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Is anyone pretty comfortable with their knowledge of Fred Burkle? I've got a couple of questions, and I only watched most of Angel once.

I think I'm covered for now, thanks!
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Title: Elegy in Six Voices
Characters: the S3 Ats crew plus Darla (in spirit)
Spoilers: Through Ats 3.9 "Lullaby"
Rating / Words: PG / 2100 words
Warnings: Plotless internal meanderings!

A/N: Finally posted in the fannish world: one of my first Buffyverse fics. I hated Darla when she was on BtVS - we’re talking fingernails-on-chalkboard hate – and I wasn’t thrilled when she reappeared on Ats. But as she became more complex as a character she started to grow on me, and the final sequence that built up to "Lullaby" blew me away. And then she died and no one ever mentioned her again. This made me mad, and so I wrote this fic.

And then I never posted it because I decided that the Angel segment was pants. I'm still not sure it isn't. However, [ profile] shapinglight got me thinking again, and with some tweaks, here 'tis.

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Did anyone ever notice how Wesley's father and Fred's father are both named Roger?

Grr. You know the big rallying "Save our Fred!" scene in A Hole in the World? The one where Spike says, "No. Not this girl. Not this day," and you want to ask him who he is and why's he's channeling Aragorn?

I hated that scene when I saw it. Hated it. 'Cuz Fred's a sweetie and a person, but no more a person than any of those other people we good guys are supposed to be saving. You see, boys, this is what happens when the feminine contingent of your team is reduced to one (plus a vampire of questionable loyalties). You lose all perspective. She isn't just another person, a valued team member, for Lo! she is Woman! and Must Be Saved!

(In fact, I think I'd have been much less annoyed with Fred in S5 had she not been the only woman in S5. I mean, I'll always like Cordelia more than Fred, but if Cordelia were there at least it'd take some of the pressure off of being the lone representative of female kind.)

In related news, writing from Illyria's POV is hard. Part of my problem, I think, is that I tend to write a very tight third person POV, which means if the character doesn't know/notice/realize such-and-such, neither does the reader. But Illyria isn't particularly observant and her frame of reference is so alien that it makes conveying a narrative a bit difficult. Plus, there's the whole dual identity issue. I think I'm going to have to change tactics somehow.

WIP meme

Jul. 17th, 2009 11:30 pm
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This probably goes without saying, but if you want to be surprised about what I'm working on, don't read, 'kay? :)

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No categories this time, just good fic all over.

  • Daemons Luminati, by Kalima
    Spoilers through S6 "As You Were"
    Brilliant. In my top five best Buffyfics ever. How can I even say how many ways I love this fic? It drips characterization. It's beautifully and lyrically written. It's painful and broken like everything in S6 was, and yet it gives me a hopeful Spike/Buffy that I can believe in. It's not perfect - it's not always clear what's happened or even whether or not I'm supposed to know yet, and after reading it three times (because it's worth it!) I'm still not quite sure I get the metaphysics. Still, if I could write imperfection like this...

  • Alternative Lifestyle, by A.C. Chapin
    Spoilers though sometime mid-S3
    This fic is cracked out in so many directions at once, I don't even know how to describe it. Suffice to say that this is Ripper/Annie in a harsher, sharper-edged Buffyverse, it's beautifully written, and it's not nearly long enough.

  • You Think She’s an Open Book (but you don’t know which page to turn to), by [ profile] spuffyduds
    Angel post-NFA
    Lorne is an administrator in Hell, sort of, greeting a group of refugees from the home dimension - including one little girl who sings a familiar song. I don't want to give away any more, but oh so sad. I gather that this is somehow related to the Angel: After the Fall comics, but I haven't read them and I had no trouble with it.

    And, like [ profile] selenak last time, you might as well go read everything else [ profile] spuffyduds has written, because it all rocks. I already recced "Bit Players" and "I'm Not Supposed to Be Like This," but there's lots of other good stuff. And I Will Therefore Fix It is a really fantastic revisit of Willow's "Restless," mid-"Bargaining," full of allusions and S6 foreshadowing. Blood Calls to Blood is a totally canon-friendly 'tween-seasons BtVS/Ats crossover in which Wesley and Connor go to crazy!Spike looking for help in finding Angel. If you haven't had your S6 Spuffy heartbreak yet this week, check out the last segment (NC-17) of Five Ways Buffy Summers Didn't Die (the other segments are good, too). Mostly gen, none terribly long, all full of wonderful characterization and tidbits of spot-on humor. Go forth and read!

  • Corpus et Sanguis, by Trekker
    Spoilers through S5 "The Gift"; NC-17
    This would be the "Ethan Rayne knocks up Giles" Giles/Willow fic. That is, it's the one with really excellent characterization, the one that handles it premise seriously and with aplomb, the one that made me wonder why Giles/Willow never seemed an obvious pairing before, the one that managed to win me over despite Willow cheating on Tara. Seriously, if the premise doesn't totally squick you out, give this a try.

  • Alas, Poor William. I Knew Him Well, by [ profile] ruuger
    No spoilers
    Relatively harmless, absolutely hilarious pre-series Spike/Dru hijinks. "It's a watermelon," Spike said, as if putting it into words might change the fact. It didn't. "A watermelon," he repeated, just in case.

  • Gay Me Up, by Caia
    Spoilers through S7 "First Date"
    "Spike takes Xander at his word." Starts out hilarious and turns thoughtful. As the author says, "No homosexuals were harmed in the making of this fic."

    And hey, this is another of those authors prone to bite-sized fics with awesome characterization (apparently the buzzword of this post). Caia has a definite Spike/Buffy bent (see The Unmasking for possibly my favorite completed Ats S5 Spuffy reunion fic; or Tekubi for maybe my favorite such WIP, in which Spike's arms aren't returned to him post-"Damage") but it's by no means always a happy bent - see La Meilleure Revanche for next week's bit of S6 Spuffy heartbreak. Good stuff all around.


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