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Finished The Left Hand of Darkness over Thanksgiving, and now obviously I need a hockey AU. Obviously Gethen has hockey - another name for the planet is Winter, after all! A bunch of players of indeterminate sex 26 days out of the month and male or female the other four, at random, when they're in kemmer.

Possibly the very best part of this plan is that I can have female hockey players on my team, and it won't even be notable. None of the players will have an sexual characteristics 80% of the time anyway, so it will be completely unremarkable if some of their names are Julie and Hilary instead of James and Thomas.

Obviously that other 20% will also feature in the story. Obviously a kemmer house must be visited at least once (and bless Ursula Le Guin for coming back twenty years later to write the salacious expose fic to her work of Serious SF Literature). Probably a pair will vow kemmer to each other at some point.

I wonder if there's a "Alternate Universe - Left Hand of Darkness" tag on AO3...
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I wonder what makes the difference between fic I want and write, and fic I want but don't know how (or precisely what) to write.

Like, I came into a/b/o wanting lots of fic with ladies, and lo, I have written MUCH A/B/O WITH LADIES. Similarly, although I haven't written any Guardians of the Galaxy fic, but I do have very specific ideas of what I want, and I may well end up writing it at some point.

OTOH, I really want fic for Marc-Andre Fleury, and I have no idea what I want. I don't have any hardcore ship feelings, and I don't really want kink, I just want... more Flower? IDK. Similarly, I desperately want tons of fic with Betsy and Fantomex related to Uncanny X-Force, but I don't know what. See also: Kevin Tran.

What about you guys? Have you noticed any patterns between things you want and can or can't write?
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Spend today reading Guardians fic (mostly fluffy genfic, which was exactly what I wanted; recs forthcoming) and Guardians comics (Annihilation was dull in the "Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die" kind of way; Annihilation: Conquest - Star-Lord was...cute? Better, anyway). May or may not have been a day well spent.
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I went and saw it! Clearly Marvel is doing something right, because they have gotten 100% of my theater dollars so far this year. (That would be for Cap 2 and this, mind.)

Unspoilery: I see the flaws, and yet, FUNNY SPACE OPERA. BE STILL MY HEART. I feel like I haven't seen a proper big-budget space opera since Revenge of the Sith. Can that be right? Woe.

Spoilery )

I need an MCU icon, maybe.

EDIT: FYI, there's kinkmeme for Guardians of the Galaxy and other cosmic Marvel, including comics. Not much fic yet, but half of the prompts there are the most adorable kink prompts I have ever seen.
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* an arranged marriage fic
* a circus AU
* a soulbonding fic (along the lines of something in this post)

I don't have ideas for any of those things right now, and I don't know what fandom they'd go in. But SOMEDAY. (Possibly the solution would be to combine them and write a fic with all three.)

Icon not particularly suited to this post, but used because it amuses me.
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[ profile] indiachick and I were talking about how great Mieville is at building his world via the power of suggestion, and behold, here is a fantastic example. (It is useful to know here that Bas-Lag is the name of the planet.)

The avanc was a rare visitor to the seas of Bas-Lag. The intricacies of transplanar life were abstruse and uncertain. Neither Tanner Sack nor any of his colleagues knew whether the creature that breached in Bas-Lag was a partial or a total manifestation, a confusion of scale (some protozoon, some plankton from a huge brine dimension), a pseudoorganism spontaneously generated in the vents between worlds. No one knew.

--The Scar

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* Marc-Andre Fleury, you guys. I am completely charmed by his French-Canadian accent. And his pretty pretty eyes. And his pretty pretty moves, because what even was that save in the shootout against Detroit last night? (I saw an article that described it as a "snow angle save" - dang it, so near and yet so far.) So WHY is there no fic about him? Even with that whole goalie mystique thing going on? If I end up signing up for Not Prime Time, you can bet I will be asking for some.

* Tanger's back! 70 days after his stroke! But it was only a little stroke, we are assured. Don't you feel assured?

* Speaking of people coming back, I hope Geno does that soooon. Games are not the same without him. They're saying right now that he may be back sometime in the middle of the first playoff series, so, end of next week-ish.

* You know how in fic Sidney Crosby is the health nut who won't even eat sauces on his meat? LOL no. This article suggests that up until very recently, the Pittsburgh Penguins subsisted largely on pizza and ice cream sundaes. (Aside: Tanner Glass is the instigator of a discover-new-restaurants brigade.)

* So there is a new playoff format this year, to the confusion of everyone. Including a lot of the players. Crosby figured it out last week.

* Flyers game on Saturday. Presumably there will be plenty of ~energy in that game. (Rant: IDK how it is in other sports, but hockey announcers spend so much time talking about FEELINGS. It's hilarious, but also frustrating. Last night we were told that Neal being on the first line generated a lot of emotion and energy! Which must have been why an entirely different line then scored a goal! FEELINGS ARE MAGIC, and also the hockey player's psyche is a fragile butterfly. Whereas what I really want the announcers to talk about is, like, technique and play analysis. Grumble grumble.)

* I reeeally need to hunt down a hockey-appropriate icon. I did go looking the other day and discovered that in the early 00s Wolverine recruited an Edmonton Oiler to be a super hero. Presumably that team choice was less bemusing then than it is now.
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Someone asked me about my Buffy/Drusilla feelings recently, and I went on long enough that I thought I'd paste it here.

it's a very short manifesto, mind )
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Dear, you are so very broken. How are you so broken.

Robert Aguirre-Sacasa, who writes Afterlife with Archie, has just been promoted to Chief Creative Officer for Archie Comics. Apparently this is a new position created for him as Archie Comics continues to expand its interests in all sorts of interesting directions. There's an interview with Aguirre-Sacasa and co-CEO Jon Goldwater here, which has a fair bit of corporatespeak but also a nice summary of the different things they've been doing lately.

I'm particularly fascinated with their explicit interest in creating Archie AUs:

Given what we've seen from Archie in the last few years, and "Afterlife" being as far as things have been pushed so far, do you think there's a lot of room to further challenge the perception of what people expect from Archie?

Goldwater: Yes. As long as the story is a great story, and you're not changing the essence of who the characters are, I think people will not just accept it, I think people are incredibly interested in Archie being put in different types of incarnations, whatever they may be. As long as Archie's Archie, and the gang are who they are, whatever the setting is around them, I think people are really interested in that kind of situation.

Aguirre-Sacasa: I completely agree. The monthly "Life with Archie" -- I think people love seeing those twin storylines develop. That's now been going 35 issues. People love it. "Betty and Veronica" -- the brilliant Dan Parent did a great run of stories [last year] in a fairy tale setting. I think people love seeing these characters in different environments. It feels a little more fresh, it feels a little more contemporary, it feels like it's in dialogue with the rest of culture. Do I think there could be a "Game of Thrones" version of Archie and his gang? Absolutely.

Obviously such things have been around for ages; there's a futuristic Archie-in-space setting that turns up in reprint digests sometimes, there's the one with the time-travel agents, there's the crossover where the Archie gang met The Punisher (I am not even kidding). Still. I approve of the new wave of weird stuff. Although probably I still will not get my a/b/o AU.
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So now I really need a hockey RPF/Avengers crossover where somehow the Penguins are involved in international intrigue and Natasha drops in to save the day and then she and Geno hang out afterwards and are comfortably Russian at each other.

In other news, things I have learned about hockey RPF:
* Food is really, really important. No fic is complete without a scene of food porn. And by that I mean people cooking and eating and moaning over food, not, like, applying it to their bodies for someone to lick off.

* The only thing more important than food is pining. SO MUCH PINING. ALL THE PINING.

* Native Russian speakers are allergic to articles, definite or indefinite. They're also fond of speaking in third person about the person to whom they are speaking at the time.

* A chirp is a kind of insult among hockey players, which leads to a lot of mental images of a lot of big rugged athletes twittering at one another.

* Hockey fandom is apparently uninterested in h/c as a genre, which surprises me given how often the fics circle around players being injured (partly because it saves the authors from having to write any actual hockey, and partly because apparently this particular duo has spent a lot of their respective careers being seriously injured).
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I was reading along in my latest issue of Mighty Avengers, and suddenly I sat up and said, "Huh, I did not this author was British." I looked him up, and lo he was. I got clued in because he used one of those tricky phrases that I think doesn't get included in the sweater/jumper list of American and British English differences.

So, here are three phrasings that always tell me that an author isn't American and which I wouldn't expect from an American character (generally speaking; I assume there are regional differences, but these have all been faithful indicators for me in the past as to authorship):

1. Using 'meant to' where I would use 'supposed to.' I usually interpret 'meant to' as being about, say, purpose or life meaning or someone's (say a parent's or God's) intentions for someone else. 'Supposed to' is much more immediate and includes expectations one puts on oneself.

Good example: Vivian always knew she was meant to work with kids.

Bad example: We're meant to be unpacking our stuff, but it's kind of turned into a housewarming.

Fixed example: We're supposed to be unpacking our stuff, but it's kind of turned into a housewarming.

2. 'Different to.' This FAQ breaks down the UK/US usage. Basically, US speakers never say 'different to,' ever. I would instead use 'different from' (which is apparently fairly standard worldwide) or 'different than' (which is more of an American-specific usage).

3. Singular/plural usage of collective nouns. I actually don't see non-American writers use this for American characters, so maybe everyone already knows about it, but I think it's cool, so I'm going to tell you about it anyway. Basically, American English always uses collective nouns (ex: family, team) as singular and British English sometimes uses them as plural, if the context treats the difference members as indivduals.

British English: The company are braced for lay-offs.

American English: The company is braced for lay-offs.

(I am not totally confident of my British English example there; someone tell me if it sounds ridiculous.)
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Under [ profile] ghostyouknow27's influence, I have recently made a series of terrible decisions involving staying up until midnight on school nights reading hockey RPF. HOCKEY RPF. Which is full of TROPES, which we all know are like candy.

I have two choices of pairings: the two fratboy dudebros who can't feelings, or the huge adorable sweetheart Russian with broken English and the super driven team captain who REALLY can't feelings. Possibly from these descriptions you can guess which is my favorite. Fortunately and completely inexplicably, this is the less popular pairing, so hopefully I will run out of decent fic within a week or so.

It is all Ghost's fault.
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One of the things that I really appreciate about what Marvel is doing right now that I think contributes to the women-friendliness, if only indirectly, is how they're diversifying the 'look' of their books. The sheer variety of types of artwork across the Marvel NOW and All-New Marvel NOW books is really impressive, IMO. I note that the most traditional comics-type art happens on the central books, like Avengers, but then on the sidelines you have Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk and Journey into Mystery (RIP) and Young Avengers and Mike Allred's projects. (Linked art chosen more or less at random.)

Not only is the art for those books NOT prone to sexual objectification and male power fantasy depictions like a lot of the mainline books, but they don't have the general 'look' of books that do. I don't know if that makes sense. I, at least, tend to be put off at first by superhero comics that have that shiny spandex gradient coloring thing that's been so common, because even if the women aren't being objectified, that's still the association I have with that kind of artwork. It has a sign over it that says, "Not for you." Whereas something with art like Alphona's in Ms Marvel has a "For you" sign on it, quite aside from its actual content.

And obviously Alphona and Allred and some of the others have been around for a while now, but it seems to me that they weren't all getting brand new books in these numbers before. So. Yay.

(It's possible I'm just talking out my hat, since I have much less sense of the overall landscape of Marvel back in, say, 2008. But that's how it seems to me now.)
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I am suddenly taken with a horrible need for a Toy Story J2 AU. Like Jensen is Woody and totally impressed by Buzz!Jared. (It could be even funnier the other way around, maybe...) Or One of them is a toy and the other has become a Collectible, a la Toy Story 2. Or One of them is the toy that's been left on the shelf for so long, and when he finally does get bought, the other is the welcoming committee.

I should not want this, but I doooooo.
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Nimona continues to be EVERYTHING I WANT. And there's a hard copy coming from Harper Collins in 2015, which I will be buying so fast. Several copies of it, in fact. A number of RL people are going to receive one from me.

(Right now it's a webcomic published twice a week. Reeeeeeead it.)
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(That's through issue #18 #19, FYI.) I plan to reread them all later, but for now I have one really big thought.


no, self

Dec. 8th, 2013 07:47 am
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Last night I read the second trade of Humphries Uncanny X-Force, which has the Psylocke/Fantomexes backstory (also all the revenant stuff). More thoughts later, but for now I will say, wow, that could have been so much more awesome. :(

Anyway, point being that I had Psylocke/Fantomex on the brain when I went to bed, which resulted in me dreaming a fairly epic Buffy/Fantomex dream this morning. It was post-Chosen, Spike was still presumed dead, Buffy has a brief grievy fling with the French dude with the swirly coat (she has a thing for them now), but when like six months later Fantomex waltzes into her life again, she is not pleased to see him.

I am not going to write this, because there are approximately two people on the entire planet that would read it. But drat, it could be so good.
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This is spoilery for stuff that the entire comics internet will no doubt be talking about by tomorrow.

Uncanny Avengers spoilers )


Nov. 24th, 2013 10:36 am
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I have finally managed to work out in my head that Starfire is the DC alien lady who recently got the terrible makeover and Firestar is the Marvel mutant lady who is part of the new Amazing X-Men team.

I mean, I knew they were different, because different companies, and I thought surely they could not have the same name, but.

But now it is all clear.
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1. Spiral is my new winner of the Most Horrifying Backstory Ever award. I've been reading her wiki entry, and apparently she starts out as Longshot's perfectly normal human girlfriend ('Rita Wayword,' heh), who in the course of the comic is kidnapped and enslaved, given non-con body modifications, traumatized so badly her hair turned white, and then 'driven insane' (what even) to the point of villainy, after which she merrily maims and kills for next ~25 years of comics.

Like. WHAT EVEN. That's your villain? I am now so much more excited that Sam Humphries is working in Uncanny X-Force to make her sympathetic again (even though there is NO EXCUSE for her ever being non-sympathetic in the first place).

2. FYI, Marvel Unlimited has a bunch of old Avengers comics available to read for free this month, on account of it's the Avengers 50th anniversary. They seem to have a selection spanning all the decades. No special plug-in or anything required.

3. Somehow I seem to have fallen in love with comics while continuing to be mostly indifferent to the movies based on them. Like, Avengers was fine entertainment for an afternoon, and I recall liking X2 okay (mostly, let's face it, because of Hugh Jackson, although I also quite liked Nightcrawler), but the movies persist in being about people I don't care about.

4. That said, I'm pretty excited for the new Captain America movie next spring. Chris Evans is nice to look at (even if not my usual type), I'm looking forward to Steve navigating the modern world, and apparently there's lots of Steve and Natasha being bros against the world, which I am ALL FOR. In interviews, Chris has been saying that he sees the Steve+Natasha relationship as the heart of the movie, to which I am all ♥.♥
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It changes a person's perspective on the mainstream superhero comics to realize that most of them cost $1 more than an issue of Saga. Like, "This looks moderately interesting, but is it a whole dollar more interesting than Saga?" The answer will nearly always be no.

(And oddly, most of the ones for which the answer might conceivably be yes, like Hawkeye and FF and Young Avengers, are in Marvel's lower price bracket. WHO KNOWS.)


Sep. 22nd, 2013 12:29 pm
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YOU GUYS. So in SPN, Jess Moore died on the ceiling on November 2, 2005, yes? (Yes. The wiki confirms it is so.) Thus begins The Saga Winchester.

Meanwhile, as X-fans know, a while back the Scarlet Witch depowered most of mutantkind... on November 2, 2005.

This cannot be a coincidence. I... don't know quite what to do with this information yet (and possibly I should actually read the big House of M event before deciding :D). However. Clearly there are MAJOR CROSSOVER POSSIBILITIES STARING US IN THE FACE.
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Disclaimer: this is the perspective of a bewildered noob, and it's possible I'm missing nuances of the subject.

So there are a couple of events (= big multi-title crossovers) going on in the Marvel 'verse right now. Battle of the Atom is a fairly localized X-men concern and spans only three titles plus a miniseries, while Infinity is a global event that nonetheless takes place solely on the Avengers side of things and spans seven titles and at least two separate miniseries. (From what I gather of the premise, it makes zero in-world sense not to have some of the major X-titles involved in Infinity, given the scale of the events; presumably they're not because BotA is happening at the same time.)

Now, it gets better. Coming out of Infinity is... something. A Marvel universe shake-up. A new status quo. This something, called Inhumanity, doesn't seem to be an event. I don't think. However, it will involve a one-shot and a new ongoing, both written by Matt Fraction, and at least one mini-series, written by Matt Kindt. It will also involve "renumbering," by which we mean that Mighty Avengers #3 in November will be followed by Mighty Avengers #4.INH in December, because tacking a string of letters after the number is totally the same as fiddling with the number, oh yes. This "renumbering" (Marvel's word) will carry across at least six titles (per the December solicits) both Avengers and X-Men - I think the ones directly dealing with the Inhuman plot. But not all the titles! Some of them will carry merrily along without any letters after their number. Presumably the .INH will get dropped from the numbering once titles finish directly dealing with the Inhumanity themes? It's unclear.

And then it gets EVEN BETTER. Because in addition to changing the entire Marvel landscape via Inhumanity (except not really, because we are all gratefully secure in the knowledge that Hawkeye is an island), Marvel is also breaking out the second wave of its Marvel NOW marketing strategy, as evidenced by this line which appears in the December solicits:


What does this mean, you ask? WHO KNOWS. Does it mean Avengers will be titled #24.NOW, #25.NOW, and so on, forever and until the next marketing hoopla? Will it instead be numbered #24.NOW, #2, and so on? Is the numbering change here - either the #24.NOW or the #1 - temporary, permanent, or strictly metaphorical? Your guess is quite possibly better than mine.

AND WE HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN TO THE CONTINUITY QUESTION YET. I, would-be comics fan walking in off the street, may or may not be able to pick up these events and get something out of them without any prior knowledge of the Marvel 'verse. This wouldn't be so much a problem if comic events were clearly developed for and marketed to long-time readers, but in fact they get huge amounts of publicity and promotion in basically any space that promotes comics at all. Given the frequency and duration of events - not counting Inhumanity, Marvel will have had three major ones this year that I can think of, each spanning at least two months - the chances that a comics noob is going to try to start with one is pretty high, and I can hardly think of a worse introduction to comicdom.

Supposing our comics noob even manages to figure out which issues to buy.
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I had wondered why everyone talked about getting comics via pull lists at their comic shop, when Marvel, at least, has subscriptions that are so much cheaper than retail price. I have found at least one reason why: because the expected time after release for my subscribed issue to get to me is 2-3 weeks. Which. :\

So I shall have to decide if I care enough to pay $1.50 - $2 more for timeliness.
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I just dreamed saw the most amazing episode of SPN that you will never see. (Well, maybe. The variety and breadth of SPN episodes we will never see is vast. Go with me, here!)

It... doesn't make a lot of sense now that I'm awake. It was a road trip ep, and possibly an homage to 70s TV, or maybe Hollywood. There were cameos/impersonations by a bunch of celebrities, past and present; KStew for one, and then a lot of people that I had the impression I should have recognized for the 70s and didn't. Also some trolly cameos from our own show - JDM guests as John but doesn't even have any lines. THEY WERE JUST MESSING WITH US.

Then Lauren Cohan as Bela gets a whole scene in which the boys and/or the writers forget that she's a) dead, and b) not usually that friendly with us. I decided at that point that it must be a dream episode - as opposed to, you know, deciding that I was dreaming. Also the entire time Bela was on screen I spent going, "YAY, [ profile] gryfndor_godess will have new gifs to reblog!"

And it finished up with the boys arriving at a soundstage, where Crowley/Mark Sheppared was director and Jared turned out to be part of the technical crew, so he was wandering around in a t-shirt being all technically competent. (It was hot.)

It was the most meta, trolly piece of TV ever, and I have no idea what it was being meta about, but it was amazing, I promise. You shoulda been there.
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Why, if Marvel is going to provide free issue #1 samples of most of their current titles, don't they let you read the entire issue? Four pages is not actually enough for me to judge whether I am willing to send you money for a comic.
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This movie was everything I hoped it would be. Specifically: megafauna and GIANT ROBOTS.

Here is what probably no one has told you: this is a gorgeous movie. A whole lot of thought has been put into the design work on the Jaegers: not just the exterior design, but the interior, how all the parts work together, how the pilots function within the Jaeger.

And then the lighting! No movie that involves this much macro-scale combat should have such ridiculously pretty lighting!

If you are a person who thought the best part (perhaps the only watchable part) of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was the giant robots walking through Manhattan, then this is the movie for you.
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I haven't paid much attention to the Emmys, because I watch so little current TV. I cannot, for example, comment on the fact that Tatiana Maslany wasn't nominated, because I haven't seen Orphan Black.

However, you have released me from all obligation to take you seriously if you nominate Downton Abbey (DOWNTON ABBEY) for best drama. Just look at this list of nominees: Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Homeland, and DOWNTON ABBEY.

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There haven't been nearly enough cursed objects on the show. All I can think of are the rabbit's foot (and a bunch of items that had ghosts attached to them, but I don't really count those).

This brought to you by a long and creepy dream I had about a cursed manuscript that was quite good at avoiding attempts to destroy it or even get away from it. Other than the immediate application of gasoline and flame, which is not advisable in all circumstances, what would you do with that kind of persistence? (Hint: what you don't do is read the entire thing - or worse yet, try to copy it, because that will kill your copier - and then write your thesis on it. No.)
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If you still, years later, accidentally capitalize 'Dawn' on a regular basis.
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1. Several vids to Adele's Rumor Has It, but especially a Dru video about Spuffy. ("She's half your age," "Just 'cause I said it don't mean that I meant it.")

2. ALLLL the RPF femslash roller derby AUs.

3. A Jared/Gen Dancing with the Stars AU where he's the celebrity something-or-other and she's the no-nonsense ballroom dance pro who puts him through his paces and warms up to him later.
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Dear Panlexicon,

"Smugness" and "Autoeroticism" are not really even in the neighborhood of being synonyms.

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I may write a general State of Snick in the SPN Fandom post tomorrow, but for now I will say this: I haaaate consuming open canons. Hate it. There are upsides, like the fandom being more active, but I'm not convinced (at least today) that they balance out the downsides, which are that I don't like watching things on a week-by-week basis: neither the attention span it requires nor the emotional ups and downs that I'm then left to stew on for weeks or months. Also watching week-by-week is like looking at someone too closely: I can't see their overall features because I'm stuck staring at their pores.
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I am always marvelously tickled to introduce new tags to AO3, and I've had a run of them recently. I'm putting them all here for safekeeping.

New Fandom Tags
Railsea - China Mieville (FIRST IN THE FANDOM. As of now, still the only fic in the fandom. Presumably next Yuletide will produce some more)

New Character Tags
Abacat Naphi (Railsea)
Abaddon (Supernatural) (I was surprised! Seriously, I'm the first person to write fic about Abaddon?)

New Pairing Tags
Tamara (Supernatura) / Sam Winchester
Ellen Harvelle / Rufus Turner

What about you all? Tags on AO3 that you are personally responsible for?


Dec. 3rd, 2012 03:48 pm
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Was rereading the [ profile] spnpairingbingo rules and discovered this key fact:

For each square, the prompted pairing must be the focus of the produced work. There can, of course, be other pairings in the story/art/vid. For the sake of this community, a pairing can be romantic or simply friendship, or pre-relationship.

First, I am always glad to see friendship and other relationships legitimized alongside romantic ones. Second, that makes certain pairings a whole lot easier and also eases my anxiety of producing fic that isn't quite shippy enough.
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I had posted this bit of a rant somewhere else and decided I wanted to save it in a place I could remember it. It's regarding the events of Downton Abbey 3.05, and was written in response to the allegation that those events were all Robert's fault.

references to 3.05 )


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