together with a handful of Scoobies and other folks, they're trying to survive, and not just physically.

Fics list in order of internal chronology. Downloads of all parts available here.

And Take My Waking Slow - Spike/Buffy, Xander. 5400 words. PG-13.
Summary: The world is broken and Buffy is broken and Spike is fixed, kind of, possibly more than he ever wanted to be. He doesn't know what to do about any of those things.

And Don't Let Go - Buffy/Spike. 2900 words. R.
Warnings: Mpreg.
Spike’d just discovered yet another miracle slapped into him, unlooked-for, and all Buffy could feel was this cold resignation, this familiar weary suspense of adding still more logistics to the calculation of their existence.

To Come Home To, snippet I. Buffy/Spike. 1300 words. R.
In which Buffy realizes - again - that Spike is pregnant, and tries to deal with that fact

To Come Home To, snippet II, Buffy/Spike. 900 words.
In which Spike feels the baby move for the first time.

Biding Time, Buffy/Spike, 1800 words.
In which the world is still ended, Spike is still pregnant, and he and Buffy are still feeling their way through the idea.


Oct. 5th, 2010 09:35 pm
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I'm a dope. You know The Replacement? Suave!Xander vs. Clumsy!Xander, two sides of the same coin, kill one and you kill the other?

Soooo much foreshadowing of Ben/Glory.

(But I still wish the ep had been about Buffy instead. How fabulous would it have been if we'd seen Slayer-Buffy and Buffy-Buffy, instead of just hypothesizing about them? Huh? Huh?)
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You know what there is not enough of in the world? There is not enough post-series Buffy and Faith as BFFs fic. Sure, they'd have issues to work through and yeah, sometimes they might grate on each other, but those two girls need each other like they need no one else. There's stuff about the biz that all these new teenybopper Slayers just don't get, yanno? And Buffy with a best girlfriend that isn't Willow makes me very happy indeed.
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I know, I know, I just did one of these. Y'all don't mind, do you? Anyway, this one's mostly full of short pieces, as I haven't spent much time trawling lately.

Songs of Experience, by [ profile] noelia_g
Post-everything: Giles, Illyria, libraries, grief. I've having trouble coming up with a summary that does this justice, so: go read.

Moving On, by [ profile] jedibuttercup
Post-NFA. Another find on the hunt for Illyria fic. Every year, on the anniversary of Wesley's death, Illyria returns to the hall of Vail. Grief and moving on, and delicious little hints of Illyria learning to cope in our dimension. Lovely.

Hot Rocks, by [ profile] ljs
In an AU S7, Giles and Spike are off looking for a stone to help defeat the First. Lori's beloved Giles/Anya is here peeking in around the corners, but primarily this is about Giles and Spike hunting a magic rock and coming marginally closer to an understanding. Beautifully characterized, both the banter and the almost-poignant moments.

That White Rush, by [ profile] girlpire
One morning, Angel begins to grow wings. Fred thinks this is pretty cool. Honestly, Angel/Fred? Soooo not my pairing. But I've been looking for wingfic for a long darned time, just to see the appeal, and this is snappily written and quite amusing.

Feast and Famine, by [ profile] mabus101
Buffy character study, via food. A rather heartbreaking fanwank of SMG's weight loss over the course of the show. Now I want to take Buffy home and let her eat as much as she wants.

Sea Change, by [ profile] mabus101
This may be the coolest bit of Dawn-is-the-key fic I've seen in a long time, partly because it's so hopeful, a break in the clouds of oppressive Buffyverse pessimism. So short, and yet so good.

Better Late than Never, by [ profile] cindergal
Yay, this aptly-titled WIP is finally done! This is mid-S5 Spuffy, which nearly always makes me happy, and it's sweet and hopeful and very quietly romantic. Plus: time travel! And Ripper! What more need I say?
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Some of you may recall a plotbunny poll I posted awhile back, after which I whinged that the winning bunny was this big sprawling post-apocalyptic thing that I had a premise for but no plot.

Now I have plot. *\o/*

I also have this, which is the first scene of the fic but which also stands nicely on its own, I think. It is, shall we say, the happy fluffy schmoopy portion of the fic; later on there's character death and other such pleasant tragedies. Also, this may be subject to later tinkering.

Title: What She Was Waiting For (AKA the Prologue to the Unnamed Sprawling Post-Apocalyptic WIP)
Characters: Buffy/Spike
Words/Rating: 500 words - PG
(Just!) post-NFA

It's all confusion at first: sixty women flooding into a battlefield squeezed between crumbling multi-stories. )
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More about Buffy and poetry. This time I've committed actual, honest-to-goodness poemfic, with citations and everything. Woe is me. Written for [ profile] still_grrr for the "yellow" prompt.

Figuratively Speaking )
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Both by people I've never read much of before.

At Your Service, by [ profile] dampersnspoons
human!Buffy/vamp!Spike AU (6/? chapters posted)
This is a bit of an oddball rec, especially considering how I'm usually all about canon, but: After years on the run from some nasty supernatural folks who've just killed the very last person she cared about, Buffy sells her soul for the services of a demon who can protect her. That would be Spike. The worldbuilding here is interesting stuff, coherent and quite different from the Buffyverse mythology, but the best part of the fic is Buffy. This is not weepy, helpless Buffy, who appears all too often even in fics where she is the Slayer. Though "just" human, alone, and justly terrified of the creatures after her, this Buffy's still doing her darndest to survive on her terms.

All Summer Long, by [ profile] yakimama
post-S5 (5/6 chapters posted)
It's Spike&Dawn surviving the long sad summer. Y'all know how I am about Spike and Dawn, and it tickles me pink whenever I kind find someone willing to spend more than a one-shot on them. This is them figuring out together how to survive without Buffy, one day at a time.
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I was just ranting to [ profile] gabrielleabelle about Shag or Die scenarios, and then I wrote one. Hey, it happens to the best of us, right?


Title: She Saves the World a Lot
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Spoilers/Words: post-series - 270 words
Rating: Erm. R?

'You realize that this is total patriarchal objectifying crap, right?' )

Recs #9

Apr. 2nd, 2010 12:09 pm
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This ended up being the late-season Spike/Buffy/Spuffy recs list. It’s all S6 or later, all involving either Spike or Buffy or both and accompanied variously by Dawn, Tara, Oz, Illyria, Faith, and Nikki Wood.


Old Year's Eve, by [ profile] st_salieri
Dawn makes a discovery about Spike and Buffy and another discovery about herself. This is Dawn-growing-up fic, beautifully written and with the sense of weight and melancholy growing up brings.

untitled Valentine’s Day vignette thingy by [ profile] theohara
Tara stumbles across Spike in the greeting card aisle, just before Valentine’s Day. Cue quiet companionship and sharing of respective relationship woes. One of those pieces I reread when I want to cry.


Take the Heat, by Estepheia
Sometime before S7, Oz spots Spike in a crowd. What comes next is one of those moments of unexpected grace that never fail to move me. Plus, yanno: Oz!

Nothing Special, by [ profile] deird1
Brief, quiet Buffy-and-Dawn sisterly fluff snuck in during the S7 chaos. I think I love this partly just because I love their sister relationship so much, and there isn’t near enough fic about it.

Microwave Meals (Quick, Easy, and Sometimes Satisfying, by [ profile] quinara
And more S7 fluff, this time of the Spuffy variety. If I ever come around to liking S7 Spuffy, it’ll be because of folks on the flist like Quin and fics like this. Quiet, gentle, funny, hopeful.

Wayward, by Devil Piglet
Nikki Wood shows up at the house on Revello; Spike is tasked with taking care of her. Long and mildly plotty and heavily angsty. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this fic around before and was positive it wouldn’t work, but lo! it does, at least for me.


Winds Blowing Chill, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Rulesverse Buffy starts thinking about babies, but in the Rulesverse there are no quick fixes for the vampire reproduction problem, which leads to one of the more emotionally complex pieces of Spuffy babyfic I’ve ever read. Also: excellent Buffy voice.

Angels in the Architecture, by [ profile] only_passenger
This is the closest I’ve ever seen to the long, character-study style genfic of Buffy&Faith post-Chosen that I keep wanting. They have such a fascinating dynamic and so many issues, and this explores a few of them.

The Last Fingers of Leaf, by [ profile] quinara
Buffy and Illyria. A dragon. Pizza. Combined, they’re an unexpected pleasure as the two find commonalities that I’d never have thought of. Poignant and elegantly written.

Life in the Present Tense, by [ profile] penny_lane_42
A long, delicious series of vignettes of Buffy, Spike, and Dawn living in Rome. Lirazel describes this as self-indulgent Spuffy fluff, but yanno, sometimes that’s just what a person wants. Rich and gorgeous and hopeful.
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Yanno, the costumers really glammed up a few people in S5. Most notable is Tara, who goes from S4 frumpiness to the one here in my icon - makeup, actual hairdressing, and clothes of a hippy-cool flavor to complement Willow's funky-cool. She's gorgeous, basically.

But Buffy's a lot more glamorous in S5, too. Partly it's the longer hair, which is now always styled in those big loose curls. It's the makeup, too, especially the darker shades of lipstick. I'm not convinced this new look makes her more mature so much as just harder. The big angst is only just starting (housemate and I watched "Shadow" tonight), but already Buffy's nearing that edge.

And, I'd forgotten just how adorable a character Anya is in S5. Like here:

[To suave!Xander] You can't make it any different. I'm going to get old and you can't promise you'll be with me when I'm wrinkly and my teeth are artificial and stuck into my wrinkly mouth with an adhesive.

(5.5 "No Place Like Home")

What kind of demon is she? There's a lot of different kinds, some are very very evil, some have been considered to be useful members of society...

(5.6 "Family")

GILES: All that aside, I should think you'd be pleased to avoid the confrontation [when Riley blew up the vamp crypt by himself].
ANYA: That's what I've been saying. I mean, I, for one, wasn't looking forward to
starting my day with a slaughter. (thoughtfully, pleased with herself) Which, really, just goes to show how much I've grown.

(5.8 "Shadow")

Aww. And pretty soon we'll be to her speech in "The Body," which gets my vote for THE Anya moment and all by itself is enough to justify Anya's entire existence as a character.
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Thinky thoughts on Buffy's Slayer identity in S5 have been muddling around in my head a few days, and a comment by [ profile] penny_lane_42 lured them out. I'm pretty sure I'll have more to say on this subject, but here's the first part.

'Death is your gift.' What huh? )
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Written for the housemate, who stumbled over certain fannish terminology in the introductory note to my Faith/Giles drabble, to amusing effect. It's possible you had to be there. Regardless, the silliest thing I've ever written.

Commercial Enterprise - Buffy, Willy
It took Willy to explain it to her. “It’s like you got a chihuahua, you know?”

“Only, not a dog,” she said, eyeing the card again. Definitely not a dog.

“Grub, actually.”


“What, night creatures can’t have pets?”

“So you have a grub...”

“And you want to fancy it up a bit. A coiffure, if you will.”

“With human hair. From corpses.”

“I always say, there’s no accounting for taste.”

“Right.” She turned and slid her stake loose. “Time for a little business negotiation.” She walked out on his splutter, dropping the card as she went.

Pet hairings, indeed.
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for [ profile] lizziebuffy2008: Buffy, Spike (but really, it's all about Lorne)

Spike critiqued the dresses ("What, did the woman grown a fungus?") and Buffy played “Spot the vampire” (because really, what living thing could be that thin?). Plus, snuggle time.

Then Spike stiffened, wandering hands suddenly still. On screen were just more glammed-up starlets and one wacko stunt-costumed in green and horns – oh. “Demon?” Buffy asked.

“Friend,” he whispered. “Before.”

Before the battle. She’d heard those names, living and unliving both – mostly fallen, now. She could guess this one.

She nestled deeper under Spike’s arm. “Looks like he’s having fun.”

“Yeah. Glad of that.” Long, careful sigh. “They’d have been, too.”
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Title: Evening In
Words: 1300
Characters: Spike, Buffy
Rated:: PG
Warnings: mpreg

A/N: So, you know those sequel-ish snippets for Seraph that I sort of promised? This is not those. This is a bit of an outtake from Seraph itself, for my fabulous wonderful beta [ profile] penny_lane_42, who requested such for her birthday (which was yesterday, but time-warps are canon in the Buffyverse, yanno). It takes place just after the poker night chapter of Seraph.

This really is an outtake - it's a scene I started about three times but never could fit into the fic itself. If it weren't for Lauren, it'd never have seen the light of day. Plus, it's my first Buffy-POV piece longer than a drabble. Hope you like, hon!

Trivia: this has some bits in it salvaged from the very first day I worked on Seraph, from the original first scene that bore basically no relation to the fic as it now stands. But, yay salvage.

Buffy was having a nice, quiet evening. )

Recs #8

Dec. 18th, 2009 04:29 pm
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I am freeeeeee! One more (paid) dinner tonight, and I am on two glorious weeks of vacation. Today is a good day to be in education.

In celebration, I bring you recs.

In Peace, by [ profile] penny_lane_42
circa "Spiral"; Spike, Buffy, Dawn
Slayer and vampire find a few moments between the chaos to ponder one very important little sister. Despite the Spike/Buffy interaction, this is much less about them than it is about Buffy and Dawn, their sibling relationship, and the huge burden Buffy feels to protect Dawn. Quiet, understated, and gorgeous. I wish there were much, much more fic that explored Buffy and Dawn as lovingly as this one does. (Er, disclaimer: this fic was written for me, so I may be a weeee bit biased. I don't really think so, though.)

In the Living Season, by Jen.
post-S5; Spike and Scoobies
Okay, so you know about me and bite-size fic, right? And about me and emotional understatement? And about me and Spike, especially gennish Spike interaction with other folks? Then you could probably guess how much I love love love this drabble series about Spike and the Scoobies during the Long Sad Summer. Jen's language is careful and spare and exactly right and whoa, heartbreaking, and her characterization is pretty much perfect.

The Hero of the Piece, by [ profile] rahirah
Barbverse AU; Spike/Buffy, OC's
So Barbverse!Spike -- who's his badass, unsouled self and in a long-term relationship with Buffy -- wakes up one morning with amnesia. Who would Spike be if he didn’t know who he was? Barb uses the amnesia trope to explore this question in a very satisfying way. Spike’s attempts to understand himself and others’ perceptions of him are fascinating stuff.

A Girl Made From Sky, by [ profile] doyle_sb4
Crossover with Gaiman's Sandman comics; Dawn and the Cheeseman
Suppose the Cheeseman was one of Dream's minions. And suppose, in between ministering to the dreams of Wisconsin dairy farmers, he grew rather fond of Dawn. You'd think this would be cracky, but it's not; instead, it's sweet and a little bit sad, and makes wonderful sense of the Cheeseman as a character in his own right.

Readers, by [ profile] tesla321
post-series; Faith/Giles
Yay, I bring you new Faith/Giles! Hurrah! This is brief but beautifully written, starting with Faith's meditation on books and what she could have been were things different, and leading to some mutual Faith/Giles comfort in the wake of NFA. Basically: Faith/Giles h/c sex with bonus character study.

Dreamchain, by [ profile] erimthar
S5; Scoobies, almost-OC's; WIP (with steady progress - 5/7 parts posted)
Vampire plague is about to, er, plague Sunnydale, and the Scoobies are on the case -- as are the Korean Slayer of 1933 and her gumshoe sidekick Sid. I've recced [ profile] erimthar before for her fabulous character voices, which I think may be even better here. However, what I love most about this fic are Sid and Cho, whom I'd happily read whole fics about. Barbara Stanwyck glamour and the Slayer burden, plus Sid "cracking wise": what's not to like?

ETA: Falling into Shadow, by [ profile] deird1
pre-series; OC's
It started with a conversation about what the Council would do if a handicapped Slayer was called, and ended with this lovely character study of an OC Slayer and her Watcher. Catherine is courageous and wise beyond her years and yet very much a young girl, and despite all those qualities comes across as an entirely real person - a hero I'd like to meet. Deird has taken a troubling what-if scenario and made it human, and somehow hopeful despite the tragedy in it.


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