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Aug. 9th, 2016 04:50 pm
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Meme nabbed from [personal profile] makioka in a post she made approximately five million years ago.
You know that meme that goes around sometimes where you post your five favorite kinks and then five favorite couples, and it's like a wish into the universe to see if anybody will write it for you? Let's make it a little more interactive.

Comment here if you want to play, and I will give you 3-6 couples or characters that I associate with you, and you make an entry in your journal talking about those couples/characters and fics that you wish the universe would write for you.

my ships: Gen/Jared, Faith/Buffy, Sid/Geno )

rec yo self

Jul. 8th, 2016 11:04 pm
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So I accidentally ended up rereading All Clean, the fairy tale AU enema fic I wrote a couple of years ago for bingos, and gosh, it's cuter than I remembered. (Also more fem-dommy than I think I realized at the time. Oops.) It's definitely one of those niche fics with a limited audience, though, so not a lot of people ever read it. But! if you want cute het kink with eventual feelings (and also a lot of angst about farming), you should check it out.

And now, in return for that shameless self-rec I just made, you should rec to me a fic of yours you're proud and would like more people to read. I can't promise I will, depending on ship etc, but I'll at least take a look, and maybe some other folks in the comments will as well.


Sep. 1st, 2014 10:09 am
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I Kind of Liked It Your Way, by [ profile] Chash
Look, it's 10k of Chash writing hooker!Jensen (and also the My Little Pony card game). There was no way I wasn't going to love it. If that sounds even remotely relevant to your interests, there's no way you aren't going to love it, too.

(Also, hi! I'm back! \o/)
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Last day! I thought I had this day all sorted out, and then [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni went all introspective with her answer. So in that spirit, I will say that Seraph will always be one of my proudest accomplishments. I tend not to think of it much anymore, because I finished it four and a half years ago (!), and when I do try to reread it I mostly see its flaws; I've grown a lot as a writer since that fic, and distance is often an unflattering vantage point anyway. Still, it's the longest fictional work I've ever written (yet) as well as being the thing that introduced me to fandom and let me meet a lot of people who are still dear friends to this day.

That said, the fic that actually came to mind when designing this meme was this one:

Long Way Home (LJ | A03) - SPN RPF - Jared/Jensen/Genevieve - 21k, rated NC-17
I wrote this all in a huge push during October/November of 2012 for [ profile] spn_reversebang, inspired by a gorgeous piece of art whose spirit didn't quite make it into the final product but kept me going anyway.

In my perfect world, everyone has written a post-apocalyptic road trip fic; this is mine. Occasionally I manage to write exactly what I want in a fic, and this is one of those: isolation, survival tactics, so much cuddling, weird new relationships built on grief. It is just as much my id on display as the Jensen/Danneel cafe fic, but a different part of it. I think when I look back years from now, this will still be one of my favorite fics I've ever written.

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Of Various Mythological Beasts and Into the Briny Deep (series on AO3) - SPN RPF - Gen/Misha - 4.3k, rated NC-17

This is a series I wrote for Ghost and Verity; the Gen/Misha part was for Ghost and the tentacles were for Verity. The first is set in high school, when Gen first starts getting her dragon form (which comes in pieces; she starts with a tail) and then Misha gets his, which is... unexpected. And the second is in college, with ridiculous costumes and feelings and experimental tentacle sex. They're just fun and sweet and I like them. (I also liked slipping Adrianne/Aldis into the background of the college one, and I REALLY enjoyed deciding that Jensen dressed up as Jane Foster for Halloween.)

(I will say I had trouble picking for this day, though, because about 90% of my output in the past three years has been for minor fandoms, pairings, or characters. I kinda picked this one at random.)

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Not Just For Hallmark Specials Anymore (AO3) - SPN RPF - Danneel/Jensen - 24k, rated PG
So I, uh, have a habit of making prompts on the kinkmemes and then filling them myself when no one else does. Because they're really great prompts, you know? They have everything I want in them! But this is probably the single most ridiculous example, because when I wrote the prompt that led to this fic, I seriously had nothing in mind beyond the prompt itself (which is now, more or less, the fic summary on AO3). And a year later, 24k!

Anyway, this is basically everything I have ever wanted in a comfort fic. Winter and soup and tea and mpreg and girl-saves-boy and friendship and slow burn. It took me a while to realize that I'd sort of written a coffee shop AU, except there's really very little discussion of coffee. Soup, on the other hand, gets extensive and loving mention.

I will say that, despite the title of this day in the meme, I would almost certainly not have gotten more a couple of thousand words into this if it weren't for some faithful commenters who followed along the whole year.

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Title: All Clean
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairing: Jared/Gen
Words / Rating ~13k words / NC-17
Contents / Warnings: modern fairy tale AU, angst, washing kink, enema kink, light femdom
Summary: When Jared takes over his grandma's farm, he inherits a few things - like a brownie. Magical fairy tale company is better than no company at all, but the brownie can only stay as long as she's cleaning something. She and Jared get pretty creative about finding things for her to clean.

A/N: Written for [ profile] genteensybang. Art by the glorious [ profile] cassiopeia7. She was very gracious in taking on my fic when no one else wanted it, and look how pretty the results! Thank you so much, hon. <3 You all should absolutely go tell her what a wonderful job she did, over at the art masterpost.

Oh my gosh, this fic. I think it shakes down to about 60% angsty modern fairy tale and 40% kink. It is ALL GHOST'S FAULT. I had the bright idea to overlay my [community profile] kink_bingo card on top of my [community profile] trope_bingo card and combine prompts. (That was last July, and this is in fact the first fic to come out of that, although one of these days I am going to finish that Anna/Castiel "writing on the body" fic. Anyway, success of this venture: decidedly mixed.) There were a few combos that stumped me, though, like "enemas + fairy tale AU." Ghost to the rescue! She gave me not one but THREE possible scenarios, from which I chose one that developed into this fic. And then she kept enthusing over the snippets I sent her. So, yes. All her fault.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Whole fic on AO3
Art Masterpost
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[ profile] ever_neutral asked for: you/shipping! Are you a big shipper/multi-shipper, how does shipper fandom delight/frustrate you, has the way you ship things changed, etc.

This topic feels like it requires a few thousand words to do it justice, and I don't even know what most of those words would be. Nonetheless, off we go.

I have never had a lot of ships I feel strongly enough about to write about and read fanfic for. In fact, in terms of ships about which I am actively fannish, the list is pretty much Spike/Buffy, Faith/Giles, Meg/Castiel, Sam/Amelia, Gen/Jared, Jared/Jensen, Psylocke/Fantomex and Psylocke/Fantomex/Cluster (from X-men/Uncanny X-Force). If we also talk about fandoms I don't actively participate in, we could add Mary/Lavinia from Downton Abbey, and... I'm sure there are a couple more, but I can't think of them. Basically, it's a special ship that gets and keeps my attention after the first memory of the canon starts to fade.

I don't know that those ships listed have much in the way of common features, either. The one big one would be that most of these ships are ships that I want to work and believe would work despite major reasons why they shouldn't. A vampire in love with the Slayer, an angel who's kind of bad sweet on a demon who's kind of good, the gloriously damaged mess that is Sam/Amelia, streetwise Faith and tweedy Giles (all the better a match for having had a rebellious punk phase himself) - none of those are easy or obvious pairings, and fic that assumes they are easy does nothing to satisfy my shipping itch. What I want are ships that are hard, that might potentially clash for reasons of personality, ethics, or just age differences, but which nonetheless are shown by canon or fic to be sustainable, even joyous relationships for the people involved. There is, to me, so much hope in that; it's part of my personal need to see things built up, rather than be torn down, although of course the former is so much harder than the latter.

(The flipside is that most of my major ships have the potential for disastrous ruin, but needless to say I find fic that goes that route to be much less satisfying. :D)

The oddballs here are the RPF ships. Jared/Gen and Jared/Jensen are like relationships between paper dolls: I expect each character to maintain certain basic characteristics from one fic to the next, but beyond that it's just faces, and sometimes not even those. IDK; RPF shipping, especially the way I do it with the werebears and the space AUs, is a peculiar and inexplicable thing.

All of that isn't to say that I don't read and even write fic involving lots and lots of other ships. SPN fandom in particular has turned me into much more of a multishipper, because all the FPF pairings I like are rarepairs and have precious little fic about them. Therefore I have personally written Sam/Jo, Sam/Amy the kitsune, Sam/Tamara, Sam/Jess, Dean/Ellen, Jo/Ruby, Ellen/Rufus, and surely some others I'm not thinking of, and I've read tons more. Presently I find myself with a weakness for Kevin slash ships, which I suspect is all [ profile] downjune's fault, and I am always prepared to ship Castiel/ladies. I don't hold nearly as tightly to any of these ships as I do those listed up above, but I enjoy dabbling and thinking about the what-ifs. It's fun; it's play. Every so often I even write myself into shipping something new.

*scratches head* I think that's all I've got, re: shipping. So there you have it.
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Last year was super productive for me; this year was slightly less so, but still my second-best writing year ever. I wrote or finished two more +20k fics, which pleases me. I didn't write as much stuff this year I was super happy with, though; I don't feel like I was experimenting in as many directions as last year, either. IDK, maybe I was getting more solid at the things I learned last year, rather than learning new ones. However, I did write 26.5 fics – 14 SPN, 6.5 SPN RPF, 3 Saga, 1 FF, 1 Discworld, 1 Buffyverse, for a total of 79k words, which is nothing to sneeze at, I suppose.

Below the cut I go into a LOT more detail, because these retrospective things are better than cake.

my year in fic, in much greater detail, with a meme )

other fannish things )
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I am suddenly taken with a horrible need for a Toy Story J2 AU. Like Jensen is Woody and totally impressed by Buzz!Jared. (It could be even funnier the other way around, maybe...) Or One of them is a toy and the other has become a Collectible, a la Toy Story 2. Or One of them is the toy that's been left on the shelf for so long, and when he finally does get bought, the other is the welcoming committee.

I should not want this, but I doooooo.
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It is that time folks - the time of the year when Snick goes on and on and on about the prior fannish year. I'm going to write a fic-specific round-up once Yuletide's revealed, but in the meantime, here's a summary of the rest of my fannish activity this year.

a numbered list, with commentary )
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And in addition to Yuletide, look at these other goodies that I have recently received! They are both wonderful.

Brand New Colony, Jared/Gen, by [ profile] sagetan for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas
You guys, it is ARRANGED MARRIAGE IN SPACE. There is no way that I could possibly not love this. It's a few snapshots of the beginning of Jared and Gen's relationship, when they're still awkward and feeling each other it. It's as adorable as can be.

A Castle for Two, Jared/Gen by [ profile] Chash for the hurricane charity auction
I asked Chash for a fairy tale AU, and she delivered a delightful one. In order to rule her kingdom, Princess Gen needs to find a prince to marry. Her trusted tutor/adviser/friend Jared assists her on this quest. There's curse-breaking of various sorts, a variety of secondary pairings (including one with Osric!), and various not-too-scary shenanigans. Just delightful.

And getting these both in the same week make me think of the state of things a year and a half ago, when there were maybe five Jared/Gen fics in existence and three of them were porn. I am so tickled that it is actually a thing people write now, and not even always for me!

(Speaking of, forget not [ profile] genteensybang! May there be many more lovely Gen-centric fics to come.)
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So two different people have written me wonderful wonderful things here recently that I must tell you about (here on my library internet connection).

On the Treetop by [ profile] gryfndor_godess - Dean/Bela, S3 AU, mpreg
Alexandra has been taunting me with this mostly-unwritten Dean/Bela mpreg 'verse for like a year, and what pieces she has written, while lovely (and Ruby-centric, to add frosting to the cake), were all post-pregnancy, and I just wanted poor woeful angsty knocked-up Dean. And now lo! This is indeed all hurty and broken, plus pregnancy discomfort, plus moments of grace between Sam and Bela and Dean.

Meanwhile for insmallpackages, [ profile] ghostyouknow27 wrote me Carebears on Ice, which is the post-S8 Meg/Castiel fic where Castiel is cursed into being a polar bear and they wander around the Arctic together and don't have sex. And it is exactly as wonderful as that description suggests.
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These'll end up on [ profile] rocksalt_recs in a day or two, but you guys get first dibs. :D

Out Here in the Fields by [ profile] honeylocusttree - Victor, Sam, Dean – horror
I've heard of serial killer AUs for this fandom, but I'd never read one before. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever need to read another, because this fic (one part posted a couple of years ago, the second just a few weeks ago) is everything I could want. The characterization is chilling and horrifying, especially Dean's. Some of the grimmest fic I have read in a long, long time. In a good way.

A Beginner's Guide to Communing with the Dead by [ profile] suspiciousflashlight - Dean/Castiel – urban fantasy AU
:DDD <- me while reading this fic. This is possibly the best urban fantasy AU I have ever read in fandom, and better than most pro urban fantasy I've read, too. It is spectacular: the worldbuilding, the plotting, the many disparate elements all woven together into a finish that felt honest to goodness heroic, stirred blood and all. Dean is great as the haunted police detective, Castiel is an appropriately alien angel of vengeance, and the secondary characters are all great, too. (Even if I was a bit weirded out by Jo being eight years old.)

Seriously, I can't say enough about this author's sheer storytelling skill.

Room With a View by [ profile] a_biting_smile - Jensen/Danneel
For *cough* my prompt of "Danneel tries giving Jensen an enema for the first time. They both like it a lot more than they expected." Basically: sweet, intimate first-time kink with some delectable desperation towards the end. If you like this sort of thing - and even if you don't, maybe - then you will like this fic a lot.
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First, it's been confirmed that [ profile] genteensybang is happening again. YAY. I will have to decide what to write. I have upwards of 4k on two completely different Jared/Gen WIP, but also I want to write the big epic sequel in the werebear verse. Decisions.


in December at rocksalt_recs
All genres, ships, and fanwork types are welcome! No sign-up required.

Click here for more info.


Nov. 21st, 2013 04:08 pm
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I've had some friends writing things recently that made me all fluttery, I liked them so much.

Explaining to Dragons by [ profile] gryfndor_godess - SPN RPF, pre-Jared/Gen
It's a sort of Enchanted Forest Chronicles homage, in which Prince Jared takes himself off to find a dragon and hopefully a new life for himself, away from his kingdom where he fits so poorly. The resemblance stops there, but this fic continues to hit all my buttons. There's some woobie!Jared here, and some Gen being scowly and hard-nosed, and it's all sweet and sad and adorable.

Every Man's Got a Right by [ profile] MollyC - SPN, Dean/Castiel
Endverse Castiel, now calling himself Cas, is surprised to wake up in the middle of the street of a world that has many fewer Croats than he was expecting. And then he runs into Lucifer, and Lucifer helps him get to safety. Or, the fic in which Endverse!Castiel falls into S2, meets a Dean who doesn't believe in angels, and decides to save the world (and, not incidentally, Dean). Castiel's POV is fascinating here, especially as he tries to piece together a picture of this new Dean, so different from the Dean he's been intermittently sleeping with all this time.
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I see [ profile] spnkink_meme is open for November business, and I could use some minor distractions from my main writing projects. If some prompts turned up there that asked for The Sort of Thing I Like (=ladies + tropes + possible kink), one or two of them might get filled. I'm just saying.


Oct. 29th, 2013 06:10 pm
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First, [personal profile] netweight has become my new favorite human being, because they have just posted a history of the development of A/B/O in SPN fandom, including lots of data, links to delicious accounts and seminal fics, discussion of those fics - it's a great compilation of facts about a piece of fannish history I find fascinating.

Reading it brings back that first flush of wide-eyed, boggled enthusiasm I had for this trope and all its possibilities - and, for that matter, for SPN fandom in general and RPF fandom in particular. That was the summer I discovered [ profile] Chash and [ profile] lexicale, who between them are the reason I read RPF at all, much less write it. Those were halcyon days, my friends.

Anyway: YAY FACTS. If you ever wanted to know where this monster of a thing came from in the first place, here you go.


Meanwhile, [personal profile] scaramouche/[ profile] dachinchilla has just finished the latest installment of her Dean/Castiel arranged marriage 'verse, which is basically EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED in arranged marriage, and you all know what a favorite kink of mine that is. There is awkwardness and us-against-the-world camaraderie in spades, and an unhappiness with the situation and basic ignorance of one another that cannot be solved by a roll or two in the hay. It makes me SO HAPPY, you guys.
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Title: Not Just For Hallmark Specials Anymore
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairings: Danneel/Jensen, Gen/Jared
Words / Rating: 24,000 words total / PG
Warnings / Contents: alpha/beta/omega, mpreg, hurt/comfort
Summary: Jensen's a pregnant omega running away from his past, and Danneel's the beta whose cafe he stumbles into. One night's shelter turns into a long-term arrangement, and Danneel finds herself falling for him, even though beta/omega relationships are considered pretty weird, and female!beta/male!omega relationships are considered really weird.

A/N: So here it is, folks, the kinkmeme WIP I've been hinting about for almost a year. I didn't expect it end up this long, and I really didn't expect it to take this long - I started it almost exactly a year ago as procrastination from my spn_reversebang fic and have been updating in fits and starts ever since. This is sheer idfic, folks. There's snow and lots of tea and soup, and also het mpreg a/b/o. Yes. And then about 5k in I decided to keep it at a PG rating, because I could.

The entire thing is here at [ profile] spnkink_meme, but I'm posting it to AO3 in much more readable chunks over the next few days, and will add links here until I'm done. Feel free to comment wherever you like, if you are so moved. :)

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

entire work on AO3
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Not Skin Deep, You're In My Soul by [ profile] golden_cyborg. J2, a/b/o about the aftermath of Jared getting kidnapped, memory-wiped, and having his mating bond with Jensen overwritten via chemistry and rape. I, uh, have actually only read the third chapter (out of three so far), because I thought I was starting at the beginning? So that was a bit disorienting. This is not a happy fluffy h/c fic, though - there's a lot of emotions running high on all sides. I'm mostly in it for the unflinchingly harsh character development. Heed the warnings.

Feed Your Head by [ profile] timehasa_way - Jensen/Danneel, Jared/Gen. And lo, there is bang-length het rpf from someone I've never heard of before! Danneel gets kidnapped and taken to Wonderland, and Jensen and Jared follow to get her back. I confess, "boys save damsel in distress" isn't what I'm usually looking for in hetfic - I get it enough from pro sources - but otoh "boy adventures in Wonderland" isn't something I'm inclined to turn down. Have only read a little ways so far.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue by [ profile] belyste - J2, Wedding Date AU. Gah, I hated The Wedding Date SO MUCH; it was the worst sort of shlocky soap-operatic drama, and skeevy to boot. Wedding Date AUs, however, tend to turn out better, and I liked this one a lot, although I could have used more from Jensen's POV.
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[ profile] capitu is doing a self pimping rec list thingy, and following in [personal profile] lettered's footsteps I thought I'd repost my answers here. Disclaimer: For some of my fandoms I wasn't real sure how to measure popularity, and for all of them I kinda picked my favorite out of a hat. Tomorrow my favorites would probably be different.

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Most Popular: Seraph - 70k of Spike-centric mpreg genfic. With lots of Spike-Dawn friendship. Yes.
Warnings: mpreg, violence and violence-related trauma from a teen's POV
Personal Favourite: It's hard to say, but maybe the untitled S6-era Spike/Buffy sonnet. S6 Spuffy is tricky to write, but this expressed my feelings about the relationship pretty well, I feel. Plus poetry! I haven't written much poetry in a long, long time, but this one I am still quite pleased with.
Warnings: destructive relationship dynamics, sexualized violence - so, regular S6 Spuffy, basically

Fandom: SPN
Most Popular: What Should Really, Really Never Be, a French Mistake AU in which the SPN 'verse is normal but the French Mistake 'verse is alpha/beta/omega.
Pairing (s): All of them? :D Ships temporary, off-screen, and/or implied are Sam/Ruby, Sam/Gen, Dean/Misha, Jensen/Misha, and Jared/Gen
Warnings: a/b/o, mpreg, utter crack
Personal Favourite: I am exceedingly fond of Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right, which is Jo/Sam a/b/o with heat sex and feelings, although those two things aren't really related. I really like this verse for how dark a direction it takes the a/b/o thing, and here in particular I think I was able to de-romanticize a lot of usual a/b/o tropes while writing an ultimately romantic fic.
Warnings: knotting, a/b/o, mentions of prior sexual trauma and sexual harrassment

Fandom: SPN RPF
Most Popular: Thermodynamics and the Modern Male - HS a/b/o AU where Jared goes into heat for the first time and has trouble adjusting
Pairing (s): Jared-Jensen friendship
Warnings: a/b/o, references to knotting and mpreg, masturbation, sex talk ranging from clinical to juvenile, crude and insensitive language, sexual harassment, bullying, extended discussion of intersex genitalia
Personal Favourite: Long Way Home - post-apocalyptic road trip AU with first-time threesomeness. This has tons of cuddle porn and hits my id in so many different ways, and it feels to me like it flows really naturally. It's a toss-up between this and the werebear 'verse which SPN RPF of mine I reread the most.
Pairing (s): Jared/Jensen/Genevieve
Warnings: lots and lots of off-screen character death

So now you should all do the meme, too, either there or here or in your own journal. Yes. :D
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Courtesy of [personal profile] ruuger. I can never resist a meme with statistics in it.

Account created: late 2009 (I backdated my old fics, so I don't know the exact date when I joined)
Total stories: 117

Total wordcount: 311232
Average wordcount: 2660
Longest story: Seraph at 67k - no surprise there. It still boggles me that I ever wrote something that long.
Shortest story: Supposedly Weightless is 98 words long, but Word definitely told me it was 100. AO3 frequently gives lower word counts than Word does

Total kudos: 1157
Kudos per story: 9.8
Story with most kudos: What Should Really, Really Never Be with 102, because when you write a/b/o crack meta set in the crack meta episode and tag it with mpreg and five different pairings, people read it, it turns out. (For context, my next highest has 52 kudos.)

Total comments: 210
Comments per story: 1.8
Story with most comments: Three Christmases with Miss Honey by a country mile, with 43. Because if you write holiday fluff of a children's nostalgia fandom for Yuletide, people read that, too.

Total author subscriptions: 26
Total story subscriptions: 8
Story with most subscriptions: Thermodynamics and the Modern Male, even though it's a complete fic. It's part of a series, though; I suspect people must have subscribed to it hoping to get notifs of other works in the series. Bummer for them. The only actual WIP I have on AO3, the Faith/Giles snowpocalypse one, has no subscribers.

Total bookmarks: 213
Story with most bookmarks: Three Christmases with Miss Honey again, with 33.

Stories with no comments or kudos: Lots, basically all Buffy drabbles. The two that break that pattern are Abandon Hope (the Mary Quite Contrary remix), which is my Dru character study in drabbles; and the aforementioned Faith/Giles snowpocalypse WIP. (To be fair, I very much doubt at this point that I'll finish that one. It's too bad; I've always really liked what I had.)
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I haven't posted any big lists of recs here in quite a while, mostly because my reccing energy has been diverted to other places - [ profile] rocksalt_recs, for example. I've been reccing there pretty regularly; if your curious, you can see all my posts here.

Also, for those looking through my SPN recs posts on the LJ side and wishing there was a way to uncollapse all the cut tags at once, I direct you to the DW side. If you look at the bottom of the left sidebar, there's a box that says "Expand Cut Tags," and if you click the arrow below, lo! All the posts, expanded. :)
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Title: Chemical Bonding
Author: [ profile] snickfic
Artist: [ profile] scarletscarlet
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Characters/Pairings: Genevieve/Jared, Danneel/Jensen, also Rachel Miner, Julie Benz, et al
Genre: alpha/beta/omega college AU, coming-of-age with romance
Rating / Word Count: R / 21.5k words
Contents / Warnings: alpha/beta/omega dynamics, intersex genitalia (Gen has a knot, Jared has something corresponding to a vagina), mentions of knotting
Summary: Gen is the world's tiniest alpha chick, and she's crushing on the hottest, hugest omega dude to ever walk this earth - or at least the grounds of their college campus. But while getting him to go out with her is easy, building the kind of relationship she’s hoping for is more difficult, especially when one person is still struggling to find her place among alpha kind and the other is a little too used to people liking him solely for his come-fuck-me omega perfume.

Author's Note: This is part of a series but is meant to be readable as a standalone. The complete series is here, and includes a longfic about Jared in high school and several short pieces about Gen and Danneel at college.

My cheat sheet to SPN RPF characters is here.

Full fic (with download) at AO3
Art Masterpost
(Be sure to go tell [ profile] scarletscarlet how GORGEOUS her art is. She deserves most copious praise!)

Chemical Bonding - banner

Special Notes: My gushing thanks to the following people:
* [ profile] scarletscarlet - who has been such a delight to work with (repeatedly!), and whose wonderful art helped inspire me as went through the editing process.
* [ profile] ghostyouknow27 - who held my hand through the whole long process of getting this written and edited, listening to all my whining and wailing with the best of grace and telling me "There, there" when I needed it.
* [ profile] gryfndor_godess who beta'd, [ profile] skyofisis who offered me help in my time of need, and [ profile] bobthemole who helped with the details of Gen's chemistry class travails.
* mods [ profile] wendy and [ profile] thehighwaywoman, whose hard work and dedication make this challenge happen, year after year.
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1. multifannish kinkmeme - although it's looking singularly monofannish right now. Go prompt other things!

2. [ profile] fic_corner: sign-ups close sometime today the 29th for the Exchange at Fic Corner, for children's lit. Some great fandoms nominated there.

3. [ profile] rarecharacters: nominations close tomorrow the 30th for this rare character fic exchange

4. [ profile] rocksalt_recs: sign-ups always open to rec SPN and SPN RPF goodies. Right now most August slots are open.
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The last of my recs! More delicious stuff. I was a lot more organized about reading this year than last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the things and looking at all the art. Yay. This fest remains my favorite fannish event of the year.

Erg, this got long.


The Most Special, the Most Lonely - Sam/Kevin, R
Not my ship, but this comes far closer to convincing me than anything else I've seen so far. Set just after the finale, with Kevin feeling about how you'd expect, and Sam just needing some space, and them finding something in each other, maybe.

Hat Trick - Jared/Misha R
This is a horror/fantasy fic about a cursed hat shop. Yes. And it is both horrible and delightful. The author has a really deft touch, spooling out the story at just the right pace.

One More Miracle - J2, NC-17
Jared is the king of the land who has just secured his rightful throne, and Jensen is the right hand man who helped him secure it. I love this first of all for the worldbuilding, which is rich and fascinating even in the background, and second for the deep and equal relationship Jard and Jensen clearly have between them. A really neat vignette; I'd read a whole longfic set in this world.

My Rugged Heart - Sam/Dean/Jo, PG-13
This is a threesome-get-together fic featuring my fav SPN female character of all, but it's a get-together fic in which Sam isn't quite what he is in canon; his special abilities in canon have morphed to something stranger and more unpredictable here. And the eventual joy and affection between the three of them is just lovely.

Still Raining, Still Dreaming - Sam/Castiel, R
Post-8.23. Sam and Castiel, huddled in a cabin, talking past each other. Sam's fumbling to communicate; Castiel isn't even trying. A complicated, bitter, bracing piece of fic.

Better to Light a Candle - Sam/Castiel, PG
The softer, slightly sweet Sam/Castiel, also post-8.23. These are glimpses of friendship growing to something more, much to Sam's surprise - and a little dismay, maybe.

Nothing But Time - Ruby/Anna, R
4.09 wasn't the first time Ruby met Anna. I like what the other does here with Anna, showing that she always had sight beyond the strictly natural, and I also really like the Ruby characterization. Very nifty.

The Undone and The Divine - Ruby/Anna, ART
THE COLORS, oh my gosh. Watercolor, bright and vibrant, and the artist does some interesting contrasting things with Ruby and Anna's respective wings that are unlike I'm seen anywhere else (which is saying something - SPN fandom is extremely fond of its wings).
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I would totally rec my gift fic here, except I already did yesterday when I got it, but you should absolutely read it, because it is delightful. And in other things:

Handprint on the Driver's Side - Sam/Jo, R
UGH, so good I am just beside myself. Jo runs across Sam shortly after 3.16. This isn't the first time I've seen this premise, but I think this might be my favorite execution of it. It's all sharp edges here, and kindness is unwelcome, and the characterization is so good. Maybe my favorite piece of the challenge so far.

Synergy - Sam/Dean/Jess, PG
In which Dean rescues Jess from the fire and then has to figure out where he fits in. The conclusion came a little quick, it felt like to me, but the rest was all delicious and hurty in the best ways.

Under Electric Candlelight - J2, NC-17
The core of this is porn, but it's the feelings at the edges that hit me right in the gut. I feel a lot for Jared and Jensen both, but mostly Jared, poor kid.

Unholy Trinity - ART, Naomi+Abaddon+Kali wallpaper
It's so pretty! I love the colors. But the composition is super neat, too, and I love the visual motifs attached to each character. I'm putting this as my desktop, as soon as I get bored of what I have.
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I was telling Ghost the other day that I am very easy these days: happy tropey fic with ladies just makes me grin from ear to ear, every time. And lately my cup runneth over! Lookie lookie!

First, the springfling fic for me was posted this morning:
Brave New Planet - Jared/Gen, for my prompt "science fiction AU"

YOU GUYS. JARED/GEN SPACE SHENANIGANS. They are both adorable in it, warming up to each other in very small quarters during a space voyage. The science fictional bits are way cool, too - there's enough there to feel like this is set in a real universe somewhere, but not enough that it overwhelms.

It is adorable and wonderful and exactly my sort of thing, and you all should read.

Second, almost by accident I discovered someone had filled a prompt of mine from Tropefest (which is for tropey fics featuring women):
A Clean Line Across the Sea by [ profile] exmanhater - Gen/Adrianne

Is a PERN AU. :DDDD Pern AUs are a guilty pleasure and a bulletproof kink; you will always have me at "Pern AU." This one is delicious and delightful, and spends a fair bit of time just hanging out in the Pern universe before the shippy stuff goes into high gear. The author manages, IMO, to excise the icky bits from the canon, while keeping dragons and mating flights. And the side characters! Julie McNiven as wingleader! And Gen and Adrianne themselves are just as sweet as they can be (while also being, you know, highly competent dragon riders).
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We'll see if I manage to follow through and rec things all week, but for now, here are my favorites for the first few days (with the caveat that I read very little Sam/Dean and am unlikely to rec porn unless it's also got good character stuff I like).

Please note that all these are anonymous! Author reveals don't happen until later. Also, they're all under 2500 words.

It's Always Sunny in Area 51 - Dean+Cas, PG-13
Military/SF AU, in which Dean gets lost in the military complex known as Area 51 and runs into a nerdy scientist type with zero socials skills. Neat Dean+Sam dynamic, too, and the final image is great.

We Are Only Free Inside These Walls - Meg/Castiel, R
Every so often, Meg and Castiel play hookey from their respective duties and meet in the middle. A far future fic with some neat angel/demon ship aspects to it. Also, hairbrushing. I really like the interplay between them here.

Devil's Luck - Sam/Dean, PG-13
LADYHAWKE AU, YOU GUYS. From an OC demon's perspective in second person POV, which I realize will lose some people, but this is SO GREAT. It's dark but not too dark, the narrator voice is great, the slow unfolding of what's happening is great. For those concerned about the ship, it reads as basically gen expect for one line of implied Sam/Dean. It's great fun, y'all.

A Thin Veneer - J2, PG-13
FBI AU, in which Jared got stuck in white collar crimes years ago on account of freezing in action, and now is the one-man welcome wagon for the guy just coming out from deep undercover. This fic is mostly character, and very nicely done character work it is, too. The slow development of Jared's relationship with Jensen and the emotion of the finish really worked for me.

The Wall Between Us - ART, Dean+Cas, NSFW (gore)
Dean may or may not have acquired a pet komodo dragon in purgatory. One way or the other, the giant lizard in the picture no doubt explains why Dean is holding a corpse by its hair. Great composition, very dramatic lighting, this fic invites all sorts of stories to explain it.

When You Put It Like That - ART, Victor+Bela, SFW
Noir AU! W00t! Is he the world-weary cop doing what he can in a city full of scum? Is she the sticky-fingered moll who sometimes gifts him with information sometimes? They snark a lot, but neither of them ever mention that one incident when they got drunk together after a gunfight...
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1. Several vids to Adele's Rumor Has It, but especially a Dru video about Spuffy. ("She's half your age," "Just 'cause I said it don't mean that I meant it.")

2. ALLLL the RPF femslash roller derby AUs.

3. A Jared/Gen Dancing with the Stars AU where he's the celebrity something-or-other and she's the no-nonsense ballroom dance pro who puts him through his paces and warms up to him later.
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(While individuals are welcome to link this around as they please, I ask that this please not be included in any newsletters or linkdumps. Also, I will probably flock this post in a couple of weeks, or sooner if discussion becomes uncivil.)

This is an anon meme appreciation post. Specifically, it is a post about the two anon memes that I've gotten familiar with, [ profile] fail_fandomanon (pan-fannish) and [ profile] spnanonhaven (SPN-specific), and why I love them.

in defense of anon memes )

things to like about anon memes )
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Fabulous fanworks keep coming out of that comment meme from a few weeks back.
* [ profile] downjune has posted another segment in her Julie/Jensen RPF verse where Julie is a city gnome and Jensen is a merman just come to shore. It continues to be quiet and lovely and wonderful, and this installment we get to see Jensen's merman form!

* [ profile] a_biting_smile has drawn Anna and pregnant Dean (SFW), which as we all know is highly relevant to my interests. And look at them, so quiet and intimate together. Eeee.

Meanwhile, from outside the comment meme, Terms of Engagement by tcwordsmith is the Abaddon/Naomi fic I require after that finale. Yes.
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in June at rocksalt_recs
All genres, ships, and fanwork types are welcome! No sign-up required.

Click here for more info.

Reccing is what makes fandom go 'round, says I. Come tell people about things you've read and loved! Or seen and loved!

(I suddenly realize that I really, really need an icon of Jared from that Mary-Kate and Ashley movie with the quote, "Is today my birthday?" Partly, let's be honest, because he's ridiculously hot in that scene, and I say that as a Jensen girl. But also because it'd be useful. :D)
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Title: Double Pointed
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairing: Jensen/Misha
Words / Rating: 900 words / G
Summary: Misha and Misha's werehedgehog boyfriend Jensen each have their own way of coping when life gets to be too much.

A/N: This is for a prompt in my ficathon (which is still there, if anyone wants to fill a prompt, although the LJpocalypse has left the comments a mess). It's really short and quietly angsty and also ends a little abruptly? But werehedgehogs!

(Speaking of, no discussion of werehedgehogs is complete without this, which I suspect is what inspired the prompt.)

Also On AO3.

'I need my tube,' Jensen says. )
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1. [ profile] gryfndor_godess has just posted a tantalizing excerpt of what she says is a longer story she probably won't write. WOE. Because it is this, a fic about the Winchesters+Bela falling into an a/b/o RPF world. So it is leading up to Winchesters+Bela+alpha!Gen hijinks, and also horrifying realizations about newly acquired bodies. You will weep that there is no more. (But you should read it anyway.)

2. But Where Would They Live by [ profile] downjune, which is gnome!Julie/merman!Jensen and Jared/demon!Gen. It's everything I want in RPF, you guys: sweetness and worldbuilding and crack and rarepairs. Go forth and enable downjune in her very first RPF venture.

3. Winchester College for the Supernatural, by anon (although I have a suspicion I know who it is; we shall see if it turns up on my flist here in a week or two). It's to my prompt in the comment meme, and it's pretty genficcy (although there's possible Jensen/Danneel to appear at some point in the future?); it's Jensen arriving at college only to discover that he is apparently the only human studying with a bunch of supernatural creatures. It is exactly as delightul as it sounds.

Basically, the internet has been VERY GOOD to me the last few days, you guys. <3 <3 <3
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Just a last reminder that the SPN comment meme is still open for prompting/fills. So far it's been all Jared-centric RPF rarepairs, which I will not complain about at all, but there are plenty of FPF prompts there, too. :)
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I have made a SPN/SPN RPF comment meme! here at LJ! Y'all should come prompt things so I have something to write and don't feel silly


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