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2011-03-08 07:40 am

and another thing

Mostly the First does a pretty good job mimicking the people it pretends to be (though I've seen interesting commentary on how it gets Dru wrong). Not so Jonathan. First!Jonathan sounds nothing like our real-world Jonathan, but rather a slimier version of Superstar!Jonathan. Maybe our Jonathan was too dithery and self-effacing to convince anyone of anything? Or maybe the First just couldn't deal with pretending to be that humble.

Also, you know that one flashback to Mexico where we see Andrew and Jonathan sharing a bed? I've always wondering about fannish consensus for that scene. Hence, a poll!

[Poll #1715258]
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2010-12-17 03:46 pm

Christmas drabbles! Deird, Shapinglight, and a bonus

Merry Christmas, [ profile] deird1 and [ profile] shapinglight! (Deird, yours may ring some distant bells - it's in answer to a prompt you gave me back in, like, March that I never responded to. :p)

Also included is a drabble I wrote for the (Ex-)Housemate as part of her Christmas; I figured you guys wouldn't mind if I posted it, too.

For [ profile] deird1: Buffy, Faith
Some Burnt, Some Rebuilt )

For [ profile] shapinglight: Spike, Giles, post-"The Gift"
In Many Forms )

For Housemate: Kendra
New Lessons )
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2010-12-15 05:27 pm

Christmas ficlet for Brutti

I meant it as a drabble; it is not. As if Darla doesn't always have her own ideas about things.

Merry Christmas, [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni!

Darla, Giles, circa "Welcome to the Hellmouth"
Double drabble (200 words)
Better When Aged )
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2010-02-13 11:47 pm

Ode to ordinary

This is not the post I meant to write. I meant to write something deep and searching about the Buffy/Faith relationship in S3: the twin forehead-kisses, the dream, and how much I loathe the Buffy-Angel-Faith "triangle" as a catalyst. Or, failing that, a post about how much of an overhaul the show got when it went to college.

Instead, I want to talk about Kathy Newman. )
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2009-12-04 10:31 pm

What's My Line

Oz! Aw, Oz. "I mock you wiz my monkey pants." *snuggles Oz*

I surely have noticed this before, but when Kendra says her Watcher sees signs of a great evil rising in Sunnydale, turns out Drusilla ain't the problem. It's just gonna take a few more eps to see it.

Housemate: "So, is there a whole subgenre [of fanfiction] about just Kendra?" And I had to tell her, alas, no. Alas, because Kendra is mildly awesome.

Still love the Spike/Dru in this episode. Love love love it. Also, I finally spotted those bruises on her arms that the shooting scripts talked about (as evidence of her weakened state) but which I'd never actually seen before.

Am still annoyed that Dru was in fact healed without Angel actually dying. If we're going to be dodgy with our ritual details, couldn't we at least point it out in classic BtVS fashion? *grump*
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2009-07-12 12:41 pm

In which I make a post to put off finishing my remix...

1. One of the big reasons I like Snyder is that in a show full of Good and Evil (but mostly Evil), he is petty human evil-with-lowercase-e. He's a slimeball because he cares more about athletic achievement than academic honesty, not because of some overblown attempt to end the world. He's a breath of the real world. (Interesting, then, that he's eventually eaten by a giant fantastical snake.)

2. Ohmygoodness I am in love with [ profile] anaross's Long Day's Journey. Until I started reading I didn't know I needed the ultimate AU Ats S5 Spike-centric thingy with promise of eventual Spuffy happiness, but this is clearly it. As usual with [ profile] anaross, characterizations are wonderful. Voices are fantastic. Yay, plot! It plays POV games. It makes me love Harmony (sometimes a bit of a trick). Plus, apparently there will be Angel-redemption, which I also didn't know I needed, but what the hey.

Seriously, loving this fic. Oh, and [ profile] gabriellabelle: it's really long! And [ profile] penny_lane_42: it's got some fab Spike&Cordy action!

3. Almost every Ats character I love is in S2. The only exceptions are Illyria and possibly Spike, except I'm so ambivalent about his time on Ats that I'm not counting him. But the folks I love are: Lorne, Darla, Dru, Cordy, Kate Lockley, Lindsey, Anne. I even like Fred until she sanes up in S3. (Also, this clearly is the season of the wimmens, so yay for that.)

4. So, yeah. Remix. Kicking my butt. I think I'll take that recommendation over at [ profile] remixers_lounge to come back next week and polish the thing after I post it today.

5. Ooh! And, new journal layout! Some day I'm going to get my hands dirty and actually figure out this whole CSS thing, because no one of the base layouts has everything where I want it. For now, premade with new colors will have to do.

ETA: 6. Just rewatched "Go Fish" last night. So, uh, what's with the all the sexual assault mentions in that episode? Does that have anything to do with the fishy parts, thematically? Also, dude, the 'science' in that ep is several orders of magnitude stupider than anything we saw in S4 or S6 - although possibly less stupid than in "I Robot, You Jane." I am undecided.
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2009-04-29 12:23 am

Drabble: Procrastination

And now I try my hand at slash, sort of, and end up with something that looks... almost shippy? Sort of?

(Also, see my rare-character representative icon!)

For [ profile] gabrielleabelle: Larry/Jonathan (ish)

He was shorter than Larry, but then, everyone was shorter than Larry. Still, short, built like he’d wrestle at 103 if he wrestled at all, which he didn’t. Had never been athletic, but Larry was okay with that. (Anyway, since the rumors had started to drift Larry’d gotten a pretty good idea where he stood with the jocks.) Soft brown eyes that saw a lot more than they were seen. A little-lost-boy look that Larry wanted to win him out of. And maybe, maybe gay.

After graduation, Larry thought. Everything done. Then he’d finally nerve up and ask Jonathan out.
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2009-04-24 06:47 pm

rewatching S2: "The Dark Age" through "Bad Eggs"

1. Okay, the guy Ted? Still creeps me the heck out. Yikes. Props to John Ritter (RIP), because he had my skin crawling from the very first scene, again. It occurs to me that with the faux-wholesomeness and corny moralizing, he was kind of a Mayor-prototype, although much skeezier.

I still think the robot thing was a ripoff, but even given that he was a robot, thinking she'd killed a human should have had some long-term effects on Buffy. *sigh* Okay, old complaint, moving on.

And also, the Stepford-powder seemed irrelevent and unnecessary. It'd have been more interesting without it.

2. Y'know, I have issues with how Kendra was written - that line "That's me favorite shirt. That's me only shirt!" makes me cringe every time - but there were some really cool moments between her and Buffy, and I'm sorry she got killed off. Even though we got Faith out of the deal. Kendra's is another one of those wasteful deaths in the Buffyverse that seemed to serve no useful purpose except as plot devices.

Is there any Kendra fic out there longer than a drabble?

3. Lyle Gorch has got to be one of the stupidest recurring characters to ever appear on the show. Even if he did only show up twice.

4. Xander/Cordy makes me giggle. It's still my favorite ship for either character.

5. And Oz/Willow. Oh, Oz/Willow! "I mock you wiz my monkey pants." *swoon* (Okay, yes, I have weird swooning triggers. Be quiet.)

6. I love how, in "What's My Line," there's the Angelus/Dru foreshadowing, and Spike not liking it but putting up with it because, after all, it's supposed to be temporary.

7. Also, random note: as of "Bad Eggs," we're still pronouncing it AN-gel-us. But we switch the emphasis to the second syllable sometime this season, right? I haven't been just hallucinating an-GEL-us all this time, have I? *suffers sudden paralyzing self-doubt*
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2009-02-20 11:24 am

Random fannish opinion of the day

I like Forrest. He had ten times the personality Graham had and though he didn't get near the development Riley did, he was much more colorful a character (no pun intended). The guy had attitude. He was kind of a jerk, yes, and at least a smidge mysogynistic, but I think he could have been really interesting if the writers had had the time and inclination to develop him further. Frankly, he'd have made a lot more sense saying Graham's lines in S5 than Graham did. And IMO, his end in S4 was one of the more wasteful deaths in the Buffyverse, just because it accomplished so little.

He's fairly significant in [ profile] eowyn_315's fic Closure and there's a Forrest/Riley story nominated in the latest round of the Fang Fetish awards, but other than that I can't even think of any other fic I've seen that paid much attention to him. There should be some.
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2008-11-10 01:58 pm

Buffyfic Recs #2

Stuff that didn't fit anywhere else, but didn't deserve to be shunted down to the bottom

After the Fall, by ElenaB
1. Two Ravens - Xander
2. Les Noyades - Spike
3. Book of Days - Anya
4. Mea Maxima Culpa - Giles
5. Little Mouse Sounds - Tara
6. Case #9323 - Dawn
7. Ingression - Willow
Spoilers through the end of S5
Ensemble fics dealing with the aftermath of "The Gift" are a dime a dozen, and I tend to read a lot of them because I like ensemble fics (and fics that pry Spike away from Buffy, even for just a little while). For my money, this is the best of the lot. They're are not only written really well, they're a prime example of the the amazing things that can happen when you play with POV - ElenaB gets more and more experimental as she goes. The character voices are right-on, the emotion understated yet nearly overwhelming, the dialogue slantwise and indirect and realistic.

The Xander, Spike, and Dawn pieces are my favorites (though beware the heavy pre-slash overtones), but the Giles piece is also an interesting take, and I wish the show had done something with Tara a little more like what her piece here does. This is some of the best fic I've read in the fandom, full stop.

Five in One, by [ profile] selenak
Spoilers through Angel S5 "Why We Fight," kind of
Selena gives us Spike from some new perspectives and reminds us that he is not a fluffy bunny. IMO, everyone who writes Spike needs to read this or something like it once in a while.

And while you're reading this, you might as well read everything else Selena has written in the Buffyverse, even if the description doesn't sound like something you'd be interested in, because it's all good. Try Five Things That Never Happened to Warren, for example (and then read the DVD commentary that goes with it). Or try First Sights, Last Sights, a heartbreaking summary of Buffy/Spike from the perspective of a nonshipper. Read the Darla fics I'm reccing below. And then, when you're done with those, go wander her blog and find the fantastic essays, like this, which is the best deconstruction of "Restless" I've ever seen.

Absolution, Part I, Part II, by Minim Calibre
AU post Buffy late S6, Angel late S3
A one night stand. A baby. Fifteen years later, a Slayer. This is one of those oddball pieces that I might not have liked as well as I did except it was so far away from anything else I'd seen. But I did like it, so there. In particular, I very much like the idea of AU Willow growing up to be a Watcher. Also of interest is Anchored, which is an alternate POV of (mostly) the same events, though with an alternate ending.

Perfect World, by cousinjean
AU post S6
Halfrek, ever-helpful vengeance demon, tricks drunken Spike into making a wish - and you thought Cordy's wish-world was bad... I complain a lot about sappy Buffy/Spike stories, but this isn't one of them. Cousinjean skillfully balances plottiness and emotional depth. Her premises are creative, her writing smooth, and she integrates canon material in clever and unexpected ways. This is the best of her pieces, IMO, and also one of my favorite "Spike comes back with his soul" stories.

Nothing to Say, by WesleysGirl
Spoilers through S5 "The Gift"
Spike and Giles on the road, with no place to go. I mentioned before that I had a soft spot for post-apocalyptic stuff. This ficlet is a quiet, desolate piece.

Only Game in Town, by [ profile] doyle_sb4
Ats post-series
Another post-apoc ficlet: after the end of the world, Spike plays cards. Also desolate, and with a last line that gut punches you with the irony.

Bit Players, by [ profile] spuffyduds
Spoilers through S2 "Halloween"
Even though Harmony went to Ethan's shop looking for a "high class hooker" costume, this is really more about the extreme geekitude than it is about the (R-rated) sex. Look, a Jonathan!

Rearview, by [ profile] etothey
Crossover with Bones; Spoilers through all of Angel
Remember I was looking for Bones/Angel crossovers a while back? This is the best of them. [ profile] etothey is one of those folks that was already a writer before she tried her hand at fanfic, and I'd adore everything she's written if we didn't have such divergent tastes - she's a mostly Angel, mostly Angel kind of gal. If that's your thing, you should try the rest of her stuff. I did quite enjoy her post-NFA MarySuefic, Hell is Other People's Dishes.

I love Spike as a character, but for a stable, longterm relationship I always thought Riley was Buffy's best bet (before the writers threw him to some vamps and then stuck him on a helicopter, I mean). Yet it's darned difficult to find fic about him. Here's some.

Another Quiet War, by Marina Frants
Spoilers through S4
After "Restless," Riley goes home to Iowa to get his head straight, but you know what they say about going home again. Frants is the only fic author I've found who only writes Riley, and she does it really well. This piece is my favorite, but see also her fascinating take on the history between Riley and Maggie Walsh, Hazy Shade of Winter, as well as a bit of fluff about Riley and Buffy on an actual happy date (except for the flat tires and the mud) called Some Enchanted Evening.

Home From the Great Escape, by Cynthia Liskow
Spoilers through early S6 "Gone"; Jossed by "As You Were"
Clean, Riley comes back to Sunnydale to take care of unfinished business, which almost finishes him. Better than I've made it sound, honest. The Spike portrayal is appropriate and rather terrifying, if you're a Spike fan.

One Last Call, by ?
A ficlet. Long after, Spike and Riley are friends.

And heck, while I'm talking about Riley:
The Quality of Mercy, by Yahtzee
Spoilers through Buffy S5 "Crush," Angel S2 "Epiphany"
"Just as Angel's putting his life back together, Riley shows up, falling apart."

I loathed her in Buffy and then I saw her in Angel and... didn't hate her anymore. In fact, all three of my completed Buffyfics are about Darla. Here are some others, all of the non-shippy variety.

The Haunting, Hunted Kind, by [ profile] selenak
Spoilers through Angel S4
At odd moments Darla keeps getting visits from a ghost of the future. This is the single-best thing I've seen from Darla's POV. Poignant, even though I don't like Connor and haven't seen S4.

Her Fault, by [ profile] selenak
Spoilers through Angel S2
So the crew has just gotten back from Pylea when Cordelia gets a vision to go rescue... Darla. No way she's going to bother Angel with this, so she troops off alone, and gets into difficulties, of course. And maybe realizes some things. Have I mentioned I love unlikely allies stories? And enemies-who-have-to-talk-to-each-other-stories?

Plus a few more Darla pieces: Melymbrosia's ficlet Maternity is just a brief meditation by Darla, on the titular topic. Christina Kamnikar's Expectations is a longer piece on the same theme. Finally, [ profile] spuffyduds's I'm Not Supposed To Be Like This has Darla, in desperation, going to Spike for help.

Buffy, in Any Other Form
Marina Frants' The Geekado explains how S4 was really written. Doubtless I'd appreciate this more if I were actually familiar with Gilbert and Sullivan, but it's pretty funny anyway.

In [ profile] londonkds's The Tragedy of Buffy, Slayer of Sunnydale, the Trio has summoned a demon that has everyone talking in iambic pentameter (except for the clown, of course).

Linda R. Barlow's A Midsummer's Nightmare is even more explicit about its Shakespearean roots. It's unfinished, but the first scene is the best, anyway. If she weren't trying to fit it into early S7 chronology, I'd have said Darla would have been the perfect Titania...

I hate it when people rec works in progress and then don't say they're works in progress. Well, these are works in progress and all but one of them will probably remain so forever, and for one reason or another they're each so good that I'm recommending them to you anyway.

Base Elements, by limber
AU post-S6
Two years after Spike leaves, Dawn spots him in NH and eventually drags him back across the country to Sunnydale via road trip. There's more - this was meant to be a large-scale Buffy/Spike story - but those first twelve chapters practically stand alone and they're the best part, anyway. Then again, I'm a total sucker for Spike+Dawn+(road trip).

The Waiting Season and Waking the Dead (NC-17), by Annie Sewell-Jennings
AU post-S6
"The Waiting Season" is finished and Waking the Dead is not, and together they are the single best attempt I've seen to deal realistically with all the broken relationships at the end of season 6. The bits with Willow and with Anya are especially strong.

Seven Years in a Desert, by Caro ([ profile] spikewriter)
AU post-S6 (I'm noticing a trend here...)
I'm having trouble articulating just what it is about this author's approach that I like so much. For one thing, although Seven Years in a Desert is unabashedly Buffy/Spike, it comes the closest to anything I've seen of developing Spike into his own person, separate from Buffy. For another, Caro takes a much warmer, more humane (for lack of a better word) approach to the characters; in her fic, the Buffyverse is simply not quite so dire a place as Joss Whedon thinks it is, even though it retains all the Sturm und Drang he put there. Her perspective reminds me, oh so vaguely, of the feeling I get from reading Bujold.

The story switches between 2003, when souled Spike is tentatively renewing his relationship with Buffy, and 2009, when Buffy is about to get married to some other guy and Spike is in London working for the Watchers' Council. Unfortunately, the finished chapters haven't quite reached the big blowups that are obviously coming in both timelines; fortunately, this is the one WIP that I think might actually get finished. Caro has posted an additional five chapters to her LJ, the most recent less than a year ago, so there is hope! And while you're visiting her LJ you should check out all her other bits and pieces - there's a lot of humor in the ficlets that didn't make it into the novel.