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'Verse: The Fairy Tale 'Verse
Pairings: Jo/Sam, Ellen/Rufus
Rating / Word Count: NC-17 / 11k so far
Contents / Warnings: Alpha/beta/omega dynamics, knotting, heat-related dubcon, suggestions of prior sexual trauma.
Summary: It's a harsh world if you're an omega, and all hunter women are. Jo and Ellen each find their own ways of coping and their own partners to do that coping with.

Fics listed by internal chronology. All fics available for download here.

The Woodsman and the Widow - Ellen/Rufus. 1500 words. PG-13. (DW | LJ | AO3)
At Bill's wake, Rufus makes Ellen an offer, alpha to omega. She's too smart not to take it.

These Spooky Old Woods - Jo/Sam. 3600 words. PG-13. (DW | LJ | AO3)
Every so often, Sam and Dean ask Jo to come help them on a case, even though she's an omega. Even though they're alphas, she does.

Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right - Jo/Sam. 5500 words. NC-17. (DW | LJ | AO3)
An omega doesn’t get to be Jo’s age and still unmated without being very good at making plans. Sam was plan C.
snickfic: Jo and Ellen Harvelle (Harvelles)
Title: The Woodsman and the Widow
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Ellen Harvelle/Rufus Turner, prior Ellen/Bill
Words/Rating: 1500 words / PG-13
Summary At Bill's wake, Rufus makes Ellen an offer, alpha to omega. She's too smart not to take it.

A/N: This is another installment of what I'm now calling the Fairy Tale 'verse, which also includes my Jo/Sam a/b/o fics These Spooky Old Woods and Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right. I've been wanting to write some Rufus/Ellen for a while, and [ profile] stripysockette got me thinking about this 'verse again today. So, here's the story of how (and why) Rufus became Jo's stepfather.

Also available at AO3 here.

She has an idea what he’s sitting here for. It’s a necessary conversation, but she’s in no hurry to have it. )
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My sister continues to watch SPN. She just finished up S6 and reports that it is her favorite season so far. She says it flows better than the others, by which I think she partly means that more of the episodes were related to the season arc than usual.


Harvelles at spn_bitesized

What the banner says! [profile] spnbitesized, the weekly SPN commentfic comm, has a Harvelles theme this week, which I am all for. There are already several very yummy prompts.
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Title: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Ellen, Dean
Words / Rating: 330 words / G
Spoilers: set during 5.10 Abandon All Hope
Summary: The night before they go off to kill the devil, Ellen sits all night, waiting for dawn.

A/N: Written for [personal profile] ruuger's Valentine's Day Friendship Fic Fest.

It's early. )
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First, I've had several people in the last few months give me sweet little v-gifts, and I think I probably forgot say thank you for them, because for some reason I always forget. So. Thank you, [ profile] goldenusagi and [personal profile] rebcake, for the fuzzy blue spiders! Thank you, [ profile] green_maia, for the daisy! And thank you, [ profile] seapealsh, for the Christmas candles. :)

And now, look what [personal profile] next_to_normal made for me for Galentine's Day!!!

 photo profileSPNladies_zps136da3e4.jpg

Is it not so pretty? I've put it in my profile. It's shareable, too, if you want to snag it. (No hotlinking, of course.)
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Title: Respite
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean/Ellen
Spoilers: through S3
Words / Rating: 7300 words / R
Summary: A year ago, he wouldn’t have kept coming back; a year ago he’d never have asked Ellen that first time.

A/N: Months ago I lamented the lack of women in Dean's life, and said maybe I should start shipping Dean/Ellen for lack of better options.

Reader, I talked myself into it.

The fic's taken me two months to write and I'm a wee bit nervous. It's like nothing else I've ever written: a shippy fic with full from-square-one development of a pairing that isn't the juggernaut pairing of the fandom (read: Spuffy). All in all, though, I think I like it. Hope you enjoy.

The voice is coming from behind the bar. It’s feminine and rough and crackles a little, and he knows exactly who it belongs to.  )


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