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First, [ profile] shipswap has signups open
Meanwhile, [ profile] beyondpanels also has signups open.

Beyond Panels: A Comics Fanwork Exchange
fic & art | all comics welcome
nominations Jan 12 | sign-ups Jan 23
A03 | LJ | DW

And hey, what do you know, [ profile] genteensybang signups are also open!
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Eee, archive is open! I am working my way through but I already have a few recs.

Girls' Day Out, FF, ensemble gen
AKA the fic for MEEEE. Darla and Jen take Tong, Onome, and Luna for a girls' day out. Naturally it becomes a more eventful trip than Darla was planning on. It's sweet and adorable and made me happy.

the only place, FF, mostly Scott with background Scott/Darla
This is so lovely, a post-canon fic that's a much more somber approach, specifically to Scott and his depression. A really great mix of zany asides and characterization sharp enough to make you bleed. And yet ultimately hopeful.

(And there's even a THIRD FF fic, but I haven't read it yet. A bounty of riches!)

Gwendolyn being badass, Saga, art
Man, the ATTITUDE Gwen has here. Love the colors, all the little details, and the use of Lying Cat is just perfect. It's must-see.
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* This is the best thing I have read all day: the author who wrote the first several Vampire Diaries books on a work for hire contract under the name LJ Smith and who was then fired because the company who hired her didn't like the direction she was taking the series, is now publishing her additional rejected books under the Kindle Worlds "authorized fanfiction" license. GO HER, say I.

* This morning just before I woke up, I dreamed that I had discovered a Jensen Ackles paper doll set, except the clothes weren’t proper paper clothes - they were like sticker decals, and about three inches high. I explained them to my friend: “Here’s Jensen in a tux, here’s Jensen after Danneel dresses him [this was the description that came with the outfit], ooh look, here’s Jensen with tentacles!” The tentacles were orange, btw.

* I have 850 words of [ profile] femslash_minis fic. I am hoping to finish that by the end of the weekend, so that I can spend next week on Porn Battle prompts and then start on my [ profile] beyondpanels assignment as soon as I get it, circa Feb 4. And hopefully more Jared/Gen will happen in there, when I get bored with whatever else I am doing. That is the Plan, anyway.
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YAY, comics! I just started reading them in earnest about eight months ago, but I am having a blast. I am so very excited that there's now an exchange just for them, and I am beyond thrilled that you, dear author, are going to write me fic for one of them.

First: If you have a story you've been wanting to write about any of these canons, I would love to read it. I talk a lot (a LOT) below about some of these comics, including lots of suggestions, but they are only meant to help get you started. Any story you've been itching to write for these characters, I would love to read.

Also: personally, when I write really small fandoms I end up putting all this pressure on myself to write The Definitive Fic in the fandom, but that's silly. If you feel the same, please be assured that I'm not hoping for the fic, just a fic. :)

General likes and dislikes )

Saga )

FF )

Journey into Mystery )

Uncanny X-Force )

Archie )
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Beyond Panels: A Comics Fanwork Exchange
fic & art | all comics welcome
nominations Jan 10 | sign-ups Jan 21
A03 | LJ | DW

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Are there enough exclamation points there?!!!!!?

Between the Panels is a comics-only exchange patterned on Yuletide. Planning is still in the works, but the basic info is here. Nominations start January 10-ish!



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