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The Very Small Girl and the Monster (LJ | AO3) - Firefly/BtVS - River+Spike with past Spike/Buffy - 2k, rated G
This is one of those rare fics that I look back on and still think turned out just about exactly how I wanted it. The premise is that River is a Slayer and has been dreaming of the past through the eyes of other Slayers. In particular, since humanity left Earth That Was, those Slayers have been getting training from a dangerous, white-haired man in a long coat. So it's a mix of dreams and River arranging events just so, so she can meet this man for herself.

I'm generally pretty happy with the dreams, and with the Firefly-voice (always tricky), and the River-logic (ditto), and the emotional note that the whole fic finally resolves on. It's a fic that manages to have a lot of heart, I think, even with the crack premise.

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* My brain may now at any time substitute "Jared" when I mean "Sam" and "Jensen" when I mean "Dean" (and logical vice-versas). *facepalm*

* I remembered the other point I wanted to make yesterday about RPF, which is: I know there are lots of fandoms that take a pairing or two from their canon and go crazy with werewolf AUs and space rebel AUs and what not, and I never cared about them before. The reason I care about the crack AUs now, with RPF, is that I don't give a fig about the canon. Er, 'canon.' This particular group of actors has kept on failing to disillusion me for a surprisingly long time, but I still do not know or care to know the details of their lives. Which means turning them all into space rebels doesn't offend my canon-purist sensibilities in the slightest. :D

* I have so many things I want to say about fics I am writing but cannot talk about! Grr.

* I'm back in that phase where by far the most interesting entertainment is fandom and/or writing. This means no TV recently. I've watched Mad Men through 2.03, I think, and I haven't watched anything else at all in ages. Except SPN. For various projects I cannot talk about.

* I read this nifty River/Sam crossover today, and I feel I should tell you all. (That's River Tam, not River Song.) It's a very fun fusion thingy, more River-centric than River/Sam, but Mal and Dean in particular are also delightful. And it has plot and everything!
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I think the banner is both alt-texted and unbroken now. I think. *facepalm*

In terms of my own commenting, I have three fics that I read and have been meaning to leave feedback (one of them for, like, two years). Also I want to make a point of leaving feedback in non-Buffy fandoms, especially SPN, because I often feel shy and don't.

In terms of my fics I'd love other people to comment on, there are these below. I think possibly the latter two are just Too Weird to Live (or get anyone to read), but it's worth a try.

Respite - Dean/Ellen - circa S3 - 7300 words - R
Before Dean leaves this life for good, he finds someone to come home to for a while.

In a House By the Sea, With Mermaids - Sam, Dean - futurefic, spoilers through 7.10 - 3400 words - PG-13
The one where they're retired and Sam has severe hearing loss and yet one day starts hearing singing

Won't You Be My Teddy Bear - Gen/Jared, ensemble - 5k words - PG-13
In which Gen travels to a new werebear clan to be mates with a boy she's never met.

Lift - River, Matilda - spoilers for all of both canons - 1800 words - PG
While at the academy, River dreams of a girl who lifts things with the power of her eyes.
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Because clearly my entire reason for watching Firefly was so I could write River into weird crossovers, here's one more. Someone over at [ profile] fandom_stocking wanted River/Lucas, and even though I can't ship them seriously of course I had to write something, because: River and seaQuest!

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Title: The Very Small Girl and the Monster
Words / rating: 2100 words / PG
Fandom: Firefly/BtVS crossover
Characters: River, Spike (w/background Spuffy)
Spoilers: For all of both shows

This is another Christmas/birthday fic, because it's [ profile] penny_lane_42's birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday! The reason it's way longer than most of the giftfics is because I had the idea at least six months ago and it's been sitting around half-written ever since. If the reader is so inclined, it can be considered a sequel-in-spirit to my drabble Auld Lang Syne. (Lauren, do you remember that conversation?)

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FIC: Lift

Jan. 1st, 2010 02:23 pm
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Yuletide reveal! Yay! I wrote two fics... sort of. Both were for fellow Buffyite [ profile] wisdomeagle.

One is Three Christmases with Miss Honey, which is basically what you'd expect - Christmassy fluff with Matilda and Miss Honey and bonus stealth crossover elements. I wrote it by mashing together at least four of Ari's prompts: Christmas, Matilda's powers coming back, the crossover element (which I couldn't do proper justice to because I just don't know the canon well enough, alas), and Matilda coming home from time with other extraordinary children to find Miss Honey still likes her best anyway. It's not as substantive a fic as I wanted, but the recipient liked it, and anyway I tried to make it up to her with the other fic...

...which turned out to be the totally cracky Matilda/Firefly crossover you see below. Deep in Matilda discussion over at Ari's LJ, she commented that the very first character she could think of that was in some way analogous to Matilda was, well, River.

This fic was actually much easier than the other. It came first and feels more like a whole story to me. It does not, however, have nearly so much Matilda as perhaps was meant, with the result that I didn't feel it was really quite right for Yuletide. Too much Firefly influence. So, here 'tis instead.

Finally, I just have to say: two Yuletides, two years of writing not just bookfandoms (which I find much more difficult than the TV/movie kind), but British children's fantasy bookfandoms. Two years in which I stressed and strained and freaked out and worried that my fic was just not nearly good enough. But you know what?

I can't wait to do it again next year.

Title: Lift
Fandom: Firefly / Matilda (by Roald Dahl) crossover
Characters: River, Matilda
Word Count: ~1800 words
Rating: G
Spoilers: Through the BDM and all of Matilda

Disclaimer: None of these characters are belong to me. They are belong to Whedon, the Roald Dahl estate, and other esteemed folks.

Beta'd by the fabulous [ profile] penny_lane_42.

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I'm doing a Firefly rewatch with housemate Chessie, who's only seen the movie long ago and forgotten most of that. Last night we watched the premiere, "Serenity." I've been very curious to see the show from my new fannish perspective, but so far the rewatch has mainly just confirmed my previous impressions, namely:

* Jayne. Oh, how I love Jayne. *points to icon* Out of an hour and a half of Whedonian-level dialogue, my favorite is Jayne threatening the fed. "Pain is scary." "Didn't they ever teach you how to withstand an interrogation?" "I was gonna get me an ear, too." "This is disappointing as hell."

* Zoe is still Made of Awesome.

* Wash and the dinosaurs! Probably my second favorite bit.

* The opening credits still rock. I love the lyrics, the style, the accompanying clips - pretty much just fabulous.

* This is my fourth or fifth viewing of this ep, and I still get fuzzy at times about what, exactly, our heroes are trying to accomplish. It serves as a nice intro to the characters and to the elements of the world, but as a plot it's awfully tangled.

* I hate the fan-service naked Inara scenes even more than I used to. It's almost visceral at this point. I'm opposed to and squicked by everything she is professionally and entirely underwhelmed by who she is personally (although this rewatch I'm finally starting to catch glimmerings of the supposedly complicated past that's alluded to in the movie and in eps like "Heart of Gold" and "Out of Gas"). Mal/Inara makes me roll my eyes. Basically, the best thing I can say about Inara is that she wears very pretty clothes.

* Oh, Book. I would like you so much better if there was any evidence at all that the writers had ever, like, been personally acquainted with a person practicing a traditionally-flavored religion of the sort that you supposedly come from. Argh.

* Here's the big reason I don't like Kaylee: because I'm so patently supposed to love her. In the premiere, especially, she's the perfect little sweetheart that everyone adores, and I don't recall it getting much better later in the series. In a lot of ways she reminds me of Fred, whom I started to dislike as soon as she saned up, and for the same reasons.

OTOH, a few things have changed. I find myself less interested in Mal than I used to be. I love Wash more (although I doubt it's possibly to adore Wash/Zoe any more than I already did). I can definitely see where one could find the Inara/Kaylee subtext if one wished to look for it. And I'm not quite feeling the River-love yet, although that's largely because she hasn't gotten to do anything yet.

I developed strong likes and dislikes for characters much earlier on with Firefly than with BtVS. I suppose it's partly because Firefly's first twelve eps feel so very much more developed and mature than the same initial span on BtVS. The characters are already much more themselves here. But even so, in the seven-season run of BtVS there's no supposedly sympathetic character I dislike as much as I dislike Book or Inara or Kaylee, except maybe Kennedy, who hardly counts. I have no idea what to make of this.
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Okay, so I lied. I have one more recs post before the the vast silence (in terms of fic recs, anyway). I don't actually go out looking for Firefly fic, but sometimes it comes to me. Here's a handful of pieces that did.

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The Lilac City, by [ profile] nwhepcat
Spoilers for all of BtvS
Well written, plotty, novel-length fic about Xander's slow healing process five years post-"Chosen." The narrative voice is sure-handed with no fluff, and the character interactions and voices are spot-on. Plus, Faith! I love the regional detail - it's set near my childhood stomping grounds, and it fills me with all kind of squee to think of Xander Harris wandering through them.

Shadow Though It Be, by [ profile] penwiper26
Spoilers for all of BtvS
30-chapter fic in which a young itinerant ex-academic from our universe stumbles into season 5 of Buffy. The author calls her a Mary Sue character, but if more Mary Sues were so articulate, so witty, and so humanly flawed there'd be far fewer objections to them. Everyone else is wonderfully written, too - I think this author has ruined me for flat Giles depictions. Plus, fun meta and lots of literary humor!

She's written plenty more in the same universe here as well as some neat standalone pieces such as "Shoe Money Tonight", in which the core four play some poker post-"Chosen."

"All Wrong", by Herself
AU post-"Smashed"; NC-17
I said I didn't read smut, but if I were to admit to reading it, this is what I'd point to (although I'd also, if pressed, admit to skipping the smutty parts). "All Wrong" is the first piece in an ongoing story over several hundred thousand words and thirty years. Beautifully written, this is for you if you have any hope at all for Buffy/soulless-Spike.

"The Valorous Vampire: An Examination of Souled Vampires, Fatal Attraction to the Slayer, and Roles in the Fight of Good vs. Evil, By Lydia M. Sothesby," by Gwyneth Rhys
Spoilers through early S7
The Watcher who wrote her dissertation on William the Bloody has written another paper. This is half a fannish summation of the whole vampires-and-souls issue, half the squeeing of an academic with perhaps a more than professional interest in her subject.

"'Ships that Pass into Type", by HonorH
No spoilers
The Buffy crew reads fanfic. Yay, meta!

"In The Same Boat, by Mad Poetess
No spoilers; Firefly crossover.
After Spike's rescued by Serenity as salvage, of course it's River who's not afraid of him. Great voices all around, and sort of sweet.

"THE LIFE CYCLE OF THE CRACKING MOSH TOAD (fragor beelzebufo), by A.C.E. Jenkins" (yes, really) by [ profile] lordshiva
Crossover with Dr. Who (10th Doctor), spoilers through the end of the second season; spoilers for Buffy through late season 6.
As described by the author: "Anya has a business plan. The Doctor executes a hostile takeover." Perfect, yes, perfect voices. Bittersweet yet funny, as it should be.

"Splinter", by Yahtzee and Rheanna
Angel fic with spoilers through the end of season 2.
On their way back from Pylea, Team Angel hits a snag. A more pitiable and nuanced exploration of the "Angel goes bad" idea than was ever explored in the show.


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