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Jan. 1st, 2010 02:23 pm
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Yuletide reveal! Yay! I wrote two fics... sort of. Both were for fellow Buffyite [ profile] wisdomeagle.

One is Three Christmases with Miss Honey, which is basically what you'd expect - Christmassy fluff with Matilda and Miss Honey and bonus stealth crossover elements. I wrote it by mashing together at least four of Ari's prompts: Christmas, Matilda's powers coming back, the crossover element (which I couldn't do proper justice to because I just don't know the canon well enough, alas), and Matilda coming home from time with other extraordinary children to find Miss Honey still likes her best anyway. It's not as substantive a fic as I wanted, but the recipient liked it, and anyway I tried to make it up to her with the other fic...

...which turned out to be the totally cracky Matilda/Firefly crossover you see below. Deep in Matilda discussion over at Ari's LJ, she commented that the very first character she could think of that was in some way analogous to Matilda was, well, River.

This fic was actually much easier than the other. It came first and feels more like a whole story to me. It does not, however, have nearly so much Matilda as perhaps was meant, with the result that I didn't feel it was really quite right for Yuletide. Too much Firefly influence. So, here 'tis instead.

Finally, I just have to say: two Yuletides, two years of writing not just bookfandoms (which I find much more difficult than the TV/movie kind), but British children's fantasy bookfandoms. Two years in which I stressed and strained and freaked out and worried that my fic was just not nearly good enough. But you know what?

I can't wait to do it again next year.

Title: Lift
Fandom: Firefly / Matilda (by Roald Dahl) crossover
Characters: River, Matilda
Word Count: ~1800 words
Rating: G
Spoilers: Through the BDM and all of Matilda

Disclaimer: None of these characters are belong to me. They are belong to Whedon, the Roald Dahl estate, and other esteemed folks.

Beta'd by the fabulous [ profile] penny_lane_42.

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