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Title: Down Memory Lane
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Faith/Dawn
Words / Rating: 1400 words / R for some sexiness
Spoilers / Setting: post-canon
Summary: All Dawn knows is Faith went on a memory walk, and now she's freaked.

A/N: this is for [ profile] aaronlisa in the Dawn round of [ profile] femslash_minis - my first time writing for that estimable and impressively long-lived exchange. (This was round 98, folks.)

Also here at AO3.

'You don't have to do this,' Dawn says again. )
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If you still, years later, accidentally capitalize 'Dawn' on a regular basis.
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Title: Additional Work by This Artist
Fandom: Buffyverse
Characters / Pairing: pre-Dawn/Ethan
Words / Rating: 1100 words / G
Summary: It's hard to really despise a man who once let you be Xena for a night.

A/N: written for [personal profile] verity for [ profile] shipswap. I was simultaneously delighted and appalled to be assigned Verity in the rare ship exchange. On one hand, I know her likes and dislikes pretty well, and I was thrilled to be writing her a ship we both love with a weird, shifty-eyed love but that I'd never written at length before. OTOH, I had no idea how I was going to keep my assignment secret for two and a half months. Then I ended up visiting her the weekend before the fics were due, so I couldn't even work on it while I was there, because she might ask.

And then she totally didn't ask. At all. Ever. Crisis averted!

Anyway, this is not quite the Dawn/Ethan epic I was hoping to write - and these two crafty, mildly amoral souls deserve epics - but it does go a little way to suggest what I love about their potential dynamic.

Dawn remembers it like this: Buffy came home with a beautiful dress for Halloween, prettier than anything Dawn had ever even seen, much less worn. )
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Title: This Is the World We Made
Fandom: Buffyverse, Dollhouse
Characters: Dawn Summers, Dollhouse ensemble
Words / Rating: 1500 / G
Spoilers: for all of both shows
Summary: Dawn's tired of being Buffy Summers' little sister. It takes her a long time to figure out who she is instead.

A/N: This is one of the things that happens when I'm putting off writing the thing that I'm supposed to be writing: I go rooting around in my files and posting unposted fic. Like this one, which is a much expanded version of my Dawn/Topher drabble Unassuming.

This piece is bitterer than my usual; I'm not sure what to make of that. It's the Dollhouse influence, I think.

When Dawn met the Dollhouse staff for the first time, she was on Council business. )
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This is apparently the recs post of ficlets about people not Spuffy. I don't think Spike appears once in these fics. I ask you, what's the world coming to?

Much Buffyverse fic goodness this way! )
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Speaking of Dawn being the Key, this is a less-than-a-drabble I wrote for [ profile] pann_cake's Fandom Love (Mini) Ficathon. Now with slight editing. Prompt for which I wrote it is now also the title.

Nothing Beside Remains )
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Title: Or Settle on the Far Side of the Sea
Characters: Dawn, Willow
Spoilers: post-NFA
Words / Rating: 370 / G
Summary: In which Dawn starts taking advantage of certain facts about this whole Key thing.

A/N: What is this? Is it...? Can it be fic?

Well, uh, I shall leave that up to you. This was written in twenty minutes in a chat window (plus some editing later) for [personal profile] verity (whom I'm going to see in two weeks!!!) and all I can say about it is that the Snape+Spuffy mpreg crossover now has competition for CRACKIEST THING I HAVE EVER WRITTEN.

It turns out there are perks to being made of green lightning held in some kind of matrix of mystical equilibrium. )
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I realize this is not news, but while enthusing in comments to a post today I realized yet again: y'all, I love Dawn. I also love Anya and Faith and Darla and Illyria and (it took me a while, but I got there eventually!) Buffy, but Dawn? Is my favorite female Buffyverse character of all. She will never not be my girl.
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It's that time again. Rather than writing more on the [ profile] winter_of_faith thing (which I'm gonna do here any minute now, because it's due tomorrow), I recorded another session of the 30 days of Buffy. I don't know how [ profile] quinara manages to answer five questions in one go, because it took me fifteen minutes on two questions this time. Sigh.

Day 2 (Favorite Song) and Day 2 (Favorite Female Character - Anya, Buffy, Dawn)
15:23 minutes
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Snagged from [ profile] selenak and [ profile] kathyh

Your main fandom of the year? It's still all about BtVS for me.

Your favourite film watched this year? Shoot. I don't keep track of movies the way I do other things. Um, Toy Story 3 was Pixar being brilliant as usual. Also I rediscovered my love for the old Disney cartoon Robin Hood, which is wonderful fun.

Your favourite book read this year? A toss-up here between one/all of Megan Whalen Turner's Eugenides books (I GET IT NOW, YOU GUYS) and Sunshine by Robin McKinley, which despite some shaky worldbuilding was pretty much everything I never knew I wanted in a vampire novel.

Your favourite album or song to listen to this year? If I had to pick one favorite new thing, it'd probably be "Comfort Eagle," by Cake - which is hilarious, because it is sooo not representative of my tastes. But I love it.

Your favourite TV show of the year? Again, I am undecided. I adored the first episode of Sherlock but then felt resoundingly meh about the other two; does that even count? And I devoured the first season of Veronica Mars like a mad, mad thing (seriously, I did pretty much nothing else that week), but can't get up the energy for season 2. Eh.

Your best new fandom discovery of the year? I actually read a fair few stories for Sherlock fandom (mostly because of [ profile] ladyofthelog and her enabling recs lists), so I guess we'll say that.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year? Season 8. Not that my expectations were high for the comics themselves, but they've made my corner of fandom sad.

Your TV boyfriend of the year? Nobody new. I caught a few episodes of Chuck, though, and ohmygoodness he is still the nicest guy on TV. I want him, please.

Your TV girlfriend of the year? Um. Um? Well, Dawn Summers is still my girl and this year has only made me love her more, so we'll say Dawn.

Your biggest squee moment of the year? About half the scenes in "A Study in Pink": John shooting at the end; Lestrade's "brilliant man / good man" line, which suggested so much yummy potential; pretty much every bit of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman being absolutely perfect. Yeah.

The most missed of your old fandoms? [ profile] eowyn_315 and I reminisced about seaQuest DSV quite a bit. I was never fannishly involved, but it was my first TV love.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to? If I end up liking Avatar: The Last Airbender half as much I think I might, then I'm definitely going hunting for the fic that people on the flist have been writing - [ profile] stultiloquentia comes to mind. It's a show that's totally different from BtVS, but looks to me like it might have some of the same flexibility. We shall see.
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Title: Chains and Bonds and Keys
Spoilers / Words: mid-S6 / 800 words
Characters: Dawn, Spike
Rating: a solid G

A/N: For [ profile] cindergal, who wanted "Spike and Dawn go Christmas shopping for Buffy. Any time frame. Mood is bittersweet - with the emphasis on the sweet." This delivers, I believe. I actually meant it to be a drabble, but it disagreed.

“You’re shopping for Buffy, aren’t you?” Dawn says. )
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...that it's really pretty funny how a Key needs a vampire to pick locks for her.
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One of the things I most appreciate about Dawn is that she wants the truth, regardless of how hard a truth it is or how much it costs her to get it. She wants no comfortable illusions. She goes to where the truth is, and she gets it: by breaking into the Magic Box, by snookering intel from a hell god.

And once she has it, she acts on it. She doesn't smooth it over for other people and she's not afraid to follow the facts to their logical conclusion. If the emperor's looking a bit undressed, she'll say so; if there's an elephant knocking its head against the ceiling fixtures, she is by gosh going to mention it (and then either whack it with a broom or feed it treats, depending).

Partly I appreciate this because I am so very much not this way. I'm conflict-avoidant to a fault, and I also get pretty attached to my comfortable illusions. When they're inevitably shattered, my response is much more Oz-like than Dawn-like: I go into hiding and think about things until I think I've got them sorted. (I've been a bit disturbed recently to realize how much like Oz I am. Except for the cool factor.)

It occurs to me that Dawn would make a fabulous investigative journalist.
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Please note these lists are in no particular order; I have a hard enough time narrowing these things down to five without putting them in order, too!

Also, the store's still open: feel free to ask for the top five of your choice. Zaniness encouraged, y'all.

For [ profile] eilowyn: 5 Favorite Spike and Dawn Moments )

For [ profile] ruuger: Top 5 Reasons I Like Mpreg )
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I know, I know, I just did one of these. Y'all don't mind, do you? Anyway, this one's mostly full of short pieces, as I haven't spent much time trawling lately.

Songs of Experience, by [ profile] noelia_g
Post-everything: Giles, Illyria, libraries, grief. I've having trouble coming up with a summary that does this justice, so: go read.

Moving On, by [ profile] jedibuttercup
Post-NFA. Another find on the hunt for Illyria fic. Every year, on the anniversary of Wesley's death, Illyria returns to the hall of Vail. Grief and moving on, and delicious little hints of Illyria learning to cope in our dimension. Lovely.

Hot Rocks, by [ profile] ljs
In an AU S7, Giles and Spike are off looking for a stone to help defeat the First. Lori's beloved Giles/Anya is here peeking in around the corners, but primarily this is about Giles and Spike hunting a magic rock and coming marginally closer to an understanding. Beautifully characterized, both the banter and the almost-poignant moments.

That White Rush, by [ profile] girlpire
One morning, Angel begins to grow wings. Fred thinks this is pretty cool. Honestly, Angel/Fred? Soooo not my pairing. But I've been looking for wingfic for a long darned time, just to see the appeal, and this is snappily written and quite amusing.

Feast and Famine, by [ profile] mabus101
Buffy character study, via food. A rather heartbreaking fanwank of SMG's weight loss over the course of the show. Now I want to take Buffy home and let her eat as much as she wants.

Sea Change, by [ profile] mabus101
This may be the coolest bit of Dawn-is-the-key fic I've seen in a long time, partly because it's so hopeful, a break in the clouds of oppressive Buffyverse pessimism. So short, and yet so good.

Better Late than Never, by [ profile] cindergal
Yay, this aptly-titled WIP is finally done! This is mid-S5 Spuffy, which nearly always makes me happy, and it's sweet and hopeful and very quietly romantic. Plus: time travel! And Ripper! What more need I say?
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Come Crashing Down, by [ profile] deird1
post-"The Gift"
You love canon AU's that take a big step sideways? You have a thing for post-apocalyptic goodness (/badness)? You're in the mood to have your heart ripped out and stomped on in only 1500 words? This is so the fic for you. Sparingly worded yet rich with implications. Beware character death and angst like an elegant anvil.

Kindred Spirits, by [ profile] nwhepcat
I keep calling this epic the Dawn/Ethan fic, and yeah, there's definitely intimacy and sexiness and magic. However, it's much more a fic about Dawn, her origins, and her future than about her relationship with Ethan. Hep takes the ill-fitting pieces of the Buffyverse worldbuilding and builds something much richer and stranger out of them.

To Apprehend Air, by [ profile] quinara
post-"Lies My Parents Told Me"
I seem to have a thing for fics that explore Spike losing his soul after he's gotten it, and I think this is my favorite yet. Ramifications are explored, rich S7 Spuffy interaction is had, Anya shines, and meanwhile the crew explores Arashmaharr and storms a castle. It's a romp, but with introspection! (I was going to say 'with soul-searching,' but I refrained.)

Traditional Love Stories, by [ profile] tashlae
A breezy, self-aware review of the Spike/Buffy relationship that's almost as much about us Spuffyites as it is about the ship itself. Even though I knew the story, the expression was always just one step left of what I expected. Delightful.
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Both by people I've never read much of before.

At Your Service, by [ profile] dampersnspoons
human!Buffy/vamp!Spike AU (6/? chapters posted)
This is a bit of an oddball rec, especially considering how I'm usually all about canon, but: After years on the run from some nasty supernatural folks who've just killed the very last person she cared about, Buffy sells her soul for the services of a demon who can protect her. That would be Spike. The worldbuilding here is interesting stuff, coherent and quite different from the Buffyverse mythology, but the best part of the fic is Buffy. This is not weepy, helpless Buffy, who appears all too often even in fics where she is the Slayer. Though "just" human, alone, and justly terrified of the creatures after her, this Buffy's still doing her darndest to survive on her terms.

All Summer Long, by [ profile] yakimama
post-S5 (5/6 chapters posted)
It's Spike&Dawn surviving the long sad summer. Y'all know how I am about Spike and Dawn, and it tickles me pink whenever I kind find someone willing to spend more than a one-shot on them. This is them figuring out together how to survive without Buffy, one day at a time.
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Written a long time ago for [ profile] penny_lane_42 in the Three Sentence Ficathon; just now expanded to drabble length. Prompt: Dawn, "from shadow to shadow"


'Real' doesn't always imply 'solid' and anyway every time she stubs her toes or pinches herself or - just that one time - slides a blade through her skin, it's clear she's solid enough: cavity-free teeth and bones she only remembers having broken. And yet when she palms lipsticks from trays and bracelets from hangers, her confidence isn’t all shoplifters’ high; underneath sits the certainty that she is a little less than visible. Shadow to shadow she slips among the crowding unworrying people, every one of whom walks more heavily than she, all weighted with some essential concreteness she lacks.

Recs #9

Apr. 2nd, 2010 12:09 pm
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This ended up being the late-season Spike/Buffy/Spuffy recs list. It’s all S6 or later, all involving either Spike or Buffy or both and accompanied variously by Dawn, Tara, Oz, Illyria, Faith, and Nikki Wood.


Old Year's Eve, by [ profile] st_salieri
Dawn makes a discovery about Spike and Buffy and another discovery about herself. This is Dawn-growing-up fic, beautifully written and with the sense of weight and melancholy growing up brings.

untitled Valentine’s Day vignette thingy by [ profile] theohara
Tara stumbles across Spike in the greeting card aisle, just before Valentine’s Day. Cue quiet companionship and sharing of respective relationship woes. One of those pieces I reread when I want to cry.


Take the Heat, by Estepheia
Sometime before S7, Oz spots Spike in a crowd. What comes next is one of those moments of unexpected grace that never fail to move me. Plus, yanno: Oz!

Nothing Special, by [ profile] deird1
Brief, quiet Buffy-and-Dawn sisterly fluff snuck in during the S7 chaos. I think I love this partly just because I love their sister relationship so much, and there isn’t near enough fic about it.

Microwave Meals (Quick, Easy, and Sometimes Satisfying, by [ profile] quinara
And more S7 fluff, this time of the Spuffy variety. If I ever come around to liking S7 Spuffy, it’ll be because of folks on the flist like Quin and fics like this. Quiet, gentle, funny, hopeful.

Wayward, by Devil Piglet
Nikki Wood shows up at the house on Revello; Spike is tasked with taking care of her. Long and mildly plotty and heavily angsty. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this fic around before and was positive it wouldn’t work, but lo! it does, at least for me.


Winds Blowing Chill, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Rulesverse Buffy starts thinking about babies, but in the Rulesverse there are no quick fixes for the vampire reproduction problem, which leads to one of the more emotionally complex pieces of Spuffy babyfic I’ve ever read. Also: excellent Buffy voice.

Angels in the Architecture, by [ profile] only_passenger
This is the closest I’ve ever seen to the long, character-study style genfic of Buffy&Faith post-Chosen that I keep wanting. They have such a fascinating dynamic and so many issues, and this explores a few of them.

The Last Fingers of Leaf, by [ profile] quinara
Buffy and Illyria. A dragon. Pizza. Combined, they’re an unexpected pleasure as the two find commonalities that I’d never have thought of. Poignant and elegantly written.

Life in the Present Tense, by [ profile] penny_lane_42
A long, delicious series of vignettes of Buffy, Spike, and Dawn living in Rome. Lirazel describes this as self-indulgent Spuffy fluff, but yanno, sometimes that’s just what a person wants. Rich and gorgeous and hopeful.
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Title: Children's Tales
Words: 2000
Characters: Spike, Dawn, Spike-baby
Rated: PG
Warnings: mpreg

A/N: Sort of an Epilogue

AKA The Fic in Which We Learn Her Name

AKA Shameless Newborn Schmoop

You have been warned.

Beta'd by the always wonderful [ profile] penny_lane_42.

The sun hadn’t even risen yet when she woke him, pushing and kicking in quarters ever more cramped. )
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Dream last night: I read an all-human AU. Of Spike/Dawn (does anyone even write those?). By [ profile] nwhepcat. I said to myself, "Well, gee, if anyone could make me believe Spike/Dawn, she can." Alas, she could not. But I do now have an image of Dawn in a lovely Anya-style floral-print dress, and Spike in modern street punk clothes with spiky black gelled hair.
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Lookee! Dollhouse fic! No explicit spoilers for DH, but I've put it under a cut anyway.

For [ profile] penny_lane_42: Dawn Summers, Topher Brink. Mild would-be shippiness.

Unassuming )
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This drabble brought to you courtesy of Wikipedia.

Doomed to Repeat
for [ profile] bobthemole: Spike, Dawn

Dawn scowled at him over her textbook. “But you lived this stuff.”

“Yeah? Whaddya know about the Belfast Agreement?”

“The what?”

“Happened in your liftetime. When’d they open the Chunnel?”


He snorted. “Bet you don’t even know when Man U’s treble was.”

More scowling. “What’s a treble?”

“Niblet, you’ve got bigger problems than Vietnam.” He slammed the book shut. “Time you learned the events that actually mattered.”

Then it was fouls and pennos and Beckham – she knew Beckham, at least – and no more land wars in Asia.

Just as well. He’d been a bit blissed out that decade anyway.
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It looks like it's going to take more than one post to say all I want to say about Seraph. So, here's the first part of the commentary:

'You're evil, just like everyone says, and you're still my best friend.' )
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Title: Seraph
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Spike, Dawn, ensemble (genfic, no pairing except canon)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~68,000 words - 26 chapters - COMPLETE
Spoilers: Through the end of S4, plus a few spoilers-by-implication through early S5
Warnings: Mpreg
Summary: The chip was only one of the things the Initiative did to Spike, and feeding himself without killing is just the first thing Spike has to do to deal with the effects. In fact, the effects might be permanent, if he lets them. He thinks he might want to let them.

Disclaimer: None of these characters are belong to me. They are belong to Whedon, Greenwalt, ME, and co.

Beautiful movie poster made by [ profile] katekat1010. Nifty icon by [personal profile] ruuger

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26

another movie poster | fanart | author commentary on Dawn in Seraph

Evening In Buffy, Spike; set mid-Seraph. 1300 words. PG-13.
Buffy was having a nice, quiet evening.

That Touch of Classic Elegance - Spike, Joyce; set mid-Seraph. Drabble. G.

Children's Tales - Spike, Dawn, Spike-baby; set mid-Seraph and just after it ends. 2000 words. PG-13.
Summary: These are the stories they tell her.

Balm - Spike, Buffy, Spike-baby; set a few months after Seraph, with spoilers for late S5. 850 words. PG-13.
There's something comforting about babies, it seemed. At least, everyone kept wanting to borrow his.

Recs #8

Dec. 18th, 2009 04:29 pm
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I am freeeeeee! One more (paid) dinner tonight, and I am on two glorious weeks of vacation. Today is a good day to be in education.

In celebration, I bring you recs.

In Peace, by [ profile] penny_lane_42
circa "Spiral"; Spike, Buffy, Dawn
Slayer and vampire find a few moments between the chaos to ponder one very important little sister. Despite the Spike/Buffy interaction, this is much less about them than it is about Buffy and Dawn, their sibling relationship, and the huge burden Buffy feels to protect Dawn. Quiet, understated, and gorgeous. I wish there were much, much more fic that explored Buffy and Dawn as lovingly as this one does. (Er, disclaimer: this fic was written for me, so I may be a weeee bit biased. I don't really think so, though.)

In the Living Season, by Jen.
post-S5; Spike and Scoobies
Okay, so you know about me and bite-size fic, right? And about me and emotional understatement? And about me and Spike, especially gennish Spike interaction with other folks? Then you could probably guess how much I love love love this drabble series about Spike and the Scoobies during the Long Sad Summer. Jen's language is careful and spare and exactly right and whoa, heartbreaking, and her characterization is pretty much perfect.

The Hero of the Piece, by [ profile] rahirah
Barbverse AU; Spike/Buffy, OC's
So Barbverse!Spike -- who's his badass, unsouled self and in a long-term relationship with Buffy -- wakes up one morning with amnesia. Who would Spike be if he didn’t know who he was? Barb uses the amnesia trope to explore this question in a very satisfying way. Spike’s attempts to understand himself and others’ perceptions of him are fascinating stuff.

A Girl Made From Sky, by [ profile] doyle_sb4
Crossover with Gaiman's Sandman comics; Dawn and the Cheeseman
Suppose the Cheeseman was one of Dream's minions. And suppose, in between ministering to the dreams of Wisconsin dairy farmers, he grew rather fond of Dawn. You'd think this would be cracky, but it's not; instead, it's sweet and a little bit sad, and makes wonderful sense of the Cheeseman as a character in his own right.

Readers, by [ profile] tesla321
post-series; Faith/Giles
Yay, I bring you new Faith/Giles! Hurrah! This is brief but beautifully written, starting with Faith's meditation on books and what she could have been were things different, and leading to some mutual Faith/Giles comfort in the wake of NFA. Basically: Faith/Giles h/c sex with bonus character study.

Dreamchain, by [ profile] erimthar
S5; Scoobies, almost-OC's; WIP (with steady progress - 5/7 parts posted)
Vampire plague is about to, er, plague Sunnydale, and the Scoobies are on the case -- as are the Korean Slayer of 1933 and her gumshoe sidekick Sid. I've recced [ profile] erimthar before for her fabulous character voices, which I think may be even better here. However, what I love most about this fic are Sid and Cho, whom I'd happily read whole fics about. Barbara Stanwyck glamour and the Slayer burden, plus Sid "cracking wise": what's not to like?

ETA: Falling into Shadow, by [ profile] deird1
pre-series; OC's
It started with a conversation about what the Council would do if a handicapped Slayer was called, and ended with this lovely character study of an OC Slayer and her Watcher. Catherine is courageous and wise beyond her years and yet very much a young girl, and despite all those qualities comes across as an entirely real person - a hero I'd like to meet. Deird has taken a troubling what-if scenario and made it human, and somehow hopeful despite the tragedy in it.
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For icon text winner [ profile] angearia, who requested Anya and Spike bonding, with optional bonus Dawn. Hope you like, hon, though it ended up with less bonding and more angst than I meant.

“Vamp in charge here,” argued Spike. “I’ll order.” Because if pizza mattered, then something mattered, even when...

“I have a concussion,” said Anya, “and I’m bruised in many uncomfortable places. I should get to choose.”

“I’m the one taking care of you lot,” said Spike. While the others grieved by killing things. “It's babysitter’s prerogative.”

“You don’t even need to eat.”

“Technicality,” said Spike. “Besides, I’ve got seniority. Barbeque.”

“I’m over eleven hundred years old. Sicilian chicken.”

“I'm as old as the world,” whispered Dawn from the couch. They were the first words she’d spoken since breakfast.

They had pepperoni.
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It’s been quite a while since I last did a recs post, mostly because I haven’t gotten the chance to read as much lately, but just recently I've run across enough really excellent fics that they just demanded a post.

A Slayer in Camelot, by [ profile] lears_daughter
BtVS post-S5; Merlin spoilers through late S1
Buffy’s fall through the portal landed her in Camelot, where she meets a man who looks very much like Giles. I only know Merlin secondhand, via the flist, but I still enjoyed this crossover quite a lot. There are lots of great Buffy-esque moments, including pitch-perfect first and last lines, and the Buffy/Uther romance-that-wasn’t is understated and almost sweet.

From Nothing to Something in 50 Sentences, by [ profile] empressvesica
Another fic found in my search for Faith/Giles, this really is a romance in 50 sentences. The structure allows for a long, slow construction of the relationship, which works really well for these two scarred characters that are both so armored against emotional intimacy.

Vigil in Accustomed Places, by [ profile] djinn_fic
Spoilers through 5.16 “The Body”
A character study of Joyce, waiting many a time for her daughter/warrior/baby girl to come home. Brief, spare, with some lovely insights.

When Violet Eyes are Smiling, by [ profile] rebcake
vague spoilers through the end of BtVS
A girl from the future with fuchsia hoverboots comes to set Joyce Summers straight about some things. This was written in response to a discussion of Mary Sues, and manages to be entirely tongue-in-cheek and yet feel genuine at the same time. But mostly: funny. Because [ profile] rebcake always brings the funny.

Scarlet and Midnight - [ profile] penny_lane_42
So I have a thing for Buffy and Spike meeting up during the summer post-S2 (in shippy context or not). I have a serious thing for post-apocalyptic scenarios. And I like hurt/comfort fic. All of which means that of all the beautifully-written, insightfully-characterized fic in [ profile] penny_lane_42’s oeuvre, Scarlet and Midnight almost has to be my favorite. The prose is excellent, too, although, as I told the author the other day, I get too caught up by the gorgeous character interactions to notice it.

Ouroboros and Three Nights Spent in Bed, by [ profile] st_salieri
You guys may have picked up by now that babyfic/pregnancyfic is a major guilty pleasure of mine. These two intertwined Spike/Buffy fics, however, have no guilt at all associated with them. They’re exactly how I like my babyfic: quiet, down-to-earth, unromanticized yet full of wonder at the marvel of new life, and beautifully characterized.

Restoration, by [ profile] msclawdia
Usually I’m not much for shanshu!Spike fics. His vampirism is so integral a part of the character that I can’t help but see the ‘reward’ of being human as a kind of diminishment. I told [ profile] rebcake some of this and she pointed me to Restoration, which chronicles Spike’s (now William’s) post-NFA transformation from ex-vampire to a whole person. It’s a quiet, reflective fic with a lovely sweet gradual Buffy/William romance thrown in as well.

Gifts, by [ profile] green_maia
And, another shanshu!Spike fic, this one the first of a whole ‘verse of fics (full index here) dealing with Spike, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, and the post-Chosen world. “Gifts” is all Spike and Spike&Dawn - which combination always makes me happy - and is both elegiac and hopeful. Maia’s take on the contrast between Spike and shanshu!Spike is an interesting one, and her ideas about the differences between them make more sense to me than almost any other soul/soulless discussion I’ve seen.
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Yanno, it really is a very strange proposition, writing Dawn pre-S5. Not only is the story you're writing fanfiction, which means none of it "really" happened in canon, but according to canon it didn't "really" happen in your ficverse, either. Not only does Dawn not befriend Spike in the canonical post-S4 summer, but she doesn't "really" befriend him in the post-S4 summer of Seraph, either. She doesn't even exist yet. You just think she does, 'cuz the monks (and I) have been toying with your mind (heh heh heh). Ahem.

It's also why fics titled "Five Things That Never Happened to Dawn" need a bit more explanation than other "Five Things" fics do.
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This was fun - feel free to keep telling me about fics I've never written. (Confession: now I kind of want to write these, or at least read them...)

For [ profile] deird1:
My favourite one was definitely “Twelve Pine Trees”, and I loved the excerpt from Dawn's poem.

Hah. Little secret: Dawn’s poem was originally going to be a haiku. ‘Cuz what’s the one form of Japanese poetry that everyone knows? Plus it’s a crunchy, bite-sized form that seemed to fit rather well with the Buffyverse one-liner aesthetic.

But you may’ve picked up that I’m a poetry fan in general, so I had to at least look at some of the other traditional Japanese forms. By the time the main story was finished it was clear a bargain with as old a kami as they were dealing with would need to be written in an older genre than haiku, which didn’t develop as an independent form until the 17th century. From there it was a short step to trying my hand at a bit of kanshi, as written in Dawn-voice.

And I’m thrilled to hear you enjoyed that bit - I worried it might be a bit too esoteric or just plain weird for most folks.

For [ profile] goldenusagi:
I loved your story Magical. You brought Tara and Oz together in such a believable way!

Hooray! Frankly, getting them from rivals to commiserating mourners was easy, once Warren shot Willow and Xander’s letter brought Oz back to town. But we all know me and how much trouble I have getting from friendship to shippiness in a fic, which is largely why the romantic development was so very understated (other than the fact that with Oz, everything is understated...).

Of course, the other problem was that I generally have as hard a time believing the hetting of Tara as I do the slashing of anyone else. But if anyone could do it, it seemed to me it’d be Oz, who IMO is by far the most dateable guy in the ‘verse. Plus he’s remarkably patient with the physical side of his relationships, which meant I could write a whole lot of emotional development before we finally get to the one fade-to-black sex scene.

Original first line, before I came up with the much punchier one with all the witchcraft-herbal/anti-wolfy-herbal thematic connections: He’d hated her for a few minutes once, but now Willow was dead and she was the only one who understood.
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Another drabble, this one not actually for anyone, it just popped into my head. Apparently, once you start thinking in drabbles it's hard to stop... (I'm still thinking on yours, [ profile] seapealsh!)

Recipe - Buffy & Dawn

“First you spread the peanut butter.”

She’ll never tell her.

“The tomato sauce goes on top of that.”

She’s... stable, now, besides the door-slamming and the occasional ear-piercing wail -- but she was like that before she found out.

“Then you slice the pickle.”

No point in rocking the boat.

“You need a one-to-one ratio of pickle slices to pepperoni, or it won’t taste right.”

Besides, it’d be cruel.

“Then you just sprinkle the cheese on top and nuke until melted.”

But when the monks made Dawn--

“Ta da! Summers Smorgasbord Pizza.”

--Buffy’s pretty sure they got some things wrong.
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[ profile] gabrielleabelle recently asked, what's your dream fic?" - ie, the fic that you'd love to read but will never write because you don't write, or because you can't write that genre, or whatever.

And I don't think I have an answer yet, at least not quite like she's thinking of. But so far, my approach to most of my fic has been, "There should be a fic about X. And there isn't. Rats. Well, I guess I'll have to write it." That was definitely the case with Seraph - the premise had so much potential, I'd seen so few fics in the Buffyverse that did anything with it, and there was certainly no approach even remotely like what I wanted to read. So, I'm writing it. Yay. *g*

And there's other stuff like that, too. Again, I don't know if these quite count as dream fics - I certainly wouldn't want to stop reading fic just because I'd found them! But they're fics I would dearly love to see and rather suspect I might end up writing someday, just in self-defense.

1. A really thorough exploration of Spike's soul, post-"Grave," that takes a stab at weaving the tangle of Buffyverse metaphysics into something coherent while also integrating the rich tradition of Christian thought and symbolism that the show appropriated from but never acknowledged.

2. A Spike&Darla romp sometime in early S5/Ats S2, with human Darla and grumpily lovestruck Spike. Something plotty, probably a road-trip type thing, either consistent with canon or not too disruptive of it, with plenty of angsting and snark and some untintentional insights on both sides about their respective situations.

3. A fic, probably early S6, in which Dawn demands to know what really happened during all those 'memories' she has, and a bit of mojo allows her to find out, probably with Buffy along for the ride. A kindred spirit to It's a Wonderful Life, but hopefully with a twisting of the trope so it doesn't feel like a repeat. Also, lots of Dawn/Buffy sisterly bonding. This is one of those high-concept things that I think would have made an awesome ep of the show - I'm bummed they never did anything like it.

ETA: 4. A BtVS/Narnia crossover, probably post-Chosen and between The Silver Chair and The Last Battle, in which Dawn and Jill Pole meet, compare notes, and have an adventure or two. I dunno why, but it seems to me that these two youngest girls of their respective adventuring teams would have a lot to say to each other. And there'd probably need to be an Aslan appearance.
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Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

These topics from [ profile] goldenusagi.

It's a good thing she only gave me four subjects, because I ramble on rather a lot about all of them )
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A general note on recs: since I’ve been in the fandom less than a year, I regularly discover old fic that I want to squee about. So, there’s no guarantee of anything here being new, just good.

Culture Vultures, by Yahtzee
Oz, Willow, Faith, and an OFC go to a museum, and craziness ensues. I've read stuff by Yahtzee before and even recced some of it, and I've always found it thoughtful and smoothly told, but this is the story of hers I've fallen in love with. Much as I warmed up to Tara there at the end, if I had an OTP, it'd be Oz/Willow. Here they are, sort of, maybe picking up the threads of old romance while Willow tries to figure out who she dares to be. Plus: Faith!

The Scourge Does Titipu, by [ profile] rebcake
Pretty much what it says on the tin: post-play, the Fanged Four quote Gilbert&Sullivan (some of which is, as Rebcake points out, remarkably Jossian in tone and subject matter). Rebcake has been writing elegant little historical ficlets for a while now, but this is my favorite for the clever use of the referenced material, the perfect voices and the fun character interaction on an evening when all four vamps are in equitable moods.

Dawning, by [ profile] goldenusagi
Spoilers through 4.8 "Pangs"
You guys know I'm a sucker for Spike and Dawn together, right? This series of ficlets chronicles their encounters up through mid-S4, and is on my very short list of "fics that might as well be canon." Brief, sparingly told, with exactly the right amounts of skepticism and covert curiosity on both sides.

The Last Hurrah of the Golden... Handshake? by [ profile] speakr2customrs
Spoilers through Angel NFA
This drabble is for irate copyeditors everywhere, and is possibly also my favorite AU ending to "Not Fade Away." And did I mention it’s funny?

Many Happy Returns, by [ profile] erimthar
A ficlet that illustrates the Xander and Buffy friendship more clearly than almost anything else I've seen in fic. Brief, quiet, poignant, darkly humorous, and with brilliant Xander-voice.

In League With Serpents and, by WeyrWolfen
Vague spoilers through 6.17 "Hell's Bells"
Spike wins a smalled winged serpent in a poker game, and she proceeds to turn his life upside down. WeyrWolfen is fast becoming one of my favorite authors of plotty, sweet, romantic Spike/Buffy adventure stories. She confidently builds stories around the new supernatural elements she introduces to the Buffyverse milieu and manages the trick of making those new elements intriguing in their own right, while also peppering her fics with sparkling bits of character insight and nice turns of phrase. Plus, I love her Spike, who's struggling and befuddled and well-intentioned despite his best efforts. This story and sequel are my favorites so far, but Cycle of Rebirths, about Buffy and Spike's link to a long-dead Japanese Slayer and her husband, is also fun, plus it has the fabulous, completely Spike- and Buffy-free sort-of sequel Wash Cycle, which has one of the best, funniest original demon characters I've ever read. Also recommended is To Ride a Pale Horse, the mid-Ats S5 zombie apocalypse WIP, which she’s writing with AtheneWolfe.
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Title: Seraph
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Spike, Dawn, ensemble (genfic, no pairing except canon)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Through the end of S4, plus a few spoilers-by-implication through early S5
Warnings: See author's note below

Disclaimer: None of these characters are belong to me. They are belong to Whedon, Greenwalt, ME, and co.

A/N: Well, kids, here 'tis, the first chapter of the crack!fic I've been talking about all this time. Woe and alas, for I have written mpreg.

Actually, wait, no. I worked hard on this and I’m proud of it. I’ll readily grant that the vast majority of mpreg--in any fandom--is acid to the eyeballs, but I don’t think that that means the premise is inherently flawed. I realize it’s an insurmountable squick for some people, to whom I say, sorry, this is not the fic for you. To everyone else: give the story a chance, yeah? Remember how I love Spike and Dawn and Spike&Dawn and genfic and snark and prose that flows and characterization that I can believe? All here, at least in the attempt.

Incidentally, the title is provisional and subject to change, if I happen to come up with something I like better.

Also: I'm flying without a beta on this, but if you should happen to be so enamored with what you see here that you'd like to volunteer, I'll not say you nay. *g* I'll happily trade beta-ing for anything that isn't smut or slash.

ETA: And for the WIP-shy, I have the majority of this written, including the final scene. It's just some stuff in the middle that still needs work.

It started with the heat )
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I come bearing recs! Losing DSL will severely limit my fic reading, so this'll probably be the last recs post for quite a while.

Gunpowder Tea, by [ profile] antennapedia
Spoilers through 3.9 "The Wish" (sort of)
After a new Slayer is called, Wesley goes to Cleveland to put the old one to rest--except she's less dead than he expected. I have a bit of a yen for Buffy/Wesley, although I'm not quite sure why; I'd blame it on Minim Calibre's "Absolution" except that there the ship was neither long-term nor particularly functional, which is what I usually like in my ships. Regardless, this is a lovely, more hopeful look at the possibilities, nominally set in the Wishverse although it could as easily be in a cracky world of the author's own devising (and considering Buffy's end in "The Wish," I think I prefer the latter option).

Roses, by [ profile] antennapedia
Spoilers through 6.17 "Hell's Bells"
And another one by this author that I'd heard of but never managed to actually read much of before. She writes wonderfully smooth, evocative prose and describes just enough explicit emotion. I suspect I'll be reading a bunch more of her stuff, but for now I'll just recommend what I have read. This is Giles/Anya in a sweet and very plausible what-if scenario just after the Wedding that Wasn't.

Baby Blue, by anaross
Just when Spike and Buffy finally start working things out, Illyria brings Spike a baby and tells him it's his. I gather that anaross is one of the 'classic' Spuffy authors, and rightly so: this is wonderfully written, with lots of little touches of characterization and plenty of empathy. It also harks back to classical mythology with one of the neatest bits of Buffyverse worldbuilding I've seen in a while, and a particular passage in it now has me wishing for some good Spike/Illyria fic.

Sideways, by [ profile] goldenusagi - WIP
Spoilers for, um, characters? *scratches head*
This regularly updated WIP falls somewhere between a canon AU, where the story diverges from some identifiable point in canon, and a "fantasy" (or all-human) AU, where there just so happen to be characters that bear some physical resemblance to the vampires and Slayer we know and love. All the canon mythology and most of the characters are here, in flamboyant new combinations. This is Spike/Buffy first and foremost, so smoothly written and with such confident remixing of the elements that I don't really mind its rather more traditional than canon approach to its good-girl/bad-boy romance.

Man's Best Friend, by [ profile] tkp - WIP
Angel post-NFA
After it's over, the survivors (Angel, Spike, Illyria, and Nina) pick up the pieces. Also, Angel gets a dog. This fic uses the titular canine to spark a long character study of Angel and the Angel-Spike relationship. By turns hilarious and poignant in its pitch-perfect characterization of all parties. On long hiatus and possibly abandoned, but it hardly matters: this is journey-not-destination fic.

drabbles by [ profile] spuffyduds
You know how last time I recced everything [ profile] spuffyduds had ever written? I completely failed to realize that she'd written drabbles! Lots and lots of drabbles, and in her hands a drabble is like a chocolate-covered espresso bean: crunchy, sweet and sharp by turns, and packing a lot more punch than you'd expect in something so small. A few to get you started: Changed (which makes an S5 connection I'd always wondered about), In Season Six, Buffy Breaks... (what it says on the tin), and We Could Call It Clem! Or Maybe Not (a post-NFA thing which has nothing whatsoever to do with Clem).

Crushed Spaiku, by [ profile] mere_ubu
Spoilers through 5.14 "Crush"
"Crush," in haiku. No, seriously. And they're good haiku. How is it that even in seventeen-syllable bites, Spike still manages to break my heart? Mere has also written a bunch of other Spike-centric haiku, including a great sum-up of the apology scene in "Triangle."

The Spikeid, by [ profile] quinara
Epic poetry in Spike-voice. What's not to love? I think the first stanza might be the best.

Breaking Dawn, by [ profile] joe_sweden
post-NFA (vaguely)
Now for some fluff: In a rosy Spuffy future, Spike and Dawn talk Twilight.
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Stuff that didn't fit anywhere else, but didn't deserve to be shunted down to the bottom

After the Fall, by ElenaB
1. Two Ravens - Xander
2. Les Noyades - Spike
3. Book of Days - Anya
4. Mea Maxima Culpa - Giles
5. Little Mouse Sounds - Tara
6. Case #9323 - Dawn
7. Ingression - Willow
Spoilers through the end of S5
Ensemble fics dealing with the aftermath of "The Gift" are a dime a dozen, and I tend to read a lot of them because I like ensemble fics (and fics that pry Spike away from Buffy, even for just a little while). For my money, this is the best of the lot. They're are not only written really well, they're a prime example of the the amazing things that can happen when you play with POV - ElenaB gets more and more experimental as she goes. The character voices are right-on, the emotion understated yet nearly overwhelming, the dialogue slantwise and indirect and realistic.

The Xander, Spike, and Dawn pieces are my favorites (though beware the heavy pre-slash overtones), but the Giles piece is also an interesting take, and I wish the show had done something with Tara a little more like what her piece here does. This is some of the best fic I've read in the fandom, full stop.

Five in One, by [ profile] selenak
Spoilers through Angel S5 "Why We Fight," kind of
Selena gives us Spike from some new perspectives and reminds us that he is not a fluffy bunny. IMO, everyone who writes Spike needs to read this or something like it once in a while.

And while you're reading this, you might as well read everything else Selena has written in the Buffyverse, even if the description doesn't sound like something you'd be interested in, because it's all good. Try Five Things That Never Happened to Warren, for example (and then read the DVD commentary that goes with it). Or try First Sights, Last Sights, a heartbreaking summary of Buffy/Spike from the perspective of a nonshipper. Read the Darla fics I'm reccing below. And then, when you're done with those, go wander her blog and find the fantastic essays, like this, which is the best deconstruction of "Restless" I've ever seen.

Absolution, Part I, Part II, by Minim Calibre
AU post Buffy late S6, Angel late S3
A one night stand. A baby. Fifteen years later, a Slayer. This is one of those oddball pieces that I might not have liked as well as I did except it was so far away from anything else I'd seen. But I did like it, so there. In particular, I very much like the idea of AU Willow growing up to be a Watcher. Also of interest is Anchored, which is an alternate POV of (mostly) the same events, though with an alternate ending.

Perfect World, by cousinjean
AU post S6
Halfrek, ever-helpful vengeance demon, tricks drunken Spike into making a wish - and you thought Cordy's wish-world was bad... I complain a lot about sappy Buffy/Spike stories, but this isn't one of them. Cousinjean skillfully balances plottiness and emotional depth. Her premises are creative, her writing smooth, and she integrates canon material in clever and unexpected ways. This is the best of her pieces, IMO, and also one of my favorite "Spike comes back with his soul" stories.

Nothing to Say, by WesleysGirl
Spoilers through S5 "The Gift"
Spike and Giles on the road, with no place to go. I mentioned before that I had a soft spot for post-apocalyptic stuff. This ficlet is a quiet, desolate piece.

Only Game in Town, by [ profile] doyle_sb4
Ats post-series
Another post-apoc ficlet: after the end of the world, Spike plays cards. Also desolate, and with a last line that gut punches you with the irony.

Bit Players, by [ profile] spuffyduds
Spoilers through S2 "Halloween"
Even though Harmony went to Ethan's shop looking for a "high class hooker" costume, this is really more about the extreme geekitude than it is about the (R-rated) sex. Look, a Jonathan!

Rearview, by [ profile] etothey
Crossover with Bones; Spoilers through all of Angel
Remember I was looking for Bones/Angel crossovers a while back? This is the best of them. [ profile] etothey is one of those folks that was already a writer before she tried her hand at fanfic, and I'd adore everything she's written if we didn't have such divergent tastes - she's a mostly Angel, mostly Angel kind of gal. If that's your thing, you should try the rest of her stuff. I did quite enjoy her post-NFA MarySuefic, Hell is Other People's Dishes.

I love Spike as a character, but for a stable, longterm relationship I always thought Riley was Buffy's best bet (before the writers threw him to some vamps and then stuck him on a helicopter, I mean). Yet it's darned difficult to find fic about him. Here's some.

Another Quiet War, by Marina Frants
Spoilers through S4
After "Restless," Riley goes home to Iowa to get his head straight, but you know what they say about going home again. Frants is the only fic author I've found who only writes Riley, and she does it really well. This piece is my favorite, but see also her fascinating take on the history between Riley and Maggie Walsh, Hazy Shade of Winter, as well as a bit of fluff about Riley and Buffy on an actual happy date (except for the flat tires and the mud) called Some Enchanted Evening.

Home From the Great Escape, by Cynthia Liskow
Spoilers through early S6 "Gone"; Jossed by "As You Were"
Clean, Riley comes back to Sunnydale to take care of unfinished business, which almost finishes him. Better than I've made it sound, honest. The Spike portrayal is appropriate and rather terrifying, if you're a Spike fan.

One Last Call, by ?
A ficlet. Long after, Spike and Riley are friends.

And heck, while I'm talking about Riley:
The Quality of Mercy, by Yahtzee
Spoilers through Buffy S5 "Crush," Angel S2 "Epiphany"
"Just as Angel's putting his life back together, Riley shows up, falling apart."

I loathed her in Buffy and then I saw her in Angel and... didn't hate her anymore. In fact, all three of my completed Buffyfics are about Darla. Here are some others, all of the non-shippy variety.

The Haunting, Hunted Kind, by [ profile] selenak
Spoilers through Angel S4
At odd moments Darla keeps getting visits from a ghost of the future. This is the single-best thing I've seen from Darla's POV. Poignant, even though I don't like Connor and haven't seen S4.

Her Fault, by [ profile] selenak
Spoilers through Angel S2
So the crew has just gotten back from Pylea when Cordelia gets a vision to go rescue... Darla. No way she's going to bother Angel with this, so she troops off alone, and gets into difficulties, of course. And maybe realizes some things. Have I mentioned I love unlikely allies stories? And enemies-who-have-to-talk-to-each-other-stories?

Plus a few more Darla pieces: Melymbrosia's ficlet Maternity is just a brief meditation by Darla, on the titular topic. Christina Kamnikar's Expectations is a longer piece on the same theme. Finally, [ profile] spuffyduds's I'm Not Supposed To Be Like This has Darla, in desperation, going to Spike for help.

Buffy, in Any Other Form
Marina Frants' The Geekado explains how S4 was really written. Doubtless I'd appreciate this more if I were actually familiar with Gilbert and Sullivan, but it's pretty funny anyway.

In [ profile] londonkds's The Tragedy of Buffy, Slayer of Sunnydale, the Trio has summoned a demon that has everyone talking in iambic pentameter (except for the clown, of course).

Linda R. Barlow's A Midsummer's Nightmare is even more explicit about its Shakespearean roots. It's unfinished, but the first scene is the best, anyway. If she weren't trying to fit it into early S7 chronology, I'd have said Darla would have been the perfect Titania...

I hate it when people rec works in progress and then don't say they're works in progress. Well, these are works in progress and all but one of them will probably remain so forever, and for one reason or another they're each so good that I'm recommending them to you anyway.

Base Elements, by limber
AU post-S6
Two years after Spike leaves, Dawn spots him in NH and eventually drags him back across the country to Sunnydale via road trip. There's more - this was meant to be a large-scale Buffy/Spike story - but those first twelve chapters practically stand alone and they're the best part, anyway. Then again, I'm a total sucker for Spike+Dawn+(road trip).

The Waiting Season and Waking the Dead (NC-17), by Annie Sewell-Jennings
AU post-S6
"The Waiting Season" is finished and Waking the Dead is not, and together they are the single best attempt I've seen to deal realistically with all the broken relationships at the end of season 6. The bits with Willow and with Anya are especially strong.

Seven Years in a Desert, by Caro ([ profile] spikewriter)
AU post-S6 (I'm noticing a trend here...)
I'm having trouble articulating just what it is about this author's approach that I like so much. For one thing, although Seven Years in a Desert is unabashedly Buffy/Spike, it comes the closest to anything I've seen of developing Spike into his own person, separate from Buffy. For another, Caro takes a much warmer, more humane (for lack of a better word) approach to the characters; in her fic, the Buffyverse is simply not quite so dire a place as Joss Whedon thinks it is, even though it retains all the Sturm und Drang he put there. Her perspective reminds me, oh so vaguely, of the feeling I get from reading Bujold.

The story switches between 2003, when souled Spike is tentatively renewing his relationship with Buffy, and 2009, when Buffy is about to get married to some other guy and Spike is in London working for the Watchers' Council. Unfortunately, the finished chapters haven't quite reached the big blowups that are obviously coming in both timelines; fortunately, this is the one WIP that I think might actually get finished. Caro has posted an additional five chapters to her LJ, the most recent less than a year ago, so there is hope! And while you're visiting her LJ you should check out all her other bits and pieces - there's a lot of humor in the ficlets that didn't make it into the novel.


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