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The Buffyverse Crackficathon is still going strong. There are plenty of excellent prompts to choose from, and fics are still coming in. Since it is relevant to my interests, I must point out that [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni has just written an alpha/beta/omega fic with knitting. That is not a typo. (Because a/b/o wasn't cracky enough by itself.)
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Neglected to post here yesterday, am now rectifying: the Buffyverse Crackficathon, now accepting prompts and fills (of fic and art). Come play!
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The people have spoken! We will indeed have a crackficathon again this year. Unless there are objections, I'm thinking to open it up on Thursday, which'll let both weekday people and weekend people get a crack (heh) at it.

Question: would anyone like to make a banner or two, with some suitably cracky cap from the show and the words "BtVS / Ats Crackficathon" (or similar) appearing somewhere on it? If someone would, that'd be nifty; if not, we still have the ones [ profile] blueteainfusion made last year, which I'm pretty fond of anyway.
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Hey, all. Last year around this time we had the Crackficathon, the Buffyverse commentfic meme of CRACK. I'd be happy to host it again; it's not like it's a lot of work. I'd just like to gauge interest.

Hence, a poll!
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1. You remember that Faith wingfic prompt I made for the Crackficathon way back when? And how [personal profile] bruttimabuoni wrote happy fluffy Faith/Giles Pylea wingfic for it? And then [personal profile] verity wrote sparse meditative Catholic!Faith wingfic for it?

Well, it is apparently the prompt that keeps on giving, because now [personal profile] lettered has written Hope Has Wings (But Faith Has a Broadsword). I haven't read it yet, because it is long and I'm supposed to be writing this Samfic (hah), but I have no doubt that it is glorious. So you all should read it.

2. And in the vein of things you should read, [personal profile] ghostyouknow has just posted the first chapter of Jubilees, which is angsty Cas-centric mpreg with nephilim and pre-fic genderswap and impending death. Of course it is. So far it's very yummy angst indeed.

3. In less ficcish things, have an article on DW's ongoing updates on old LJ programming. Very interesting stuff. No, really. (via [personal profile] majorshipper)
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Apparently this was the weekend for people writing me things. Because [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni wrote me The Shady Side of the Hill, which is Wes/Illyria mpreg with just the right mixture of confusion and irony and humor. And then she wrote kidfic to follow!

Meanwhile, [personal profile] verity wrote The Sound of Her, which first of all is Faith wingfic, lovely and atmospheric, and second has Catholic!Faith, which I was begging her to write. And lo! it is also fabulous, and y'all should read.

It's worth nothing that both of these ideas grew out of prompts from the crackficathon, for which fics (or art!) are still happily accepted. There are still some nifty prompts over there. The masterlist of finished works is here.
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Title: The Cheese Man Cometh
Characters: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, the Cheese Man
Spoilers: Through 4.22 Restless
Words / Rating: 1400 words / G

A/N. Written for the crackficathon, for the prompt "To prevent the apocalypse, one of the Scoobies must become the Cheese Man's replacement" from [ profile] ffutures, with additional inspiration from [ profile] doyle_sb4's gorgeous Dawn/Cheese Man fic A Girl Made From Sky.

I don't know whether this is the crackiest fic I've ever written, but it is almost certainly the strangest. Uh, enjoy?

At first, it's just cheese. )
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Hey, all! Over at LJ I'm hosting a comment ficathon celebrating all kinds of cracky goodness. Go here for the prompt/fill post and here for the masterlist of filled prompts.
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I have been wanting a Buffyverse/Angelverse crackficathon for months, but it just occurred to me a few days ago that a comment ficathon is probably much more everyone's speed right now. So I'm going to do it! Here in a day or two, probably. Very easy-going, and I'll keep a masterlist, being as that is The Thing That I Do.

So, I was wondering if someone graphically-minded would be willing to make me up a banner or two. One for BtVS and one for Ats seems like a good idea. Help?

ETA: Graphics help found! I should have the ficathon post up sometime today (Wednesday).


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