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* My Tumblr is just GotG2 gifs for days. Gosh, I love that movie so freaking much. I can't wait to buy it and watch it a million times.

* I just found out that Kraglin, the guy from Yondu's ship, is director James Gunn's brother. This was very weird to realize. And he looks so normal on his wikipedia page! And kind of cute!

* It took me so long to find porn fic that actually served its intended purpose for me. When I finally found some, I was like, "Oh, is this why people write so much porn?!" It was such a novel experience. But the chances of me just stumbling across my kinks in the wild are next to nil, so in the meantime I still read around the edges of a lot of PWPs, hoping for feelings.

* I don't know if this is going to make any sense, but: I think Stephen King tricked me into reading literary fiction. His books are so much closer to literary fiction (as a marketing genre) than anything else I regularly read. The care he takes with characters and with the details of everyday life feels nearer in spirit to the kind of stuff I used to read in lit class than it does to the SF or fantasy or historicals or even other horror-type work that I read. It's just that most people don't notice because he puts monsters in them - monsters which he isn't actually particularly good at, in my opinion. And his worldbuilding is paper-thin. But his characters, my gosh.

* Do people still like to hear about comics? I've read a ton of Image/Dark Horse/other indy comics lately, but IDK if anyone cares anymore.
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Have definitely fallen headfirst into comics again. This was not planned. I'm working through a bunch of trades currently. Black Magic is looking good, very female-centric urban fantasy cop book, but the first trade barely gets it started, so I need Rucka and Scott to bring it back from hiatus. Monstress (Liu/Takeda) is dense but worth it, once you get into it; I'm looking forward to the next trade. Harrow County (Bunn/Crook) is freaking gorgeous so far, this wonderful watercolor stuff and a spooky story of just the kind I like.

I'm not reading Marvel, because I'm just so irritated by the perpetual and disruptive crossover events, the endless reboots, and the constant juggling of creative teams. So it's all Image and other smaller publishers for me. It's too bad, because Marvel is putting out a ton of female-centric books these days but ugh. No. I might break my rule for Gamora, though, but in general it's all Image and Dark Horse and indies for me.

I keep having this problem, though, where I feel like I don't know how to be fannish about comics. Most comics have no fic fandom whatsoever, and in order to write I need both readers and, ideally, some predecessors whose fic I can read, so that's a no-go. Likewise, it's often hard to even find anyone to talk with about what I read. I have zero graphics skills, so that's not really an outlet (and that would really work better if I bought digital, which I don't).

It kind of feels like the way to be fannish about comics is to read more comics, but a) $$, b) I don't want to just be consuming media all the time. IDK. I don't know how to funnel my comics enthusiasm into something that feels creative or productive. It's a struggle. I've started dabbling in drawing again, so at least there's that? (NB: I am Not an Artist.)

I'm also having some angst, again, about how to buy comics. I don't have a tablet, so digital is a pain. Floppies just irritate me; I hate storing them and I dislike rereading them. I really just want trades, but they always say if you want to support your favorite series, you buy floppies. But I don't wanna. Also I just respond better to comics if I get a bunch of story at once, ie in a trade. So I think I've decided to just spread my comics $ out among more trades. That supports my beloved LCS, at least.

And if I DO start buying floppies of something, it's a rule that I have to buy a whole arc of five issues or whatever. I have the first three issues of so many books which I then finished in digital or failed to finish at all.
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* I made a comics Tumblr. There's nothing really on it yet. But relatedly, I've started reading comics again, so maybe there will be new content soon.

* I looked through my fic spreadsheet and discovered approximately half the things I've written in the past three years have been for exchanges, and NO FREAKING WONDER I'm feeling a little burned out on exchanges. I keep saying I'm going to do them less, and I keep failing to do fewer of them. But maybe next year. I've turned in my last outstanding assignment (for Trick or Treat!), so that's something, and there's nothing else I'm going to be even tempted to sign up for for several months.

* Feeling more fic-fannish than sports-fannish with hockey right now. I think I'm still recovering from the playoffs. I'm with Sid - I didn't realize how hard it would be to win the Cup. /o\ But meanwhile there's so much fic I want to exist, so I'm working on that.

* I've started using the "Choose random icon" function here, because I have so many great icons I don't use anymore. So here, have some darling Genevieve.

rec yo self

Jul. 8th, 2016 11:04 pm
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So I accidentally ended up rereading All Clean, the fairy tale AU enema fic I wrote a couple of years ago for bingos, and gosh, it's cuter than I remembered. (Also more fem-dommy than I think I realized at the time. Oops.) It's definitely one of those niche fics with a limited audience, though, so not a lot of people ever read it. But! if you want cute het kink with eventual feelings (and also a lot of angst about farming), you should check it out.

And now, in return for that shameless self-rec I just made, you should rec to me a fic of yours you're proud and would like more people to read. I can't promise I will, depending on ship etc, but I'll at least take a look, and maybe some other folks in the comments will as well.
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[community profile] smallfandomkinkmeme is a kinkmeme for any fandom small/inactive enough not to have its own going kinkmeme. This includes Buffy, it turns out!

* So I guess the comics experiment is over. I gave up Saga after several arcs I didn't care about + killing off my fave, and meanwhile Marvel is just too big a mess of events, "reboots", creator juggling, and the willful prevention of any kind of character growth and movement. I took Marvel out of the interests in my Tumblr bio today, so I think that makes it official.

* Flower is out with a concussion. I hope he recovers fully and with no long-term effects, however long that takes, although we've had so many different injuries in the last 2-3 months it's hard to feel properly concerned about any one of them any more. Every year, Pens. :( At least we got Dumo back today?

* When I got interested in the Bruins, I said to myself, yay, a new ship that will give me a different dynamic than Sid/Geno. The problem? Marchy and Bergy are even more PDA in their appreciation of each other than Sid and Geno. Brad is not Geno, but otherwise, yep, another ship where they just like each other a lot. Oh well. At least Marchy/Segs breaks that mold - they also like each other, but in a bro way.
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* I <3 my Pinboard so much. So much, you guys. Never leave me.

* I typed up a bunch of cracky, tropey female-centric recs for someone, as those are fics very dear to my heart, and ahhhh I'd forgotten how much I love writing in canons with women. I miss it, y'all. In the meantime, I might add to that list and post it here, if I get around to it.

* Speaking of recs: I have so many hockey recs I need to make. So many.

* Have I mentioned that I <3 the hockey kinkmeme recently? I DO. (This Eichel/McDavid soulbonding WIP is currently making me very happy.) Right now there's a "Kinkfest" that's sort of being hosted there, info here; it's extremely informal and boils down to "write a kinky thing in this two-week period, and we'll add it to the masterlist." I shall try to come up with something.

* I have been cooking! Emphasis on veggies, just because. It turns out roasting zucchini, carrots, and celery and then sticking them in spaghetti sauce makes for MUCH MORE EXCITING pasta. I'm going to have to experiment with that a lot more. Especially as I now have half a pound of arugula I need to use by, like, this weekend. (Suggestions welcome.)

* O Capdad, My Capdad: the Daddening - an explanation of how (almost) every single captain in the NHL is like Dad.

* bb Geno. YOU GUYS.

* Do you want to watch 5+ minutes of bridge vs. trucks? Of course you do. (Spoiler: the bridge wins every time.)

* The Discovery Channel Twitter trolled the Pens Twitter, and it was the best.
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What are y'all reading and watching lately?

I've been picking away at due South. It's just so cute and fuzzy, you guys!

In reading I'm on a Patricia McKillip kick while also working my way through the Hugo-nominated novels. The Three-Body Problem had a lot of interesting ideas, and I love the creepiness as the mystery unfolds over the first 2/3. It's been many moons since I read a book that cared this much about pure science, rather than applied. All that talk about the three-body problem was almost as good as math. :D The backstory dumps that come after the reveal just kill the momentum, though. And now I'm a little way into The Goblin Emperor, which so far is a fine and pleasant read but has not distinguished itself to me at all. I'm also hoping some more women show up soon. (NO SPOILERS. Remember I am a delicate flower about spoilers!)

I've actually read more in the past month than I feel like I have in a really long time. This makes me very happy.

That said, I'm so behind on comics. I have a whole pile I need to get to. In a few weeks, maybe. And I see there are new issues of Copperhead out! \o/
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* It turns out "Take Me to Church" sounds nothing like "Get Me to the Church on Time."

* Yesterday found myself in weird position of being resident expert on classic rock as found in SPN, despite knowing basically nothing about classic rock generally. In the process, though, I found myself remembering just how much of what I loved about early SPN was the aesthetic: music, cinematography, etc. I wonder whether, if the show still sounded and LOOKED that good, I might still be watching.

And say what you like about ships or family dynamics or whatever, I think that the aesthetic was a lot of what the early fandom was responding to, too, even though they expressed it in terms like "sexual tension" and "codependence" and "h/c."

Dang it, now I want an SPN rewatch. At least of S1.

* Geno is skating again, will be going on the Canada trip, and may well be playing again as early as Wednesday! Which means chances of him playing against Canucks on Saturday are VERY HIGH! :D!!!

* (In case you missed it: I am going to visit [personal profile] flamebyrd and see the Pens play the Canucks. I am a little excited about this. Tiny bit.)

* Speaking of Geno, this gif is giving me life:
!! )

* My hockey stream the other day had multiple completely unironic ads for a farmers' dating site. I kept waiting for the joke, and it never came.
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So DW has this fantastic new dynamic commenting feature (I think dynamic is the term I want?) where I can be reading my "circle" (flist) and comment on a post right there on the flist page. I don't have to load the post itself! It's GREAT.
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I got goodies for Christmas!

* Pacific Rim - As pretty as I remember; I grinned through the entire opening sequence, again.

* Dragon Hunters - oddball little animated movie that I'm thinking about requesting for YT and will also be foisting upon everyone within range (fair warning).

* Leverage S2 and S3 - okay, something terrible has happened since I last watched this show, because I'm finding Eliot pretty appealing now, despite the terrible hair. Has he been getting more character stuff to do in S2, maybe? IDK, right now my feelings are all Eliot feelings. (Look at me! I'm watching TV again! Two different shows in one week!)
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* My favorite part of yesterday's game was probably the bit where Flower took flight in order to glove a puck. Just look at that third image. HOPPY GOALIE.

* The bit where Geno made a one-touch "pass" off his skate was pretty incredible, too.

* Very pleased with the Klinkhammer trade. He has solid possession numbers, sample size of one game says he draws penalties, his cap hit is miniscule, and hey, we got him for free the price of one Philip Samuelsson! Also, most important: NOT INJURED.

* I'm sure I would find the Andrew Shaw vs James Neal incident below just as funny even without my Jame Neal grudge. Almost just as funny. (It's Shaw shoving his legs over after the check is already finished that makes it.)
gif )

* Now this is media management: Sens coach Paul MacLean was asked how his lines will look today. Deadpan, he said, "We'll have 12 forwards and use them in groups of three." (x)
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1. I was looking at old posts I'd made to [ profile] buffyversetop5, and I was dismayed to find that ALL the icon links in my icon recs post had broken except for the handful where I linked directly to my own icons from my profile. WOE. *clutches Buffyverse icon stash to chest*

2. I just figured out that this new DW layout I got switched to recently includes tags in its archive listing. Like, if you want to see subjects for posts made in January 2014, behold! THIS IS AMAZING. Especially given my habit the last couple of years of titling posts with things like "Tuesday things."
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Am rereading this and enjoying it possibly more the second time around, now that I have an idea of what's coming and can better interpret foreshadowing and follow plot twists.

Things I have noticed:
* The comic makes it explicit that Fantomex can summon E.V.A. - aka his "external nervous system" ins the form of a spaceship with an AI - at any time and that she pops straight out of his brain. Just. What?

* spoiler )

More thoughts no doubt forthcoming as I continue to read.
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I am sorry, all my people who don't give a darn about hockey.

* Pens move on to second round! Yay! Geno hat trick! YAY!

* In the post-game interview on Saturday, people asked Geno about his scoring drought, and he said several times, "Every game, I try to score." I really wanted him to repeat it again in this post-game interview; it would have amused me. Because my gosh, the media is annoying.

* So many of these media questions are SO inane. "How good did it feel to score a hat trick?" "How important was winning this game?" How do you even answer that? Do you throw your arms out and say, "It was this important!" Alas, no one ever does that. Presumably PR tells them not to.

* Someone asked Geno last night about the near-disastrous last ten minutes of the game, during which Columbus scored three goals. Clearly disgusted, he said, "I don't know. Not ask me." It was pretty terrible.

* As I mentioned before, I'm maybe more invested in Fleury's playoffs redemption than I am in the success of the team as a whole. He wasn't great this first series, but nor was he terrible, which is more than can be said of his previous couple of playoff outings. Josh Yohe at the Tribune pretty much sums it up:

Fleury has finished each of his past four postseasons with a save percentage under .900. Despite his team playing stretches against Columbus that could hardly be described as responsible hockey — “Those are our mistakes, and he's cleaning them up,” Niskanen said — Fleury was statistically solid if unspectacular against the Blue Jackets, finishing with a .908 save percentage.
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I have [ profile] rarewomen words! Words I like! I know exactly what I want to do with this fic and have known since a day after I got the assignment, and it is a thing I can do without the handwringing that began my Beyond Panels assignment, and I am altogether very pleased. Plus the prompt gives me an excuse to write an aspect of canon I've been wanting to write for quite a while. YAY ALL AROUND.


Upcoming films, because I went to see Winter Soldier yesterday and there trailers.
* Lucy, with body horror and ScarJo with out-of-control powers? And also Morgan Freeman? YES PLEASE I WILL WATCH THE HECK OUT OF THAT. Even though the ~science is clearly ridiculous.

* Godzilla looks very silly, but also probably cooler than the last Godzilla remake, and I am a TOTAL SUCKER for giant megafauna which I may have mentioned, so. Also Bryan Cranston, what even.

* Maleficient looks more interesting than I expected. I can see why people have been getting a femslash vibe from it. I will definitely wait on reviews, though.


Speaking of, yes, I saw Winter Soldier! Unspoilery version: I enjoyed it quite a bit, for pretty much exactly the reasons I expected to enjoy it.

spoilers )
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* Man, I wish MU had a history function that kept track of all the comics I've read. It'd be so easy to implement and so handy for me. I also wish the links in's news banner weren't frequently broken. I wish their online interface for their subscriptions was up again - right now to make any subscriptions or even subscribe, you have to call them on the phone.

* I said something about Bucky in comments to somone that feels important enough to say again in a new post. spoilers I guess )

* Finally, spoilery question for people who know about Bucky/Natasha )
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* I was told that there was a women's hockey fandom, and I went, "OH? I would learn about hockey for a women's hockey fandom!" But no. There are 55 f/f fics on AO3, and more than 2/3 of them either are genderswap or have the f/f as a background pairing. AND there seems to be none of the glorious tropey stuff that men's hockey fic is full of. This is no good at all.

* It finally occurred to me to look under the general Marvel (Comics) tag on AO3, just to see what was there, and there's actually a fair bit of stuff! A lot of what I expected, Steve/Tony and Billy/lots of people, but also random things like "Natasha watches Olympic curling" and Laura+Daken sibling feels. So I'm going to keep an eye on that and maybe go through the whole tag sometime.

* Relatedly, I am bemused by how many fics are marked only with "Marvel Cinematic Universe," maybe with "Captain America (Movies)" for flavor, and yet are clearly based entirely on comics canon. Natasha/Bucky is especially where I'm noticing this.

* Don't ever start the movie Hanna with the intention of only watching half of it. You will be sorry.
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* When it comes to playing "Who's the alpha/beta/omega," I find it way more interesting to cast leader characters as militant omegas than as alphas who were just naturally born to leadership. Really, I just want to screw with all the a/b/o gender norms at every turn. We are all shocked.

* I have discovered a sudden and mighty need for moderately IC Steve Rogers mpreg. Alas, there seems to be none. There really isn't any het Steve Rogers mpreg.

* I like a lot of MCU characters better than their comics equivalents. I think part of this is actors being able to give even flatly-written characters more nuance and likability: see for example Sharon Carter, who's doing nothing for me in the comics but whom I expect to like in the movie if for no other reason than because she's played by Emily Van Camp, which is perfect casting by the way.

But also, for the guys in particular, it's because male superheroes look so ridiculous in the comics. You know that old, wrong retort that guys are sexualized in comics just like women are? No. Guys in mainstream superhero comics, especially on the cape-and-mask side of things, are bizarre and weirdly bulgy and completely off-putting as sexual objects, and I'm not even talking about Rob Liefield. I'm talking about any of the Cap comics covers.

Which isn't to say you can't have hot men in comics. Marko in Saga is quite attractive. See how he's built more like a normal human being, despite the horns and ears? Yes. I also find Fantomex extremely attractive, but that's like 90% because he has a really fabulous costume. Anybody'd look good in that. *points to icon*

Interestingly, the X-men side of things tends to be slightly less bulgy, partly, I suppose, because a lot of the guys have nonstandard body types in the first place: Beast, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Rockslide. Wolverine's muscular but short, which kind of undercuts the Greek god thing that the male Avengers so often fall prey to.
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You know what is a terrible idea on a day when you plan to get things done? Go looking for J2 recs for someone. I now have like fifteen tabs open of things that I've either never read but now want to, or old favorites that I want to read again.

And especially don't look for things on [ profile] j2_recs, because you may never get out again.
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Am back in Leipzig with readily available internet access, YAY. A report of some kind is forthcoming, but for now, here are thoughts I have upon returning to the internet life:

* my gosh, the SPN anon meme is boring. It's not just slow, it's boring. I've been gone for five days and there are maybe three threads that I've actively interested in, plus two or three more that have links to things elsewhere. It's a sad state of affairs.

* the buzz is that Katee Sackhoff has been in talks with Marvel for UNDISCLOSED REASONS. Possibly involving her being Captain Marvel in some capacity. Words do not express my and the internet's collective joy over this possibility.

* the first books of phase 2 of the Marvel NOW thing have been announced, and so far I'm paralyzed with not caring very much. That article mentions Black Widow, but to no purpose that I can see; she's clearly not involved with any of the projects actually discussed in it. We shall see.

* there are spoilery SPN pictures and clips and things out now, as I suppose there would be, since the show's starting up again in what, 2-3 weeks? I haven't kept track. However, from the pictures it's become clear that spoilery thing )

* ridiculously, I caught up with all five days of Tumblr that I missed, and now I have five days of likes to put in the reblog queue. Maybe today. Eh.


Aug. 20th, 2013 11:16 am
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1. Recently I have picked and helped can green beans and also cut up lots of peaches. It's one of the things I enjoy when visiting home at this time of year. I like food processing in moderation, and I get just about enough before I have to leave again.

2. I've had fics nominated through a couple of different awards thingies recently - specifically the Sunnydale Memorial Awards and [ profile] wicked_awards. Both are Buffyverse-based awards, although the latter allows for a number of other fandoms as well. As far as I can tell, awards were never a thing in SPN fandom proper, were they? I've never seen them, anyway. Meanwhile, bangs never caught on in Buffy fandom. Interesting how each fandom ends up organizing itself.

Anyway, getting nominated is always pleasant. I'm a bit bemused by the concept of "winning" one of these, since it comes down to either judge preferences or a popularity contest, but I do like that nominations function as a kind of reccing system - writers and artists get a little more exposure, readers get new things to read and look at. Everybody wins. :D

(And while most of the noms are for Tea Parties, which apparently is my winner for the year, Respite also got nominated, which pleases me very much. I think my little Dean/Ellen fic that could never did quite find its audience.)

3. Apparently all Ultimates titles are getting cancelled in November and getting replaced with... mini-series? It is not clear to me. Oh, well, I guess that saves me worrying about looking into that end of the Marvel multiverse anytime soon.

Also Captain Marvel isn't listed in the November solicits, which wouldn't necessarily be worrying, because sometimes this is because a book is running behind (see: Hawkeye), but OTOH sometimes it means the title is canceled without notice (see: Journey into Mystery). And I haven't even gotten to Captain Marvel yet! It can't be canceled! Also it's the only remaining female solo title.

EDIT: CM author Kelly Sue Deconnick seems confident that the book is not canceled. So yay for that.

4. I got my [ profile] rarecharacters assignment. It's going to be a new canon, which is always a bit daunting, but it's only 1k, right? Right. /firm

5. I continue to make progress on Summergen. I'm barely a month behind now! I wonder when fics will finish posting and reveals will happen. I'd like to get as far as I can by then - it's always more fun reading and commenting anon, IMO. Exchanges with anon periods are my absolute favorite.

6. I think I shall try to post every day in October. Similar efforts by several people on my flist have inspired me. August and September were never going to work, though - too much travel.
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This has been a hopping fannish week, y'all. Here, I think, is my very last bit of fannish news for a while: the most wonderful [ profile] scarletscarlet, who previously drew me lots of bears for teensybang, has claimed me again for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. (In theory summaries are anonymous, of course, but, as I suspected, apparently my summary was really super obvious to anyone who knows me.) She'll be illustrating the Gen/Jared a/b/o college AU that follows my other knottingverse fics and that I've wanted to write for a year and a half. YAY FOR FINALLY WRITING IT. Even though the existing draft is /o\ /o\ /o\

I am so tickled that I managed to finish a draft, you have no idea. I really, really wanted to participate again this year, and I'm so glad I'll be able to.



May. 3rd, 2013 08:46 pm
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* SPNJ2BB draft is in; claims are tomorrow and open early enough that perhaps I will be claimed by the time I wake up. Teensybang is posted. Rarewomen fic has had final edit. I have discharged ALL MY PRESSING FANNISH OBLIGATIONS.

* [community profile] over40fest: fanworks for characters over forty! Like Giles, for instance. Or Ellen, or Rufus, or Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Yes? :D

* By the way, for those wondering, I discovered that via [community profile] fandomcalendar, one of the best multifandom resources I know for finding fests and events.

ugh html

May. 2nd, 2013 08:29 am
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I, who thought myself a moderately competent user of very basic html, am completely bewildered by AO3's handling of images. I managed to embed my images for Goodnight Bears into the text just fine just fine in the LJ/DW posts using a handy dandy guide to tables, but the same code used on AO3 resulted in no images at all.

"All right," said I, gritting my teeth, "I will use AO3's rich text interface." (Thbbt.) So I did, and managed to not only unbreak the images (though I still don't understand why they were broken in the first place) but also get them aligned where I wanted them. Everything in the rich text window looked great! W00t!

Then I previewed, and now I have huge swathes of white space next to my images, rather than the wrap-around-images look the rich text window promised me.


(Suggestions welcome. I am about done for now; I have to go to work soon. Yay for posting to teensybang, anyway.)
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Man, this place is dead. My reading filter goes back three days in the first forty posts.

Talk to me! What's new with you? Exciting TV? Big bangs going along all right? Other writing projects? Interesting books you're reading?
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1. Got my [ profile] rarewomen assignment, and I am well pleased. There's the makings of good things in my recipient's Dear Author letter.

Speaking of, there's a spreadsheet of all rarewomen Dear Author letters here, and the mods have made all requests visible. They're really enthused about the possibility of treat fics this year, now that they fest is on AO3, which is so much more convenient for that sort of thing. Even if you didn't sign up for the fest, if you feel moved to write a treat for one the requests, it sounds like you're welcome to do so.

2. [ profile] genteensybang summaries are up in preparation for art claims, which happen on Saturday. These summaries, YOU GUYS. I am so excited to read EVERY SINGLE ONE of these fics. How often does that happen in a bang? Never. It never happens. Such deliciousness, so much crack, I can't even.

3. I have minor characters on [ profile] rocksalt_recs this month, which I nabbed because, you know, basically all my characters are minor characters. But then I realized that most of the things I'd had in mind to rec had already been recced by people (of impeccable taste) in the last couple of months.

And then I thought of all minor character fanart I had saved on Tumblr. PROBLEM SOLVED. Expect to see me linking a lot of art over there this month. (Although I've been reccing some fic, too, as I think of it.)
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You know that pesky 'share' button everyone was anxious about a while back? Aside from the actual reposting function, it has a second convenient feature: if someone uses cool html in their LJ post, you can 'share' the post and swipe the html code out of it!
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The fannish graffiti artist struck again in the women's bathroom near my office. However, I'm guessing at least two, possibly three different culprits this time, based on handwriting and canons referenced. Photos are SFW. Apologies for sizes; I thought I had them resized, and then they... weren't? IDK.

photo evidence )
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* I suddenly feel I need an icon with a picture of a steaming mug of something, with the caption "Can't you see this tea belongs with me."

* I haven't really mentioned it around here, but [ profile] gryfndor_godess is coming to visit me! Right after Christmas!!!!! There will be SPN (because she seriously planned this cross-country venture so we could watch LOTS OF TV together) and maybe the VMars pilot and possibly Ten Inch Hero if we have time and maybe also some touristing and stuff. \o/ \o/ \o/ (This means I have to, like, clean things. /o\)

* Am reading China Mieville's Railsea. Have been reading it for over a month, actually. I enjoy the worldbuilding - even though I fundamentally don't buy it, which isn't a problem I've ever had with him before - but have to read it peeking through my fingers, worried for what scrape that our naive, hapless protagonist is going to get himself into next.

* Due to an inability to deal with suspense right now, I have yet to watch the last two episodes of Leverage S1, which I gather have moderately higher stakes than usual. They're sitting there, waiting for me.

* Posts I want to write: a Hogfather miniseries post, that end-of-the-year TV meme, my annual writing roundup, and possibly a more general post of "this is what happened this year" (because off the top of my head, I don't really remember). Also I owe [ profile] spnroundtable a recs post. Perhaps I shall finish reading the things I wanted to read from [ profile] spn_reversebang and then draw recs from that.

* I think I am mostly bored of Tumblr. I only need to see so many graphics and gif sets, even of my beloved SPN ladies. (If anyone has any fannish blogs they like, either SPN-specific or more multi-fandom, that have a broader range of content than "Pretty pictures yay!", I welcome suggestions.)

* I want an SPN/SPN RPF "tropey ladies" fest for het and gen and femslash, where there's lots of arranged marriages and running away from mad scientists and AMTDI plots that hinge on hijacking the spaceship afterwards. Or multi-fandom would be fine! There was a fair bit of it back in Spuffydom, and I miss it. (Admittedly, most of it in Spuffydom was very bad). I'm reading through the plot summaries for the [ profile] deancas_xmas, and it's not like I don't read D/C when I'm bored, but I want these silly tropey plots with women. (And also, ideally, without awful awful genderfail. Also I want a pony.)
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The Snick verdict on new LJ features:

* the new "expand/collapse" feature: I love it, I use it all the time, and I would never want to do without it again. Thank goodness DW has had a similar feature for quite some time now; I just have to remember to click on the arrow next to the cut rather than on the cut itself.

* the notifications that now (usually) have the title of the post/comment included in the subject line: LOVE. I know this is a fairly old change, but I think it's worth noting that LJ does make strictly positive changes sometimes!

* the spoiler-cuts: again, an old change, but oh so useful! Even though the formatting is sometimes hinky and they don't show up on the mobile interface at all. :P

* the new posting page: ew ew ew. I need my drop-down icon menu! And also everything is so shiny, which I do not quite see the value of. Another great reason to cross-post directly from DW.

* the new "feed" (friendslist) page: eh. I'm ambivalent about the eternal scrolling (which has some other name than that, and also can or soon will be able to be turned off, I believe). I don't mind the general look of it; I DO mind that it doesn't seem to have a "custom friends colors" option. You folks know that I have spent the last four years choosing my layouts partly based on whether I get to have my custom friends colors! It's so much easier to color-code people than to have to actually read their name / recognize their icon (especially if they're someone that has a like a million of them)!

* the new profile page: eh. Again, shiny, but I can't see any particular features I dislike. I do miss being able to see (via bolding / not bolding) which friends of theirs I don't have friended, as well as the ones I do. Also, as a piece of grammar, the "Mutual Friend-ofs" category amuses me.
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I have been playing with the Markov text generator again. The following sentences have been automatically generated from my recent posts.

She apparently enjoys using these attributes to work cons and steal things. Yet she doesn't seem to be intimately acquainted with Dean Winchester.
How very peculiar!

lust is just a couple of months back – since she kissed him that comes through even when they’re both caught deep in the glove compartment
This is... possibly porn? Or maybe just two folks in a locational difficulty.

She blinks. Sam’s signature musk is as unique as any alpha’s, and on a loose t-shirt and a federal level that is beneficial to humanity. Which is, you know, just silly.
That is a serious personal odor, y'all. I think it hurdles tall buildings in a single bound.

ghostyouknow27 - my SPN partner in crime, who got me unstuck at a gas station outside Grove City
Thank you, Ghost!

His expression is vague, but he blinks at Sam, stretched out on her door.
This needs a plot. Either we have girl!Sam or we're guaranteed at least three people in this fic.

She checks the peephole to see friendship and other things Loony Toons. But mostly SAAAAAAAAM.
Markov is writing me Becky's POV.

When the waiter’s gone, Sam hunkers down, elbows to the point when they turned into humans with suits!
I need art of this.

I gather I'm supposed to be Jo’s age and still unmated without being very good at other things.

As she says it, she takes another sniff to confirm, and that low-grade buzz under her skin starts to pick up. No, she tells herself, and sinks deeper into the jury's deliberation chambers.
It's judicial system porn, possibly combined with astral projection.
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1. RBB POSTED. Have spent the last day and a half catching up with all those important things in life, like Tumblr. Also my inbox is almost completely cleaned out, YAY. I still owe a few people replies, though, as well as some Halloween treats. /o\

2. That is the last time I post a big bang fic to LJ, where all the LJ pages link to other LJ pages and all the DW pages link to other DW pages and like that. I'm done. Next time, I'll put a masterpost on LJ where people can comment if they just really prefer commenting on LJ, and I'll post the whole shebang on AO3 and call it good. Because let's be honest, 98% of the time I'd rather read on AO3 anyway, and my Google Analytics suggest that that's true of a lot of other people as well.

3. This ART, you guys. It's [personal profile] gnatkip's art from RBB, and it's one of my very favorite pieces this round. If there were a print, I would buy it. You can see the original all in one piece here.
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Why missing e goes missing every time I restart Firefox? >:(
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First: I've reached a point on this blog where it seems reasonable to refer to events from the first five seasons or so of SPN without spoiler cuts. I say "reasonable" because almost half my flist is SPN people now, I think, and I have the impression that all my other people who might have wanted to see SPN have done so by now. (Excepting [ profile] gryfndor_godess and [personal profile] bruttimabuoni - don't worry, everything post-S5 will still behind a cut.)

Before I do so, though, is there anyone else who'd rather I kept putting all SPN spoilers behind cuts? People who might conceivably want to watch the show in the future and remain unspoiled until then?

And now for the canon question about Ruby and S4 and S5 and spoilers )
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[ profile] spnkink_meme has just opened up for the November round of prompting. I mention this because I've made a sort of challenge for myself to write at least one fill there a month involving a woman. (So far this has resulted in weird Jo/Sam a/b/o, fluffy Danneel/Jensen D/s a/b/o, and an angsty Sam/Tamara hook-up.)

However, there aren't a lot of such prompts to begin with (especially since I generally prefer het over femslash), and then I'm really looking more for iddy prompts or prompts with super rare pairings than I am for porn. This doesn't leave me a lot of prompts to get excited about some months. This results in me pathetically writing for my own prompts, which is pathetic indeed.

The point is, y'all should go prompt epically iddy het prompts at the kinkmeme to inspire me (and also other folks; I can think of women-centric fills by at least three other people in the last couple of months). :D The RPF prompting post is here, and the FPF prompting post is here.
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...what Tumblr's business model is? Wikipedia tells me they plan to move to paid advertising, but how are they making money in the meantime?
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1. Have just discovered that Sesame Street did a Twin Peaks segment of Monsterpiece Theater. The mind boggles. (For a taste, here is a gifset excerpt.)

2. Have just posted 100th fic to AO3.
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Google Maps is the road-trip fic writer's best friend and a boon to mankind. Streetview even lets me see the scenery my trio is driving through.

Also, after I pinpoint where a specific scene is happening, I can look up weather events on YouTube.

Also also, thanks to the wonders of social media, I've seen the pumpkin one of my favorite actors carved for Halloween.

The 21st century is weird, y'all.
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Because there is no general rpf comm I can find that will take Gen/Misha fic. [ profile] super_real requires that Jensen or Jared be in the main pairing, and all the other comms I know of are slash-specific.

am back

Jul. 25th, 2012 09:25 pm
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First, I told y'all not to have any interesting scandals while I was gone, and yet as soon as I step out the door there is Huge! Spuffy! Kerfuffle! Although I'm pretty glad I missed this one; I wouldn't have the energy for it. Also it's nice that we all seem to be united against the common foe, which is more pleasant than the other kind of kerfuffle.

Second, to all of you talking SPN spoilers behind cuts, thank you so much for the cuts. I've been spoiled a wee bit (dratted anon meme and its dratted spoilers in subject lines) but am trying hard not to be spoiled any more.

Third, am not caught up on the flist yet. Am working on it. That said, have a list of fabulous things spotted so far:

Buffy Thing:
* Quin writes butterfly!Spuffy softcore. Position is discussed and everything.
* Also, Quin write angsty S6 Spuffy poetry. Very lovely stuff (which I have yet to actually comment on, bad me), in an angsty S6 Spuffy sort of way.

SPN Things
* very pretty pics of J2 at Comic Con, thanks to [ profile] marciaelena
* A Conviction of Angels, fabulous SPN vid via [ profile] amonitrate
* Mark Sheppard being concise and insightful about Crowley, via [ profile] feliciakw
* Kim Rhodes (Jodi Mills) with the best tweet I've seen in ages, via [ profile] killabeez
* Apparently, Osric Chau (Kevin Chan) uses SPN wiki to learn about SPN backstory and stuff! (via [ profile] missyjack)


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