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Buffy-gets-vamped fics are a dime a dozen. I don't have the taste for them, personally; I'm not all that interested in what Buffy would be like without a soul. That sounds too much like straight horror for me.

But: Buffy-gets-wolfed? Are there are there any of those fics? What if Oz had gotten a nip in before he was tranqued? What if she'd run into Veruca some night? It doesn't seem that unreasonable.

Seems to me a Buffy-and-Oz fic in which her dealing with being wolfy prompted him to finally deal with being wolfy could be very good indeed.
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'Verse: Winterpocalypse
Characters: ensemble - different characters in different fics
Rating / Words: PG-13 / 4k so far
Setting: post-series, so potential spoilers for everything
Summary: In the south there are monsters. In the north there's a deep freeze. Everywhere, every bit of black magic anyone has ever dabbled in, every taint of demon they've ever been marked with, is rising to the surface. In a cold, dark world, our heroes are struggling just to stay on the side of good.

Two Suckers in an Icebox - Faith, Giles (possibly Faith/Giles? Not sure yet) - PG-13. So far: 1 chapter / 2000 words.
Summary: Faith and Giles hole up in a cabin to ride out the winter that might be ending the world.
Part 1

Oz, After the Apocalypse - Oz, surprise guests - PG - 2200 words.
The world ended. Oz didn't.
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Title: The Ones Not Kissed
Spoilers / Words: BtVS 3.8 "Lover's Walk" - 2000 words
Characters: Oz, Cordelia
Rated: PG

A/N: I was really itching to write something today, and what got written was this: the rest of a fic that I've had sitting around for a good year and a half, waiting for me to pick it up again.

I started it meaning to be shippy, just as an exercise, and failed miserably. My gen inclination continues apace.

The first thing he sees in the hospital room is the vase overflowing with sunflowers and daisies and gladiolas. )

Recs #9

Apr. 2nd, 2010 12:09 pm
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This ended up being the late-season Spike/Buffy/Spuffy recs list. It’s all S6 or later, all involving either Spike or Buffy or both and accompanied variously by Dawn, Tara, Oz, Illyria, Faith, and Nikki Wood.


Old Year's Eve, by [ profile] st_salieri
Dawn makes a discovery about Spike and Buffy and another discovery about herself. This is Dawn-growing-up fic, beautifully written and with the sense of weight and melancholy growing up brings.

untitled Valentine’s Day vignette thingy by [ profile] theohara
Tara stumbles across Spike in the greeting card aisle, just before Valentine’s Day. Cue quiet companionship and sharing of respective relationship woes. One of those pieces I reread when I want to cry.


Take the Heat, by Estepheia
Sometime before S7, Oz spots Spike in a crowd. What comes next is one of those moments of unexpected grace that never fail to move me. Plus, yanno: Oz!

Nothing Special, by [ profile] deird1
Brief, quiet Buffy-and-Dawn sisterly fluff snuck in during the S7 chaos. I think I love this partly just because I love their sister relationship so much, and there isn’t near enough fic about it.

Microwave Meals (Quick, Easy, and Sometimes Satisfying, by [ profile] quinara
And more S7 fluff, this time of the Spuffy variety. If I ever come around to liking S7 Spuffy, it’ll be because of folks on the flist like Quin and fics like this. Quiet, gentle, funny, hopeful.

Wayward, by Devil Piglet
Nikki Wood shows up at the house on Revello; Spike is tasked with taking care of her. Long and mildly plotty and heavily angsty. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this fic around before and was positive it wouldn’t work, but lo! it does, at least for me.


Winds Blowing Chill, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni
Rulesverse Buffy starts thinking about babies, but in the Rulesverse there are no quick fixes for the vampire reproduction problem, which leads to one of the more emotionally complex pieces of Spuffy babyfic I’ve ever read. Also: excellent Buffy voice.

Angels in the Architecture, by [ profile] only_passenger
This is the closest I’ve ever seen to the long, character-study style genfic of Buffy&Faith post-Chosen that I keep wanting. They have such a fascinating dynamic and so many issues, and this explores a few of them.

The Last Fingers of Leaf, by [ profile] quinara
Buffy and Illyria. A dragon. Pizza. Combined, they’re an unexpected pleasure as the two find commonalities that I’d never have thought of. Poignant and elegantly written.

Life in the Present Tense, by [ profile] penny_lane_42
A long, delicious series of vignettes of Buffy, Spike, and Dawn living in Rome. Lirazel describes this as self-indulgent Spuffy fluff, but yanno, sometimes that’s just what a person wants. Rich and gorgeous and hopeful.
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This was fun - feel free to keep telling me about fics I've never written. (Confession: now I kind of want to write these, or at least read them...)

For [ profile] deird1:
My favourite one was definitely “Twelve Pine Trees”, and I loved the excerpt from Dawn's poem.

Hah. Little secret: Dawn’s poem was originally going to be a haiku. ‘Cuz what’s the one form of Japanese poetry that everyone knows? Plus it’s a crunchy, bite-sized form that seemed to fit rather well with the Buffyverse one-liner aesthetic.

But you may’ve picked up that I’m a poetry fan in general, so I had to at least look at some of the other traditional Japanese forms. By the time the main story was finished it was clear a bargain with as old a kami as they were dealing with would need to be written in an older genre than haiku, which didn’t develop as an independent form until the 17th century. From there it was a short step to trying my hand at a bit of kanshi, as written in Dawn-voice.

And I’m thrilled to hear you enjoyed that bit - I worried it might be a bit too esoteric or just plain weird for most folks.

For [ profile] goldenusagi:
I loved your story Magical. You brought Tara and Oz together in such a believable way!

Hooray! Frankly, getting them from rivals to commiserating mourners was easy, once Warren shot Willow and Xander’s letter brought Oz back to town. But we all know me and how much trouble I have getting from friendship to shippiness in a fic, which is largely why the romantic development was so very understated (other than the fact that with Oz, everything is understated...).

Of course, the other problem was that I generally have as hard a time believing the hetting of Tara as I do the slashing of anyone else. But if anyone could do it, it seemed to me it’d be Oz, who IMO is by far the most dateable guy in the ‘verse. Plus he’s remarkably patient with the physical side of his relationships, which meant I could write a whole lot of emotional development before we finally get to the one fade-to-black sex scene.

Original first line, before I came up with the much punchier one with all the witchcraft-herbal/anti-wolfy-herbal thematic connections: He’d hated her for a few minutes once, but now Willow was dead and she was the only one who understood.

WIP meme

Jul. 17th, 2009 11:30 pm
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This probably goes without saying, but if you want to be surprised about what I'm working on, don't read, 'kay? :)

WIP's )
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And another drabble. Incidentally, I'm still accepting prompts, no strings attached.

Fifth Sense
For [ profile] angearia: Oz/Willow

He could smell it on her: the magic. The wolf probably read the whole scent like a fragrant guitar riff, but he couldn’t remember that. Human, all he smelled was the Willow-smell, apples and incense and organic fibers. But in the seconds-long dusk between, he caught the tang of other things, rich and deep, and it was no wonder to him how she could love them. He could distrust that tang, but he couldn’t hate it. What he hated was how it seeped into the Willow-smell until, in the last wolfish moment before dark, he couldn’t find her at all.
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A general note on recs: since I’ve been in the fandom less than a year, I regularly discover old fic that I want to squee about. So, there’s no guarantee of anything here being new, just good.

Culture Vultures, by Yahtzee
Oz, Willow, Faith, and an OFC go to a museum, and craziness ensues. I've read stuff by Yahtzee before and even recced some of it, and I've always found it thoughtful and smoothly told, but this is the story of hers I've fallen in love with. Much as I warmed up to Tara there at the end, if I had an OTP, it'd be Oz/Willow. Here they are, sort of, maybe picking up the threads of old romance while Willow tries to figure out who she dares to be. Plus: Faith!

The Scourge Does Titipu, by [ profile] rebcake
Pretty much what it says on the tin: post-play, the Fanged Four quote Gilbert&Sullivan (some of which is, as Rebcake points out, remarkably Jossian in tone and subject matter). Rebcake has been writing elegant little historical ficlets for a while now, but this is my favorite for the clever use of the referenced material, the perfect voices and the fun character interaction on an evening when all four vamps are in equitable moods.

Dawning, by [ profile] goldenusagi
Spoilers through 4.8 "Pangs"
You guys know I'm a sucker for Spike and Dawn together, right? This series of ficlets chronicles their encounters up through mid-S4, and is on my very short list of "fics that might as well be canon." Brief, sparingly told, with exactly the right amounts of skepticism and covert curiosity on both sides.

The Last Hurrah of the Golden... Handshake? by [ profile] speakr2customrs
Spoilers through Angel NFA
This drabble is for irate copyeditors everywhere, and is possibly also my favorite AU ending to "Not Fade Away." And did I mention it’s funny?

Many Happy Returns, by [ profile] erimthar
A ficlet that illustrates the Xander and Buffy friendship more clearly than almost anything else I've seen in fic. Brief, quiet, poignant, darkly humorous, and with brilliant Xander-voice.

In League With Serpents and, by WeyrWolfen
Vague spoilers through 6.17 "Hell's Bells"
Spike wins a smalled winged serpent in a poker game, and she proceeds to turn his life upside down. WeyrWolfen is fast becoming one of my favorite authors of plotty, sweet, romantic Spike/Buffy adventure stories. She confidently builds stories around the new supernatural elements she introduces to the Buffyverse milieu and manages the trick of making those new elements intriguing in their own right, while also peppering her fics with sparkling bits of character insight and nice turns of phrase. Plus, I love her Spike, who's struggling and befuddled and well-intentioned despite his best efforts. This story and sequel are my favorites so far, but Cycle of Rebirths, about Buffy and Spike's link to a long-dead Japanese Slayer and her husband, is also fun, plus it has the fabulous, completely Spike- and Buffy-free sort-of sequel Wash Cycle, which has one of the best, funniest original demon characters I've ever read. Also recommended is To Ride a Pale Horse, the mid-Ats S5 zombie apocalypse WIP, which she’s writing with AtheneWolfe.

Oz meta

Jan. 14th, 2009 09:23 pm
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I realized today that, back when I was prepping to write my Oz fic "A Man of Many Colors," I'd done a lot of thinking-via-keyboard about the character. I thought I'd bless you spam you share it with you all.

We attack the mayor with hummus. )
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Title: A Man of Many Colors
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character: Oz
Word Count: ~1600 words
Rating: G
Spoilers: Through Buffy S2 "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered"

Disclaimer: None of these characters are belong to me. They are belong to Whedon, Greenwalt, ME, and co.
Written for [ profile] hyperactivegirl in the Fall Fandom Free-For-All. Previously posted at [ profile] snickelish.

| Fang Fetish Awards | Absence of Light Awards

Now a winner at the [ profile] absence_oflight awards, specifically Angst Runner-Up for Best Gen and for Best Short

Blue for grief. Purple for - well, grief, and confusion, and rebellion, and taking charge of something that he shouldn’t have needed to. Brown for being himself. Brown for being himself for Willow. What color for fear? )


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