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Hey, all. Last year around this time we had the Crackficathon, the Buffyverse commentfic meme of CRACK. I'd be happy to host it again; it's not like it's a lot of work. I'd just like to gauge interest.

Hence, a poll!
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I have just posted the EPIC BSG poll of EPICNESS here.
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According to Rotten Tomatoes, The Rise of the Planet of the Apes is actually supposed to be... good? Good-ish? I know nothing about it except it has lots of good people.

I ask because apparently the roommates and I are going to the drive-in movie tonight, and our other options are Spy Kids (NO), Columbiana (yay Zoe Saldana, ugh yet another assassin movie and 36% RT rating), Conan the Barbarian (er, no thank you?), and Fright Night (which is moderately decent, the flist has told me, and probably my first choice unless y'all convince me otherwise).

So, a poll:
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What should Snick + roomates go see tonight?

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Fright Night
2 (22.2%)

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes
4 (44.4%)

1 (11.1%)

Conan the Barbarian
0 (0.0%)

Spy Kids 4
0 (0.0%)

These options are pathetic. Stay home and make the roommate watch Gattaca instead.
2 (22.2%)

ETA: Yeah, so the roommates and I decided to stay home and watch SPN instead. Cheaper and more comfortable.

We really are lame, aren't we?
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Mostly the First does a pretty good job mimicking the people it pretends to be (though I've seen interesting commentary on how it gets Dru wrong). Not so Jonathan. First!Jonathan sounds nothing like our real-world Jonathan, but rather a slimier version of Superstar!Jonathan. Maybe our Jonathan was too dithery and self-effacing to convince anyone of anything? Or maybe the First just couldn't deal with pretending to be that humble.

Also, you know that one flashback to Mexico where we see Andrew and Jonathan sharing a bed? I've always wondering about fannish consensus for that scene. Hence, a poll!

[Poll #1715258]
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This question came up because I was thinking about how I find it nearly effortless to write Spike and Dawn together. Theirs is a dynamic that just makes complete sense to me. I know how they work.

For a contrast, I find Faith and Buffy a real challenge to write together, even though post-series they clearly need to be BFFs.

So, a couple of questions: which couples (romantic or not) do you find easy to write? Which couples do you find hard to write? I'm not looking for shipping preferences here; I'm curious to know ships/pairs of people that you've actually tried to write together. If you've never tried your hand at Angel/Cordy, for example, feel free to leave that blank for both. OTOH, if you keep wanting to write the great Xander/Cordy epic and can't get started, that counts.

Note that this list is a bit idiosyncratic and not exhaustive.

[Poll #1711238]
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A survey of sorts. This occurred to me this morning, and I'm curious. I mostly don't quote the really witty lines unless I'm with company that has a chance of recognizing their source. There's one or two, though, that are generic enough I use them all the time without feeling like I'm borrowing wittiness without proper attribution.

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This is a question that's been niggling at me for a long time now.

[Poll #1654773]
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Today I'll finish S2 of The West Wing and the next season isn't available for Netflix streaming. However, all sorts of other good things are! Here's a bunch of the shows I've been meaning to watch for years. Here, decide for me! And feel free to stump for your choices in comments.

Ye Olde Polle )
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Seriously, y'all. I leave the Internet for less than 24 hours...

[Poll #1599031]
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1. Aside from sexual stuff, I have three major fic squicks: trauma to eyes, hands, and teeth.

2. I would not hate getting cavities filled quite so much if the whole process didn't smell so bad. I spend a lot of my time trying not to breathe.

3. What about vamps? And teeth? I can think of only one fic author who has dared venture into the fraught and perilous question of vampire dental health: [ profile] rebcake, with Just a Couple of Misfits.

4. I'm willing to grant that vampires are mystically protected from cavities, but what about accidents? Suppose Braindead Minion #1 tries to take a taste of the Venus de Milo. What then? I think a poll is in order.

[Poll #1591519]
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The housemate has formed the staunch opinion that Buffy's experiences in the mental hospital as shown in Normal Again are, in fact, reality.

Her reasoning::
1. The final scene certainly indicates that it's a reality that operates independently of demon-induced hallucinations.

2. Sunnydale-as-fantasy is more easily believable than Sunnydale-as-reality.

Plus, it'd take care of every plothole and inconsistency ever. So what if Normalverse!Buffy changes her mind about who Spike's sire was or has nonsensical knights running everywhere? It's a wonder her world hangs together as well as it does! (Personally, if I hallucinated a whole fantasy world, I'd like to think that it'd be much more internally coherent than the Buffyverse, but this is the housemate's post.)

So, a poll:
[Poll #1579828]
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At what point after Yuletide does it become more awkard to respond to fic comments than to not respond to them?

[Poll #1522740]
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Please vote for your favorite. At stake for the poll winner: one drabble/ficlet written by me. All icons are by [ profile] ruuger.

Icons and poll behind the cut )

EDIT: forget to mention, but I'll probably close the poll Thursday or Friday sometime.
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So, we have another half-season, yay! Right up until the "Omega" I didn't care too much if the show continued or not, but those last ten minutes or so opened up so much new potential in and between characters. What's to become of Saunders now? I am going to be totally fascinated if she carries on, knowing what she knows. That little exchange with Saunders and Topher opened up whole new realms of Topher exploration. I lurve the Boyd+Ballard dynamic, and think the two of them together might tease out much more interesting moral nuances than either of them could alone.

So, in honor of the renewal, a very simple poll, because I haven't really wandered into Dollhouse fandom and thus have no idea what the general fannish opinions are.
[Poll #1403609]
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[Poll #1399082]

Personally, I think I'm most apt to want to browse fic by author or by season set. I might want to browse by pairing, except that the fic-posting session in question is pairing-specific.

I just posted a poll about indexing preferences. Why yes, I would cross-reference for fun, if I had anything that needed cross-referencing... *uses semi-appropriate icon*


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