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Y'all, I have had the most spectacular fic-writing year. I said something like that last year, but this year blew that out of the water. I wrote 135k worth of fic this year (including 15k posted that I haven't yet put my name to); best previous year was 75k. I wrote a whole range of things I'd never have guessed: explicit sex, some real actual kink, some m/m, some f/f, and a threesome. I wrote two fics longer than 20k. I wrote fics for The Vampire Diaries, Downton Abbey, and my Yuletide fandom, all brand-new fandoms, as well as my old standbys.

Below the cut I go into more detail. A LOT more detail. This got long, folks.

my year in fic, in much greater detail, with a meme )

other fannish things )

Y'all, I am so proud of myself this year. I really, really am.
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I have been making bunches of recs posts in places not here.

* At [ profile] spn_rpf_het, I made a big post of SPN RPF Het and Threesomes (note: some of those recs were collected from users on the comm)

* At [ profile] spnroundtable, I recced SPN J2 Big Bang fics, Summergen fics, and kickass lady hunters (a post for Jess and Jo, and one for other female characters). Also, I've now come on as a permanent reccer, so I'll be reccing new stuff there once a month.

* I've been hanging out reccing things at [ profile] rocksalt_recs for a couple of months now. The posts there are for individual fics, so I don't have a single handy link. Anyway, I mostly recced stuff there that I'd previously recced here. It's a good place, though. They've got a comprehensive tagging system and a category for everyone, so if you need something random to read, I recommend browsing the tags.
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Because there is no general rpf comm I can find that will take Gen/Misha fic. [ profile] super_real requires that Jensen or Jared be in the main pairing, and all the other comms I know of are slash-specific.
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Y'all might remember that [ profile] lexicale and I started up an LJ comm a few months ago, [ profile] spn_rpf_het, for the posting and general promotion of m/f shippy and gen fic for SPN and SPN RPF. Alas, we've slacked on developing the comm, but that's something I'd like to fix. So. A little help, if you'd be so willing!

One thing I've been wanting to start doing is regular recs posts of fic relevant to the comm's interests. To that end, we're soliticiting recs. The focus for October is RPF het, so if you've read any Jared/Gen or Misha/Danneel or what have you that the world needs to know about, we'd love you to drop a comment over at the post. (This is in no way a ploy to find Snick new reading material. No, sir.)

Secondly, [ profile] lexicale finds herself caught up in other interests now, and is stepping down as co-mod for now. I'd love to have another person or two on board. Duties: discuss ideas for activities and promotion of the comm, wrangle a tag here and there if we start getting more traffic, keep an eye out in case, you know, someone starts spamming the comm with Russian-language vids of people rapping in front of Christmas trees. (This is actual spam I received on another blog.) Not onerous, in other words! Mostly I could just use a sounding board and partner in crime to be generally enthusiastic with. If you're interested, please drop a comment here or pm.
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1. Generally I don't pay much attention to Fandom March Madness, but it turns out I care when my beloved Lady Mary is involved. So go, help Mary beat John Watson.

2. You know what would be a nifty feature on AO3? If there was a tally of the total number of words of fic you'd posted - overall, or in a given fandom. I'd be really curious to see my numbers.

3. [ profile] morrezela wrote me adorable Jared/Gen parking ticket fic for the commentfic meme over at [ profile] spn_rpf_het. I am writing have promised to write Jo-Castiel wingfic, but there's about a half-dozen other yummy prompts that I'd love to write if I had the time. So you should go write them. Because the world remains incomplete until someone writes cursed!princess!Jared.
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Introducing [ profile] spn_rpf_het -- a new comm for both FPF and RPF het fiction in the SPN fandom. To celebrate our creation, we're hosting a prompting meme! So bring us all your fabulous prompts and fills.

We welcome het fiction in all its forms! Including:

  • Relationships, friendships, sexytimes, familial and adversarial
  • Stories that feature multi-gendered threesomes and moresomes
  • Stories that feature mixes of het, slash and femslash (ie, multiple couples)
  • Genderswap and always-a-(gender) stories
  • SPN FPF, RPF, and mixtures of the two!

So please come by and check us out!


Y'all! I know I first posted about [ profile] spn_rpf_het ages ago, and then there was a vast silence. But! We have just opened our first commentfic meme for business, as promoted above with gorgeous promotional banner thing (courtesy of super-talented co-mod, [ profile] lexicale).

Come join us!!!

(Yes, I just used three exclamation points. Yes, I am that excited.)
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I haven't mentioned [ profile] spn_rpf_het in the last few days, but that isn't because nothing's been happening.

* [personal profile] lexicale has come on board as co-mod. Yay! Y'all remember a few months ago when I was going on and on about the werecat gal? This is she.

* In addition to RPF, Lexicale and I have decided to open the comm up to fic of SPN proper. We made this decision largely because we've designed the comm to be open to fic that focuses on a het relationship but that also has slash or femslash content, and this kind of fic often has trouble finding a home except at the most general comms.

* We have plans in the works for an anything-goes RPF/FPF commentfic meme, to happen within the next week or two.

(cross-posted from the comm)
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Fandom is apparently the place for me where "This ought to exist" implies "I am going to make it happen." I want a fic? I write it. I think Seasonal Spuffy needs a masterlist? I make it. (I almost never feel this kind of urge in real life.)

And now, having wished for an SPN RPF hetfic comm, I have made one. Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you [ profile] spn_rpf_het. It doesn't look like much yet, but I have the comm rules mostly ironed out, and soon I'm going to knock on the doors of some other SPN comms, hat in hand, and ask if I can announce it there.

So. If shippy RPF full of pretty pretty SPN actors and actresses sounds like a thing you might like to see more of, come check us out! Tell your friends! Join us, watch us, track us, or do whatever it is you prefer to do with comms, and soon there will be something to see.

I've never started a comm before, y'all. It's very exciting!


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