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Y'all, I have had the most spectacular fic-writing year. I said something like that last year, but this year blew that out of the water. I wrote 135k worth of fic this year (including 15k posted that I haven't yet put my name to); best previous year was 75k. I wrote a whole range of things I'd never have guessed: explicit sex, some real actual kink, some m/m, some f/f, and a threesome. I wrote two fics longer than 20k. I wrote fics for The Vampire Diaries, Downton Abbey, and my Yuletide fandom, all brand-new fandoms, as well as my old standbys.

Below the cut I go into more detail. A LOT more detail. This got long, folks.

my year in fic, in much greater detail, with a meme )

other fannish things )

Y'all, I am so proud of myself this year. I really, really am.
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1. Now that the A/B/O Het/Femslash Ficathon is over, we mods at [ profile] a_b_o_ladies have decided to permanently open the comm to lady-centric a/b/o. Any a/b/o fic in which there's a woman in the primary relationship or any gen in which a woman is a main character is welcome, all fandoms allowed. I will definitely be cross-posting my relevant fic there from now on.

2. Speaking of ladies, [ profile] spn_ladies is a brand-new comm celebrating the female characters of our beloved show. The comm is open to both fics you've written yourself and recs of fics written by other folks, as well as lady-centric art and meta. I think the comm is a marvelous idea, and look forward to finding good things in it.


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