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I ended up writing three things for this exchange. First was my assignment, second was a pinch hit, and third was a treat, because I sent [personal profile] verity the opening fifty words or so and didn't know what to do with it, and she said, "WRITE IT FOR ME AS A TREAT." And I did.

Adult Conversation
Marc-Andre Fleury/Evgeni Malkin, 5.1k, rated T, fantasy/curses.
It’s bad enough that Flower can't talk to people without calling them things like poopy butt. It’s worse that Geno isn’t talking to him at all.

Jack Johnson/Sidney Crosby, 3.1k, rated M, h/c.
“I’ve got some time.” Sid’s voice buzzed a little. Too many satellite connections between Jack and Prague, probably. “I want to get some work started at the house, so I’ll be around for a week or so. You should come.”

Silver Medal Baby
Hilary Knight/Evgeni Malkin, 1.9k, rated T, mpreg (IN THE MOST PREDICTABLE REVEAL EVER KNOW TO MAN)
"You not even win gold! We had loser sex."

Hilary did not point out that at least she medaled. If one of them was going to get knocked up at the Olympics, obviously it would be Geno.
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All the wonderful fics are here!

I've got three fics in the exchange, so feel free to guess which ones are mine! One of them is a gimme, though. Like, it is the most obviously snick-fic that has ever ficced.
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Probably everyone who cares already knows, but signups for the [ profile] hockeyrarepairexchange are open right now. There are approximately two million pairings nominated, so unless you're into the Devils or the Red Wings, if you're into hockey it is very, very likely there is something there for you.


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