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Y'all know that by the time I'd finished Seraph I was pining for good mpreg as written by other people. In the couple of years since, a number of people have written me lovely examples of it. Aw. Y'all make me feel loved. *smish*

Anyway, I thought it was high time I made a masterlist of sorts, and here 'tis.

Edit: As of 2/21/12, I'm still updating this for, ah, any new mpreg my friends write. Mostly because [personal profile] verity keeps writing random mpreg thingies and blaming me for them, which I am not complaining about at all.

Happy lovely mpreg fics this way )

I haven't forgotten anyone, have I? Please tell me if I have!
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Title: Things Done in the Name of War
Fandoms: BtVS/Potterverse crossover
Characters: Severus Snape, Spike/Buffy
Words / Rating: 2000 words, in drabbles / G
Setting: Vaguely post-NFA, sometime prior to or early into the HP series
Warnings: mpreg

A/N: This is utter crack, y'all, and it is NOT MY FAULT. It is the fault of [ profile] diamondtook862 and [ profile] ever_neutral, whose Christmas fic it is. First we have the Snape-Spike mpreg baby. WHUT. Then we have the fact that my knowledge of the Potterverse comes from a book and a half, two movies, a fair bit of wildly AU fanfic, and the glory of fannish osmosis. Oh, yeah, and if one is going to write utter crack, then one might as well write it in DRABBLES, amirite? (Also, when one is writing crack: choose a sufficiently pretentious title.)

[ profile] bobthemole kindly did an HP canon check on the first half of this, but she should in no way be held responsible for the - did I mention? - utter crack.

Snape has been informed: his time is to be wasted, his skills squandered on people whom Dumbledore has declined to explain, their value indeterminate.  )
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Clearly I have broken whatever posting barrier I was feeling...

I recently read some non-Jossverse fic that made me very, very happy, and I wanted to share.

Murdering Us Horribly Was Also a Concern, by [ profile] ladyofthelog
Potterverse. Snape/Hermione. (Should I be ashamed that I read fic in this fandom even though I've never finished the books? I feel I should be ashamed.)
Hermione, now a teacher at Hogwarts, is tasked with helping to remove Snape's Dark Mark, which has been getting the better of him and writing inappropriate letters. It's an understated piece with lots of snark and intellectual romance, which are two of my favorite things. Lovely, lovely stuff.

Lunch and Other Obscenities, by [ profile] rheanna27
NuTrek. Uhura, her green roommate, and some Uhura/Spock
Uhura and her roommate come to terms with each other. This is fabulously happy-making female friendship fic which is also the best example I've ever seen (fic or pro) of exploring truly alien taboos. It's a bit didactic in places, but the gradual growth of the friendship is just wonderful. Thanks to [ profile] dragonpaws for the rec.


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