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Title: Death (of Rats) Takes a Holiday
Fandom: Discworld
Characters: Quoth the Raven, Death of Rats, A'Tuin
Spoilers: Uses geographical info derived from The Colour of Magic / The Light Fantastic, but should read just fine for anyone familiar with the characters.
Summary: Quoth the Raven takes a holiday with the Death of Rats, sees new sights, and acquires a taste for elephant fleas. Also there's a cat.

My first Discworld fic! Gah, writing in new fandoms is always stressful, especially prose fandoms. I ended up liking this okay, though, even though I wrote it in one evening after I realized that I had misjudged the [ profile] rarecharacters deadline by TWO WEEKS. (This is also my excuse for the title and the summary.) Half the plot sort of inspired by a fortuitous reread of Cordwainer Smith's story "A Game of Rat and Dragon."

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'Tis the season for Yuletide recs! I missed last year because of busyness, but I've been finding some truly delicious stuff this year.

Discworld, Downton Abbey, Queen's Thief, The Matrix )
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Quite a variety of stuff this time, but mostly not enough to separate into the usual categories. Instead we have exciting new categories! *g*

General Fic )

The Special Wingfic Edition! )

Vids )
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Sometimes when people ask, I say I haven't been reading much lately, but what I mean is I haven't been reading much profic lately. I haven't decided how I feel about that.

Anyway, recs! Summaries should be spoiler-free. I meant them to be, anyway.

General series spoilers )

Episode-specific spoilers )

Crossovers )

The Special Mpreg Edition )


Dec. 31st, 2008 12:08 am
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Y'know, maybe y'all should just quit listening to me when I say I'm done with recs posts (or maybe you already did *g*). Because of course there was the grand Yuletide obscure fandom fanfic exchange, and thus of course I bring recs. Oh, well.

Just a handful for now; more later when I've read more, maybe.

Fics for The Blue Castle, Mary Poppins, Enchanted, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Winnie the Pooh/Discworld )

And when names are attached to the fics on New Year's (all the stories are anonymous right now), I'll post links to my assigned story and two short treats.


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