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After a really great two years, it looks like [ profile] rocksalt_recs is closing down. I am so sad. I haven't used it a ton in the last six months or so, but it's been such a great resource for the SPN fannish community, and I've enjoyed reccing things there.

It sounds like there might be a possibility of it staying open if they found new mods to run it, so if that sounds like something you'd like to participate in, here's your chance.
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The last couple of days I have been overcome by SPN nostalgia and have been wanting to read SPN gen fic. Maybe I'm antsy for Summgergen to start? Anyway, I ended up just browsing on AO3, which led me to an absolute gem of a horror piece that I just recced at [ profile] rocksalt_recs, here. So you should check it out. And also rec, because it is open reccing at rocksalt_recs. See?

in June at rocksalt_recs
All genres, ships, and fanwork types are welcome! No sign-up required.

Click here for more info.

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[ profile] rocksalt_recs is looking for reccers for September. This is probably my single favorite SPN comm at this point; it points me towards all sorts of fic and goodies I wouldn't have seen otherwise, and I get to point out goodies to other people as well.

As can you! Sign up for a category here and rec at least three fanworks in September. You know you want to. :D
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1. multifannish kinkmeme - although it's looking singularly monofannish right now. Go prompt other things!

2. [ profile] fic_corner: sign-ups close sometime today the 29th for the Exchange at Fic Corner, for children's lit. Some great fandoms nominated there.

3. [ profile] rarecharacters: nominations close tomorrow the 30th for this rare character fic exchange

4. [ profile] rocksalt_recs: sign-ups always open to rec SPN and SPN RPF goodies. Right now most August slots are open.
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in June at rocksalt_recs
All genres, ships, and fanwork types are welcome! No sign-up required.

Click here for more info.

Reccing is what makes fandom go 'round, says I. Come tell people about things you've read and loved! Or seen and loved!

(I suddenly realize that I really, really need an icon of Jared from that Mary-Kate and Ashley movie with the quote, "Is today my birthday?" Partly, let's be honest, because he's ridiculously hot in that scene, and I say that as a Jensen girl. But also because it'd be useful. :D)
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1. Meg/Cas Week on Tumblr, March 25-31, which I already have a fic idea for. :DDD

2. [ profile] rocksalt_recs is looking for reccers for April. This reccing comm, less than a year old, is already one of my favorite fannish resources for fic. I'm particularly fond of the categories for rarer stuff - minor characters and het and non-J2 RPF - but there's plenty of stuff for more mainstream genres and pairings as well. Basically, it is THE BEST THING, but it only works if lots of people like you sign up and make it awesome.

(And in case you're worried that maybe the stuff you like isn't the right stuff to rec, I was worried about that, too, at first, but seriously, if you like it, then it is the right stuff.)

3. I totally failed to mention this before the first round closed, but [ profile] spnartistswap is a super nifty-looking challenge comm for artists where people submit sketches and then swap and make finished pieces. First results to be posted sooon!
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1. Got my [ profile] rarewomen assignment, and I am well pleased. There's the makings of good things in my recipient's Dear Author letter.

Speaking of, there's a spreadsheet of all rarewomen Dear Author letters here, and the mods have made all requests visible. They're really enthused about the possibility of treat fics this year, now that they fest is on AO3, which is so much more convenient for that sort of thing. Even if you didn't sign up for the fest, if you feel moved to write a treat for one the requests, it sounds like you're welcome to do so.

2. [ profile] genteensybang summaries are up in preparation for art claims, which happen on Saturday. These summaries, YOU GUYS. I am so excited to read EVERY SINGLE ONE of these fics. How often does that happen in a bang? Never. It never happens. Such deliciousness, so much crack, I can't even.

3. I have minor characters on [ profile] rocksalt_recs this month, which I nabbed because, you know, basically all my characters are minor characters. But then I realized that most of the things I'd had in mind to rec had already been recced by people (of impeccable taste) in the last couple of months.

And then I thought of all minor character fanart I had saved on Tumblr. PROBLEM SOLVED. Expect to see me linking a lot of art over there this month. (Although I've been reccing some fic, too, as I think of it.)
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in December at [community profile] rocksalt_recs
All genres, ships, and fanwork types are welcome! No sign-up required.

Click here for more info.

[ profile] rocksalt_recs has open reccing in December! As linked by the gorgeous banner above! Which means that you, yes, you can wander over this month and rec 1-3 fanworks that you think are amazing.

This comm is probably the single best place I can think of for finding lots of really interesting fic. The comm welcomes all comers and all types of fic (and other fanworks), but in particular it's become quite a treasure trove for deep character studies, imaginative AUs, explorations of minor characters, and other just really creative fanfiction. A lot of the stuff that gets recced there is the oddball fic and the standouts, and I would never ever have found about 85% of what's been recced there so far.


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