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Tell me you want to play and I'll pick up to three of your fandoms. Then update your journal and answer the following questions:

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3. Favorite episodes/books/movies, etc?
4. Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5. Do you think more people should get into this fandom?

Mine: Dollhouse, SPN RPF, and Downton Abbey )
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Title: This Is the World We Made
Fandom: Buffyverse, Dollhouse
Characters: Dawn Summers, Dollhouse ensemble
Words / Rating: 1500 / G
Spoilers: for all of both shows
Summary: Dawn's tired of being Buffy Summers' little sister. It takes her a long time to figure out who she is instead.

A/N: This is one of the things that happens when I'm putting off writing the thing that I'm supposed to be writing: I go rooting around in my files and posting unposted fic. Like this one, which is a much expanded version of my Dawn/Topher drabble Unassuming.

This piece is bitterer than my usual; I'm not sure what to make of that. It's the Dollhouse influence, I think.

When Dawn met the Dollhouse staff for the first time, she was on Council business. )
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Because it's a little late for Christmas, isn't it? This is for [ profile] rebcake - happy all the holidays, Reb! This took so long because I had a rather longer piece that just would not be molded into fic shape. But here, finally, are Adelle and Giles at an airport. (Uh, let's just assume it's set during the holidays, shall we?)

Rupert Giles, Adelle DeWitt
A Difference in Perspective )
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Er. So. This is for [ profile] bobthemole. Merry Christmas, Bob! And also happy birthday. This has absolutely no relation to what you asked for - was in fact inspired by your Yuletide letter - but I hope you like it anyway.

Where No One Goes and No One Is )
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You know what, I take it back. I can sum up my thoughts on Dollhouse now.

IMO, Dollhouse had four really stellar, top-of-the-line episodes (A Spy in the House of Love, Alpha, Vows, and Belonging) and a few more that, if they weren't great, at least had interesting elements (Man on the Street, Epitaph One, Epitaph Two). This isn't to say it didn't have other memorable moments - there's no Victor!Topher in that list, nor any Bennett Halvorsen - but those were moments, not wholes.

In fact, even those first-rate eps are only fragments, the shiniest scraps of a show that could never decide what it wanted to be. Creepy procedural? Critique of society's fantasies? Morality tale on Teh Evol of human trafficking and mind control? Post-apocalyptic romp?

(Not saying I don't enjoy post-apocalyptic romps, mind you, nor that certain elements of Epitaph Two didn't make my Topher-lovin' heart go squee [I told you! From the very beginning, I told you!], but to me it felt a whole lot more like chummy fan service than a serious canon exploration of the DH future.)

I leave you with Abigail Nussbaum, who expresses my thoughts on S2 way better than I could:

Dollhouse's first season showed us the rationalizations through which ostensible villains like Topher and Adele tolerated and even justified their monstrous actions, drawing pencil-thin lines between different shades of rape and slavery in order to be able to place themselves on the right side of those lines, while alleged good guys like Ballard and Boyd, who claimed to abhor the dollhouse, ended up enabling and participating in it. The second season sweeps away this complexity, dividing the cast into heroes and villains (though perhaps the initial failure was in the transition from a story about people who are cogs in the machine to one that has heroes and villains to begin with).


Apr. 2nd, 2010 08:12 am
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It's (Human) Character of Color Month over at [ profile] still_grrr, to which I say, "Yay!" Maybe I'll finally get around to writing something about Forrest, which I've been threatening forever. At the very least, it ought to provide some Kendra fic for the housemate to read - she has a bit of a thing about Kendra.


But one of the prompt characters for this week was Boyd from Dollhouse, and his very name made me (as [ profile] penny_lane_42 says) all stabby. Rarrrrr!

I still haven't summed up how I feel about the last half of S2 of Dollhouse; I think I need to rewatch Epitaph Two first, for one thing. However, I can talk about Boyd just fine.

Spoilers for late-S2 Dollhouse )
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1. It's almost time for the non-Buffyverse session over at [ profile] buffyversetop5. You're allowed to mix and match fandoms in your posts, but at the moment I have four Firefly fics and four DH fics, and I'd really like to round them out to five apiece. So: rec me Firefly! Rec me DH! For FF I pretty much just want gen, Wash/Zoe, or possibly some of the creative (non-incestuous!) het pairings. Hijinks yay! For DH it's all about canon for me - character studies and dense conversations and quiet meditations. Help?

2. The housemate and I just watched "Listening to Fear" and Willow brings Joyce a funny hat in the hospital!!!! That must have been my subconscious working for me when I wrote the Willow&Xander thing. Huh.

3. Soon, There Shall Be Fic. Hurrah.
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First, the masterlist for the Willow round at [ profile] genfic_minis is up. There's some neat stuff there. I was particularly struck by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni's lovely reimagining of Willow pre-S7, What Comes Next, and [ profile] snowpuppies's highly effective horror piece The Slow Slide Into..., but there's plenty more.

[ profile] dollsome, I've just discovered, writes the of kind elegant, character-rich Dollhouse fic that I've been looking for and couldn't find until now. She writes primarily DeWitt/Dominic. I started with One's Your Foe and One's Your Flame, an AU one-shot off "A Spy in the House of Love" (possibly still my favorite DH ep), but there's lots more.

And, remember when I was looking for a trove of "Restless" icons, but couldn't remember where I'd seen them? I should have known it was [ profile] ruuger. The batch I was thinking of are all here, including Miss Kitty Fantastico. Yay.
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Lookee! Dollhouse fic! No explicit spoilers for DH, but I've put it under a cut anyway.

For [ profile] penny_lane_42: Dawn Summers, Topher Brink. Mild would-be shippiness.

Unassuming )
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I should have known as soon as he kissed her. I should have known.
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Yep, finally, now that everyone else has seen the entire show. Anyway:

Jane Doe Loves the Supremes. Or something. )
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I got behind during the Week of Intense Crazy just before Christmas, and haven't caught up yet. So I haven't seen anything past The Public Eye/The Left Hand. And the flist's reaction to stuff past this seems to be, "Meh."

Tell me, O flist: do I need to get caught up so I can squee/grumble over the last few eps with you all? Or should I just not bother until life settles down more (say, spring break)?
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So LJ is doing that thing again where it's not emailing me comments. Pthbt. I can't remember; the last time this happened, did the comments get emailed later? Or just not at all?

In other things, this occurred to me related to Friday's Dollhouse eps )
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So, Dollhouse cancelled. I'm not surprised. Nor, alas, is my heart broken. I've loved moments and even whole eps a couple of times, but I've never managed to warm up to the show as a whole.

That said, I'm glad it'll finish out its second-season 13-ep run, so that Joss and crew have time to give us some closure. (Or, yanno, not, considering Ats.)
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Oh, wow.

Topher and Sierra and Adelle and Boyd and Sierra/Victor and very little Echo and no Ballard at all - just what I wanted. And did I mention Topher?

"If you say so."

This is the storytelling this premise and cast can do, given the chance.

"This secret we have - can you keep it?"

"I can keep it. But I don't know if I can live with it."

"I know I can't. But I don't have to."

Oh, wow.
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Man, a real overload of squick and ick this ep. Bleah.

If I wasn't quite thoroughly sold on Enver, I am after this episode.

Boyd: "Topher has ethical problems. Topher." Hee. Some good lines, as usual.

And finally, a (vaguely spoilery) plea to the flist: I missed the last two minutes of the ep due to technical difficulties, and my usual rewatch method is unavailable. So, what happened? I lost it right about here... )
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What does ventriloquism have to do with anything "on the glandular level"? I would have classed it more with muscle memory.

Topher is such an idiotic genius.

Gosh, Miracle Laurie is gorgeous. It was nice to see her again.

The lightning was a bit much. Or a lot much.

And I squee every time I see Sierra's handler, because it's Marco Sanchez. He once upon a time spent two seasons playing Ortiz on seaQuest DSV, which was my very first TV love.
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So, we have another half-season, yay! Right up until the "Omega" I didn't care too much if the show continued or not, but those last ten minutes or so opened up so much new potential in and between characters. What's to become of Saunders now? I am going to be totally fascinated if she carries on, knowing what she knows. That little exchange with Saunders and Topher opened up whole new realms of Topher exploration. I lurve the Boyd+Ballard dynamic, and think the two of them together might tease out much more interesting moral nuances than either of them could alone.

So, in honor of the renewal, a very simple poll, because I haven't really wandered into Dollhouse fandom and thus have no idea what the general fannish opinions are.
[Poll #1403609]
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1. So I hadn't plunked down the dinero for S1 of Buffy yet, because it was so very cheesy and I doubted I'd need to rewatch it (much). But, hurray, it was in the DVD bin at the library used bookstore (that is, the store of used books - methinks that the placement of that space is misleading. The usedbook store?) for much cheaper than Amazon. Which means it'll now be much easier to introduce the series to RL acquaintances.

2. I'm disturbed by celebrity promo pictures. I'm not really a celebrity fangirl to begin with; while I think, say, Hugh Jackman is very nice to look at, I'd rather not learn anything about him that isn't directly relevant to his acting, because what I do find out about celebrities usually disappoints me. I don't fangirl the actors unless it's specifically for their acting. I fangirl the characters. So, for example, I love Faith to bits because she's broken and bitter and complex and has so much potential for either good or evil, I'm not so much of a fan of Eliza Dushku, mostly because Dollhouse has disillusioned me of the idea that she can play more than approximately two and a half characters (and I'd be hard-pressed to describe the one and a half that aren't Faith).

All of which brings us back to the promo pictures. Except in very rare instances, actors in character don't look at the camera. So the promotional photos on the DVD's? That looks like Spike and Buffy, but it can't be, because they're looking at me, which Spike and Buffy never ever do. And it's creepy! The characters are looking at me, eep! Or else they aren't the characters at all, just the actors, and considering how tense their expressions are, I have to assume they have some serious psychological issues. They are, at the very least, not people I want to meet.

See? Weird and creepy.

3. I think I'm going to get rid of my fandom: buffyverse tag. It's safe to assume that just about everything in this journal has to do with the Buffyverse, yeah?

4. I need to get links to the last of the [ profile] seasonal_spuffy entries together for the big index post. And I need to write that last drabble prompt.

5. Dollhouse renewed! Yay!
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So much plot.

Not a lot to say here, except that Alan Tudyk renders me speechless with his awesomeness.
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Hmm. Well, that was underwhelming, after last ep's stellar showing. The grieving family was snappily written, but I thought the murder mystery got in the way of really interesting part of the premise.

And, oh, Topher. I have to say, in the realm of using human bodies downloaded with custom-ordered personalities, Topher's choice of playmate was some combination of endearing and woefully pathetic. (However, I couldn't figure out what verbal game he and Sierra were playing, with the 'classic science fiction' and all. Ideas, anyone? Also, what's with the three candles?)

And Ballard. Woe. *clucks tongue* You just carry on with the cycle of self-loathing, okay, hon?


Apr. 18th, 2009 05:16 pm
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There was no Dollhouse this week? Why was there no Dollhouse this week?
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So it looks my Dollhouse reviews are moving over here after all. Apologies to the folks reading both my journals, for the cross-posting.

I know the sixth episode of Dollhouse was supposed to be the one where we finally saw Whedon shining through, but I ended up feeling a bit meh about it.

The seventh episode, on the other hand, rocked my socks off. Plot plot plot! Almost too much, maybe. Backstory! Humor! Fabulous quotiness from everyone in sight!

1.7 Echoes )
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I just saw the first two eps of Dollhouse and put my my thoughts up over at my non-fannish journal - which might seem a little odd, seeing as it's sort of a fannish post. However, I started this journal specifically to keep from plaguing my non-fannish friends with fic and bits of Buffy-related squee, and pretty much everything here is directly related to either BtVS or fanfiction. The other journal is where I keep my thoughts on writing, books, movies, tv, and general life stuff. If that interests you, feel free to wander over and friend. At any rate, unless I unexpectedly start writing Dollhouse fic, this'll be my one and only mention of it here.


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