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My Fall Fandom Free-For-All wish list is here, all SPN or Buffyverse related, mostly fic. This means I'm committed to at least one thing written for someone else, not that there's any lack of yummy prompts...

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I want a fic (or several, this premise definitely has room for more than one) when something supernatural happens to Sam while he's at Stanford, something that freaks him out so much he calls Dean for help but also begs Dean not to tell John about it. Cue Sam-Dean brotherly rebonding, hiding things from Jess, eventually telling Jess things, and totally avoiding Jess's death at the end of the pilot.

So, what freaky awful thing could happen to Sam? Hmm?

I'm put in mind of this partly because [personal profile] nwhepcat's just posted the first half of her pre-series Dean genderswap fic, which is yummy angsty h/c (except we, ah, haven't gotten to the comfort part yet).

In other things, the library internet today is darned near as slow (= glacial) as the dial-up at home. Grr.
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There's a bunch of kinds of fic that I'd just like to see More Of. Some of it I've written myself and some is on the to-do list, but this "write it yourself" motto only goes so far - sometimes I want to read what I like as written by other people.

So, other people: Consider this a standing wishlist. If you're ever wanting to write something that you know at least one person will be thrilled to read, then here y'are. I, for one, promise to be enthused.

Besides, it'll be fun. Honest!


Buffy and Faith, gen. These two together fascinate me. Equals, yet utter contrasts with one another. So much potential for angst and competition and moments of grace. I'm especially fond of Buffy and Faith maturing towards some kind of understanding post-series, after Faith's grown up a lot more, but pretty much any time in canon makes me happy.

Post-series Giles/Faith. Or, failing that, Giles&Faith. By the end of the series there's so much history not exactly between them, but adjacent to them. They've each been broken by both choice and circumstance, each defensive and well-armored against any kind of intimacy, and I love watching them each fumble past those barriers.

Spike and Illyria, shippy or gen. This is all [ profile] anaross's fault - her snippets of Spike/Illyria backstory in Baby Blue and Nevertime had me immediately and utterly enthralled. I think it's because there's a lot of Dru about Illyria: a singularity of focus on things not necessarily visible to anyone else and an utterly unselfconscious self-centeredness, plus those little moments of vulnerability. And Spike, as we saw with Dru, has plenty of experience with daft, capricious women.

Dawn and Illyria, gen. The God-King who walks dimensions and the Key who opens them. What stories these two could have...

Buffy and Dawn, gen. Sisters! Sisters with so much unsaid between them because they've been too busy surviving tragedy and apocalypses all this time. Fic that lets them work some of that stuff out make me very happy indeed - or would, if I had ever found any to read. Ever. I especially see a lot of post-series potential, but anytime, really.

Spike and Darla, gen, anytime during the series. Oh, the snark! The sniping! The history dragged into light! Plus those oh-so-rare occasions when they're both feeling just mellow enough, just vulnerable enough to remember that they're family.

Spike/Buffy circa S4 or S5, stories whose entire point isn't just that Spike and Buffy have lots of meticulously transcribed sex. Stories where Buffy is still Buffy (strong, no weepiness, no bouts of damsel-in-distress) and Spike is still Spike (snarky with occasional chinks in the armor, and also no weepiness). Plotty stories with inventive premises. You know, the good stuff!

The Buffyverse interacting with faith (as opposed to Faith). I have a few Riley drabbles, some interesting stuff in the midst of a Drusilla fic, Spike in church by himself once and with Angel another time. Oh, and a Xander&Faith piece in which Anyanka turns out to have been sainted. But really? Not sufficient. What about Willow? Does she ever make anything more of her Jewish heritage than spouting "Hannakuh!" a few times? What about all the crosses and holy water - why are they any good against vampires? What about that priest character in "Pangs" who dies?

Mpreg. Preferably not slash, but I'll take what I can get. Gen or het mpreg with any of my favorite male characters (Spike, Giles, Oz) being in-character would send me over the moon. And none of this fainting or these crazy ridiculous mood swings, please.


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