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As of Jan 1, Pinboard is going to an annual payment model versus the one-time-only payment model it uses right now. Which is to say, if you want a lifetime account for $10.55 on what is as far as I can tell the internet's best bookmarking site (to be fair, I don't know of any others besides Delicious), do it by the end of the month.
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This website is nabbing and reposting LJ fic. I'm told the admin will take down stuff down if the author complains, but is otherwise standing firm on his perceived right to repost anything he likes without permission. [ profile] ladydragon76 has more information.

[ profile] kwritten, there's TVD fic on the first page that was written for you, but it doesn't say who it's by. Taken care of.
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1. Meg/Cas Week on Tumblr, March 25-31, which I already have a fic idea for. :DDD

2. [ profile] rocksalt_recs is looking for reccers for April. This reccing comm, less than a year old, is already one of my favorite fannish resources for fic. I'm particularly fond of the categories for rarer stuff - minor characters and het and non-J2 RPF - but there's plenty of stuff for more mainstream genres and pairings as well. Basically, it is THE BEST THING, but it only works if lots of people like you sign up and make it awesome.

(And in case you're worried that maybe the stuff you like isn't the right stuff to rec, I was worried about that, too, at first, but seriously, if you like it, then it is the right stuff.)

3. I totally failed to mention this before the first round closed, but [ profile] spnartistswap is a super nifty-looking challenge comm for artists where people submit sketches and then swap and make finished pieces. First results to be posted sooon!
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I've concluded that one of the reasons I find Yuletide stressful (and thus why I haven't done it for a couple of years) is the pressure of writing a giftfic for someone whose enthusiasms are really different than mine. Obviously that's a hazard with any exchange, but for Yuletide fandoms I feel it more? I don't know.

Anyway, the obvious solution is to write treat fics instead for whatever prompts take my fancy! All the prompts go live around Christmas Eve, I think, but I'm already at home on Ye Olde Dial-Up Connection by then, and that's really inconvenient. Hence, the the Dear Yuletide Letter spreadsheet of amazing is a wonderful, wonderful invention. I've just spent half an hour trawling for things that might maybe result in plotbunnies.

Testimonial: I got Wallace & Gromit fabulousness one year from someone who wasn't even assigned to me. So yes, people do actually do this!

All of which is to say, if you've signed up for Yuletide and wrote a Dear Yuletide letter, be sure to drop a comment at the collection post so it can be added to the spreadsheet! Because then someone might find it and write you something extra. (Protip: if you include the actual text of your sign-up prompts in the letter, too, it makes it easier for random people to write you things.)

Also, FYI, Yuletide signups are still open until here until the 31st.
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James Marsters and Sarah Michelle Gellar smile and laugh with Joss Whedon on the set of 'Once More With Feeling.' Text: Get It Done, a motivation-a-thon.

[ profile] brutti_ma_buoni has decided Jossverse fandom needs a boost in the form of a motivation-a-thon. The theory here is that you make whatever commitment you like to finish some project you're working on or start a new one you've been wanting to start by the early December deadline. Fic, vids, fanmixes, whatever media you like is welcome. Graphics folks are especially welcome, as Brutti is hoping to get a little bit of a mini-bang going, where people make art to go along with the fics.

Personally, I'm going to use this as an excuse to finish that Faith&Giles snowbound-in-a-cabin fic that I've posted precisely one chapter of so far.

If this sounds like your thing, click on the banner above or check out the comm, [ profile] letsgetitdone.
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1. Artist claiming is still open over at [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. If you're interested, you can see all the prompts by joining the comm and then going here (post locked to non-members). If you see a prompt you want, sign up at the artist sign-up post and then claim. There are still intriguing prompts available! And also mine.

EDIT: Mine's claimed now! My self-serving PSA totally worked, you guys. :D

2. Over at [ profile] shipswap (which mod team I have joined! hurrah!) we're looking for online resources for nominated canons. We're especially interested in resources for minor canons, but anything you can point us to - wikis, script databases, legal sources of canon, etc - would be appreciated.
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If you don't like the new LJ cuts, here's a bit of code that you can put in your custom CSS section in order to see the old LJ-cuts:

.ljcut-link { color:transparent; margin-left:-15px; }
.ljcut-link:before { content:"( "; color:#000000; padding-left:15px; }
.ljcut-link:after { content:" )"; color:#000000; }
.ljcut-link a { margin-left:-5px; }

From [ profile] zweiundzwei by way of [ profile] nwspaprtaxis
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[ profile] snowpuppies is organizing a Feedback-a-Thon.

Basically: you sign up with a list of three BtVS/Ats works you'd like feedback on. (This could include artwork or vids as well as fic.) You get a list of three authors with three works each, and you write "meaningful feedback" for at least one work per author. Meanwhile, three different people each give you feedback on at least one of your three works.

If I understand the rules correctly, when you sign up you can choose whether or not to receive concrit as part of your feedback. (That seems like at least half the point of this to me, so I would definitely want to.)

OTOH, if you're really more excited about giving the feedback than getting it, you can participate unofficially. [ profile] snowpuppies says there will be a masterlist of fics by Jan. 15.

Anyway. Yeah. This is very nifty, and I'm excited.
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As usual Buffyverse Classic Recs is coming the end of October. Yay!

Now, I have a question for y'all: is there any particular sort of thing you'd be interested in seeing recced? I've gone through a lot of my favorite topics already for previous classic recs sessions, but if y'all have something you'd like to see recs of, I might could accommodate you. :)
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This is the fest that inspired me to finally post my first Buffyfic three years ago (the matching set of Spike&Darla fics, specifically), and two years ago someone wrote me some Faith/Giles. [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni, in fact. The first fics in the Rulesverse, in fact. (I will never not be squeeful about inspiring the Rulesverse.)

So. Make a list of things you would like, and then go make other people things they would like. Simple and fun!
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I neglected to mention this when sign-ups first opened, but there's still time; they close August 15. There's a lot of new faces signed up this time, I notice. Come join the Spuffy party!

seasonal spuffy - round 13 - september 14 - october 20 - it's awesome!
sign up at dreamwidth - sign up at livejournal
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If you like the idea of fic remixes but the pressure of fic exchanges make you nervous, [profile] remix_gone_wild might be just the comm for you. Remix fic by any author who's signed up (or anyone else, as long as you get permission), fics due by Dec 31. Sign-up post here.
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It's the Faith round over at [info]genfic_minis. Despite the lure of potential Faith-Giles gen, I'm not participating this time because my fic brain has been uncooperative for, like, three months, which is why I still owe [info]eilowyn a fic from the last round. But you all should, because genfic = ♥.
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Sign-ups are open over at [ profile] seasonal_spuffy for sessions 12 (!), which will run April 1 - May 15.

Come! Join in the Spuffy love!
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It's signup time again at [ profile] genfic_minis. The minor female character round was so much fun that we're doing minor male characters this round. Ethan, Jonathan, Clem, Holden Webster, Willy the Snitch, Principal Flutie - so many options!
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So go over and sign up. Request your minor female character of choice, and get assigned someone else's!

I adore minor character fic, even though I don't write much of it; I'm very excited. Right now my trouble is, who to request? Maggie Walsh? Kendra? Sandy, the girl vamp!Willow turned and Riley later dusted? Amanda? Kathy Newman? HOW TO DECIDE?

*uses the most-minor female character icon I have*
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It seems [ profile] genfic_minis is starting up again! Female character poll open through tomorrow (I think), signups open on Wednesday, assignments sent out Saturday, 500+ word ficlet due the following Saturday.

Come on, you know you want to. (In particular, you want to vote for "Minor Characters," because minor character fic rocks.)
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I'm in the process of compiling all the links I can find to penguin!Buffy fics, art, or fanworks. If you know of any that aren't listed here, please link me! I'm pretty sure I've barely scratched the surface here.

Here Thar Be Penguins! )
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Yuletide sign-ups are open. I hear the servers are slow; you might want to wait a day or two if you mind that sort of thing. Also you need an AO3 account, which you'll need to request an invite for, about which see here.

If you've never done Yuletide before and want to be talked into it, here are some things you might like to know )
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I have signed up. And since I am, you should, too. [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni talked me into it, drat her! By virtue of her sneaky, sneaky promotional post with, uh, a link. And a shiny graphic.

There will be Faith/Giles. There will, there will.
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Just a reminder that [ profile] buffyversetop5 opens their Classic Recs Weekend starting tomorrow and going through Halloween, Oct 31. Any fanwork/art/fic from before 2010 is eligible. I've been working up lists for a while now. Most of what I'm reccing, y'all around here have already seen, but now with 100% more theme!

Out of curiosity, is there any particular sort of thing you'd like to see recced? It's something I really enjoy doing, and I would not mind inspiration. :)


Jul. 5th, 2010 07:31 pm
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The 2010 Spring [ profile] seasonal_spuffy post is up. W00t! Doing these always makes me feel productive, plus they absolve me of the guilt of never, yanno, actually writing anything for the comm.

In other news, still on dial-up. Now woefully behind in flist reading, although I'm saving links to all the posts I want to get back to - fic, essays, links - for that far-off day when I have the time to go through them.

I leave you with a snippet I found mysteriously written on a sticky pad:

Anxieties fell under the certainty (in its own way faintly disturbing) that Willow would put things to rights.

I have no memory of writing this nor what I was writing it for, although the POV appears to be Giles. Pity; I rather like it.
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Someone's ranting about fanfic again. "Ew! Ye gads!" etc.

In response:

* Thoughts on Derivative Works and Filing Off the Serial Numbers, which addresses the differing concerns of writing fanfic and writing original fic. Short version: They be different beasties.

* A very long, often snarky list of derivative works, that is, works explicitly based on or inspired by other works.
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The prompts post links to the Wikipedia list of Oscar-winning movies, but it's only organized alphabetically by movie. The database search at the official Oscar website is much cooler and lets you, for example, call up all the winning movies in a given decade.

(Also: the 1950's to the 1970's are so my era of movies. Musicals! The best of the Hitchcock years! Lawrence of Arabia and Harvey and The African Queen and A Streetcar Named Desire. Plus lots of titles that just cry out for Buffyverse treatment, like Born Yesterday and Panic in the Streets. In fact, I'm so spoiled for choice that I'll probably paralyze myself with indecision and not write anything at all, like last week. But one can always hope...)
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It's the Giles round at [ profile] genfic_minis. Hooray! Sign-ups are here. Come join in the Giles-love!

I've had a hankering to write Gilesfic lately (clearly shared by the other voters; he won the poll by a landslide), so I am very excited about this.


Feb. 4th, 2010 08:40 pm
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So it seems all my LJ tags have suddenly aquired new addresses. Instead of "/tag/entry:+recs", it's "/tag/entry:%20recs". Which means floating around the interwebs are a whole bunch of links - including to the "Seraph" tag - that are now broken.

And I have a sore throat.
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I just posted a post over at [ profile] buffyversetop5 about five of my favorite icon makers of 2009, which was basically just me gushing over folks responsible for some of the little bite-size pieces of eye candy that I love. Icons are addictive, I tell you.

Speaking of which, [ profile] buffyversetop5 closes January 17 for the 2010 session. Get in there and post your recs!


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