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I had ideas of there being several drabbles today, but it seems to be just the one. Merry Christmas, [ profile] seapealsh!

Spike&Joyce, set sometime in the middle of Seraph
That Touch of Classic Elegance )
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I was going to do another double-header, but [ profile] pennydrdful, darn her, asked for not-BtVS fictional heroes, and now I have to think of some! So that one'll have to wait.

For [ profile] seapealsh: Top 5 Spike and Joyce Moments (Canon and Fic)
1. Canon - "You hit me with an axe one time." Because oh, the awkward, the awkward! Because Spike doesn't come even close to mouthing off. Because Joyce tries to make small talk. And did I mention the awkward?

2. Canon - The "Lovers Walk" conversation that launched a thousand hot chocolate fics. Because she's not even a little threatened by him. We know she was lonely during this period and having trouble making friends, and here was this heartbroken boy she could mother a little. Plus it's a fabulous Marsters scene

3. Canon - "I liked the lady. She was decent. Didn't put on airs. Always had a nice cuppa for me. And she never treated me like a freak." Not actually Spike and Joyce, but this right here tells me their relationship - the fact that they had one at all, even. Certainly sounds like he came around more than we saw, doesn't it? And that last line is my single strongest textual justification for Spike being lonely and miserable and wanting someone who liked him, even if we never saw much of this moping on screen.

4. Fic - Wendy, by cagd. Joyce picks up a hitchhiker, which relaunches a beautiful friendship. This whole fic is pure Spike&Joyce love, but my favorite bit is when he, having hitched a ride with Joyce, gotten a shower, and drunk tea, and still expecting Joyce to want sex for her troubles, instead wakes up on the couch underneath an electric blanket. An electric blanket. I just about cry - small moments of unexpected mercy like that really get to me.

5. Fic - Defenseless, by [ profile] rebcake. Despite the essentially Spuffy nature of this S4 AU, it's really all about Joyce, and particularly Spike&Joyce after newly chipped Spike takes refuge with the likeliest, most obvious person. (It isn't Giles. Nor Buffy.) My favorite part, I think, is Spike spends "Hush" in this AU: at home very companionably watching TV with Joyce.
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It’s been quite a while since I last did a recs post, mostly because I haven’t gotten the chance to read as much lately, but just recently I've run across enough really excellent fics that they just demanded a post.

A Slayer in Camelot, by [ profile] lears_daughter
BtVS post-S5; Merlin spoilers through late S1
Buffy’s fall through the portal landed her in Camelot, where she meets a man who looks very much like Giles. I only know Merlin secondhand, via the flist, but I still enjoyed this crossover quite a lot. There are lots of great Buffy-esque moments, including pitch-perfect first and last lines, and the Buffy/Uther romance-that-wasn’t is understated and almost sweet.

From Nothing to Something in 50 Sentences, by [ profile] empressvesica
Another fic found in my search for Faith/Giles, this really is a romance in 50 sentences. The structure allows for a long, slow construction of the relationship, which works really well for these two scarred characters that are both so armored against emotional intimacy.

Vigil in Accustomed Places, by [ profile] djinn_fic
Spoilers through 5.16 “The Body”
A character study of Joyce, waiting many a time for her daughter/warrior/baby girl to come home. Brief, spare, with some lovely insights.

When Violet Eyes are Smiling, by [ profile] rebcake
vague spoilers through the end of BtVS
A girl from the future with fuchsia hoverboots comes to set Joyce Summers straight about some things. This was written in response to a discussion of Mary Sues, and manages to be entirely tongue-in-cheek and yet feel genuine at the same time. But mostly: funny. Because [ profile] rebcake always brings the funny.

Scarlet and Midnight - [ profile] penny_lane_42
So I have a thing for Buffy and Spike meeting up during the summer post-S2 (in shippy context or not). I have a serious thing for post-apocalyptic scenarios. And I like hurt/comfort fic. All of which means that of all the beautifully-written, insightfully-characterized fic in [ profile] penny_lane_42’s oeuvre, Scarlet and Midnight almost has to be my favorite. The prose is excellent, too, although, as I told the author the other day, I get too caught up by the gorgeous character interactions to notice it.

Ouroboros and Three Nights Spent in Bed, by [ profile] st_salieri
You guys may have picked up by now that babyfic/pregnancyfic is a major guilty pleasure of mine. These two intertwined Spike/Buffy fics, however, have no guilt at all associated with them. They’re exactly how I like my babyfic: quiet, down-to-earth, unromanticized yet full of wonder at the marvel of new life, and beautifully characterized.

Restoration, by [ profile] msclawdia
Usually I’m not much for shanshu!Spike fics. His vampirism is so integral a part of the character that I can’t help but see the ‘reward’ of being human as a kind of diminishment. I told [ profile] rebcake some of this and she pointed me to Restoration, which chronicles Spike’s (now William’s) post-NFA transformation from ex-vampire to a whole person. It’s a quiet, reflective fic with a lovely sweet gradual Buffy/William romance thrown in as well.

Gifts, by [ profile] green_maia
And, another shanshu!Spike fic, this one the first of a whole ‘verse of fics (full index here) dealing with Spike, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, and the post-Chosen world. “Gifts” is all Spike and Spike&Dawn - which combination always makes me happy - and is both elegiac and hopeful. Maia’s take on the contrast between Spike and shanshu!Spike is an interesting one, and her ideas about the differences between them make more sense to me than almost any other soul/soulless discussion I’ve seen.
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I know, I'm just a postin' fool, but it suddenly occurred to me how much Anya's slow awkward reconnection with humanity could have benefited from a friendship with Joyce. She'd be font of wisdom on all those topics that Xander couldn't address - like, say, Xander.

Save Buffy and Dawn, everyone in the Buffyverse is so woefully unparented. Poor confused chicklets.
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Here, finally, is the last of my requested drabbles. (So maybe it's a good thing I only got four requests... *g*)

Made a Lot of Stops
For [ profile] seapealsh: Spike&Joyce friendship

The first time, he sobbed his whiskey-sodden heart out. The second time he just scowled sullenly into his cocoa, wishing he had the fangs to eat her with.

But the third time, it came out that this woman with a taste for Nigerian tribal masks and French Modernism had barely been off the continent, had never seen Paris (smelly) or Giza (dry) or Machu Picchu (a bloody long ramble just to commune with rocks, however ‘wise’).

Whereas he had a century of travels to tell, and if she noticed him pausing to leave the corpses out, she didn’t mention it.


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