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Time to Ring in the New Year - Time to Love Exchange!

One thing that you love in exchange for one thing that someone else loves.
It's a New Year's Resolution of Sharing and Exchanging Love and Squee.


This is a nifty fest put together by [ profile] kwritten that I meant to do last year and then didn't. Anyway, the idea is that you go to the exchange post here and comment with some books/movies/TV that you wish people would consume, fic you wish people would write, etc. Then you comment on another thread or few threads, offering to watch or read or write something that person wants. Optionally, you can also make a post in your own journal talking about your requested TV/etc in more depth.

Basically, it is a chance to share the squee in a more proactive fashion than we often do.

As an example, my thread is here (it is mostly comics, we are all shocked), and my promo post is here.

You should all come wish for stuff, too! This is your chance to finally get someone else to read that obscure book or watch your favorite-ever movie. :D
snickfic: Buffy Dawn weird love is better than no love (Buffy Dawn sister love)
Here is some info/squee about things I would like people to watch/read/make for [ profile] love_resolution! A bunch of the text is nabbed from other posts I've made, so if it looks familiar to some of you, that's why.

EDIT: I'm adding one more super big wish right here at the top, and that's if you become or are already familiar with any of the TV/books/comics I mention below, that you post about them on your journal. I have several friends who've already read Seraphina, for example, and I would LOVE to have them write rambly squee or meta or whatever about it, so I can jump in and squee, too. So even if you've already watched/read the thing I'm requesting, you can still totally fulfill one of my wishes!!

Twin Peaks )

Remender's Uncanny X-Force )

Saga )

FF )

Nimona )

China Mieville )

Seraphina, by Rachel Hartman )

The Birthday of the World collection by Le Guin )


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