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My sixth graders need some kind of something to perform for the Mother's Day assembly this Friday, which has me scouring the Internet. I'm happy to report that our dear poet William wasn't such a pathetic soul after all; he clearly had a long and healthy career ghostwriting Mother's Day poems.

(Now I sort of want a crackfic where Spike submits poetry to Hallmark...)


Mar. 18th, 2010 10:08 pm
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After a long week of Life Makes Me Tired, I am now all squeeful. Because first of all, [ profile] kate1010 made me this fabulous awesome movie poster of fabulousness for Seraph:

See the fabulousness! )

And then I've just realized that next week's [ profile] still_grrr prompt is the perfect excuse to write this crossover thingy I've been wanting to write for eight months, which I shall not tell you about, because it is a surprise.

And I finally know what I'm writing for my [ profile] genfic_minis assignment (even though due to previously mentioned Life it'll most likely be delayed a few days).


And now I'm going to bed, which in some ways is cause for more celebration than all of the above combined...
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The prompts post links to the Wikipedia list of Oscar-winning movies, but it's only organized alphabetically by movie. The database search at the official Oscar website is much cooler and lets you, for example, call up all the winning movies in a given decade.

(Also: the 1950's to the 1970's are so my era of movies. Musicals! The best of the Hitchcock years! Lawrence of Arabia and Harvey and The African Queen and A Streetcar Named Desire. Plus lots of titles that just cry out for Buffyverse treatment, like Born Yesterday and Panic in the Streets. In fact, I'm so spoiled for choice that I'll probably paralyze myself with indecision and not write anything at all, like last week. But one can always hope...)
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Somehow, my settings were changed so that I didn't receive notifications of replies to either comments or entries that I made anywhere other than in my own journal. This has now been fixed. Hurrah.


Feb. 4th, 2010 08:40 pm
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So it seems all my LJ tags have suddenly aquired new addresses. Instead of "/tag/entry:+recs", it's "/tag/entry:%20recs". Which means floating around the interwebs are a whole bunch of links - including to the "Seraph" tag - that are now broken.

And I have a sore throat.
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Again, too much to do this week and not enough week(s) to do it in. Will be back circa the 20th, depending, but I'll still be reading my comment notifications and email. And there may be the last chapter of Seraph. Maybe.

(FYI: I announce these silences because I'm much more likely to follow them if I tell everyone first. ;p)
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To accomplish, this gloriously free holiday weekend:

* Finish the last of my Fall Fandom Free-For-All stuff (hey, I'm only a week late)
* Figure out what the heck I'm doing with the last chapter of Seraph, and get chapter 24 ready to post next week
* Finish reviewing the source material for the Yuletide fic

RL things:
* Finish prepping the advent calendar
* Wish various people holiday greetings. (Huge YAY for Skype and ridiculously cheap international phone rates)
* Maybe, if I'm really terribly utterly bored, do some actual house cleaning.
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This is going to be the crazy week of craziness at Ye Olde Jobbe, so I won't be around the fannish LJ. I'll still read email and comment notifications, though.
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I just moved and am starting a new job in three weeks. Time here on the fannish journal will be sporadic at best. There'll still be Seraph updates (it turns out, being half-conscious on a plane is great for dreaming up new scenes), but otherwise I'm liable to be awfully quiet until I find my feet. I'll still respond to comments and emails, though.
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If you happen to be interested in what I write when I'm not writing about vampires, my story The Tinyman and Caroline just went live at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, a free webzine that specializes in "literary adventure fantasy." The Tinyman and Caroline is set in a universe I've written several stories in, a sort of steampunkish, late-19th-century urban fantasy milieu.

None but the tinymen and the rats ran these dark streets beneath the streets, where the river was piss and planks served for bridges. There was a time when Jabey would have traded a hand for a candle, but he’d been a new runner then, and young. Since then long terrified scrambles in this darkness had taught his feet as no map could do.


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