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* This Rarewomen fic is finally turning into something I like. You know how there are fic that you can write in one or two sittings? And then there are fics that you write 300 words for, and then you have to go away, and when you come back you delete the last fifty and write another 300, and so on? This is definitely one of the latter.

* I have my Fic Mountain and Not Prime Time assignments! Fic Mountain will require a tiiiny bit of new canon and some review of old canon, but should be fun. No worries there. And the NPT assignment is a great fit, so my trouble there is mostly narrowing down what I want to write.

* Yesterday in a pile of papers I found part of a hopelessly self-indulgent hockey fic I started writing longhand a month ago. I thought it was lost forever, but lo, it is not! So, yay, even though all 1600 words or whatever I have will need major rewriting if it's ever to see the light of day.

* In the department of "I don't have to write RPF, because the media writes it for me," have an article about Sid and Geno and leadership and stuff. Also FEELINGS. Lots of feelings.
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I have [ profile] rarewomen words! Words I like! I know exactly what I want to do with this fic and have known since a day after I got the assignment, and it is a thing I can do without the handwringing that began my Beyond Panels assignment, and I am altogether very pleased. Plus the prompt gives me an excuse to write an aspect of canon I've been wanting to write for quite a while. YAY ALL AROUND.


Upcoming films, because I went to see Winter Soldier yesterday and there trailers.
* Lucy, with body horror and ScarJo with out-of-control powers? And also Morgan Freeman? YES PLEASE I WILL WATCH THE HECK OUT OF THAT. Even though the ~science is clearly ridiculous.

* Godzilla looks very silly, but also probably cooler than the last Godzilla remake, and I am a TOTAL SUCKER for giant megafauna which I may have mentioned, so. Also Bryan Cranston, what even.

* Maleficient looks more interesting than I expected. I can see why people have been getting a femslash vibe from it. I will definitely wait on reviews, though.


Speaking of, yes, I saw Winter Soldier! Unspoilery version: I enjoyed it quite a bit, for pretty much exactly the reasons I expected to enjoy it.

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Yay ladies. :D Thank you so much, dear author, for writing me a fic! Be assured that if you are writing one of my beloved ladies, then I will be thrilled.

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Two Rarewomen recs and one Avengers rec I've been saving for just such a recs post as this.

A Battery of Signals by [ profile] cordialcount - Inception - 5700 words
To be honest, I only saw Inception once, it was a long time ago, and I'm not sure I fully follow everything that happens in this fic. It is nonetheless clearly brilliant. It's a "Mal was Right" fic that follows after the events of the movie as Mal chases after the forger who's been wearing her face. The tension here between Mal and Dom, between Mal and her quarry is perfect and, satisfyingly, never fully resolves. Delicious psychological thriller (even if you've forgotten half the canon. :D)

Rin's Deal by [ profile] petrichoral - Spirited Away - 6k
A fully fleshed out story of Chihiro's grudging friend Rin (/Lin), how she came to the bath house, and what became of her after Chihiro left. This is the Rin-centric fic I have always wanted, full of little details that ties it in with the world we saw in the movie. The author gets the tone just right while developing Rin into a person with a story of her own.

The Monsters Inside, by [ profile] tristesses - Avengers - 6400 words
(The not-Rarewomen fic.) Um, so, this is a Natasha-as-Hulk AU, and it's good. 'Nuf said.
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Is open! I lucked out this year and got not one but two fics featuring beloved SPN ladies:

Scent of Blood by [personal profile] alexseanchai
Amelia/Sam in which an outing goes awry and Amelia meets the supernatural head-on, which gives me my "Amelia Finds Out" prompt and my love for "girl saves boy" in the same story.

Lose Your Soul Tonight by [ profile] tiny_white_hats
A treatfic about what becomes of Kate from SPN 8.04. Tragic and lovely. (Warning for character death.)

There's lots of other delicious things as well, of which I've read only a handful, but so far I'm particularly fond of The Autoignition Point by flistie [ profile] lyryk, which is sweet delicious Tamara/Charlie femslash, featuring book nerdiness and also sex.


May. 3rd, 2013 08:46 pm
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* SPNJ2BB draft is in; claims are tomorrow and open early enough that perhaps I will be claimed by the time I wake up. Teensybang is posted. Rarewomen fic has had final edit. I have discharged ALL MY PRESSING FANNISH OBLIGATIONS.

* [community profile] over40fest: fanworks for characters over forty! Like Giles, for instance. Or Ellen, or Rufus, or Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Yes? :D

* By the way, for those wondering, I discovered that via [community profile] fandomcalendar, one of the best multifandom resources I know for finding fests and events.
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I never want to write 20k in a month again. At least not on purpose. It's basically what I did for RBB, but then I was writing to the end of the story, not to some arbitrary word count.

This draft definitely falls down at the end. It needs at least one, maybe two more scenes to end properly, and also we may very well remove the gratuitous porn at the end, or else make it less gratuitous. Ideally I will clean it up some before I send it to my artist. Artist claims on SATURDAY, EEEP.

Also I post for [ profile] genteensybang tomorrow. Blessed be to the teensymod that my posting date was not today. (I didn't think to ask when the schedule was being made.)

Speaking of teensybang, go look! Glorious fic already being posted! Glorious art likewise! I can already tell this is going to have one of the highest awesomeness per work quotients of any event this year. Proper recs later.

Also, now that bb is out, I have to tidy up [ profile] rarewomen. Guys, I love rarewomen and all that it stands for, but I'm skipping it next year if I sign up for bb again.
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1. Got my [ profile] rarewomen assignment, and I am well pleased. There's the makings of good things in my recipient's Dear Author letter.

Speaking of, there's a spreadsheet of all rarewomen Dear Author letters here, and the mods have made all requests visible. They're really enthused about the possibility of treat fics this year, now that they fest is on AO3, which is so much more convenient for that sort of thing. Even if you didn't sign up for the fest, if you feel moved to write a treat for one the requests, it sounds like you're welcome to do so.

2. [ profile] genteensybang summaries are up in preparation for art claims, which happen on Saturday. These summaries, YOU GUYS. I am so excited to read EVERY SINGLE ONE of these fics. How often does that happen in a bang? Never. It never happens. Such deliciousness, so much crack, I can't even.

3. I have minor characters on [ profile] rocksalt_recs this month, which I nabbed because, you know, basically all my characters are minor characters. But then I realized that most of the things I'd had in mind to rec had already been recced by people (of impeccable taste) in the last couple of months.

And then I thought of all minor character fanart I had saved on Tumblr. PROBLEM SOLVED. Expect to see me linking a lot of art over there this month. (Although I've been reccing some fic, too, as I think of it.)


Mar. 2nd, 2013 11:45 pm
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[ profile] genteensybang draft SUBMITTED.

And just in time, since I hear [ profile] rarewomen assignments go out on Monday, and also I seriously need to start in on something for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. (Although I did post a snippet of the likeliest candidate, over at the check-in post.)
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[ profile] shipswap is running another rarepair fic exchange, with nominations now open.

[ profile] rarewomen is running again this year, with nominations open soon.

[community profile] megexchange is a fic exchange for fic about one Meg Masters, demon. Sign-ups are open here.

I haven't decided which of these I'm going to sign up for, if any. The Meg-centric fest sounds like a great excuse to hone my Meg skills; I wrote that one Meg+Ruby ficlet a while back, and she was a lot of fun to write. And I already nominated a bunch of ships for Ship Swap, so they're there for me to request if I end up participating.

Really, the only exchanges I'm committing myself to this year are [ profile] spnspringfling, because I had a blast last year, and [ profile] spn_j2_xmas, because I wanted to last year and didn't. Next in priority after those would be [ profile] spn_summergen, but we will have to see. I did relatively a lot of exchanges last year and kind of wore myself out.

I'm also already signed up for [ profile] genteensybang (w00t! writer sign-ups close Thursday!) and [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, and I'd like to do [ profile] spn_reversebang again, because that was really cool last year.
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1. There was a bit of a delay, but I did eventually get my [ profile] rarewomen assignment last week. I am excited about it and at only the minimal level of panic. \o/

2. [ profile] pocochina has been watching SPN and writing up her thoughts, which has been a treat. However, today she started gushing about the amazing wonderfulness of Sam in S4, and y'all should go read it RIGHT NOW. It is a thing of beauty. She expresses so much of what I love about Sam in S4. Gah.
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Dear Author, I am so excited you're going to write me something yummy for the women in one of my beloved fandoms! If you've been matched with me, then I already know you have excellent taste, and this bodes well. :)

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Fandoms: SPN, SPN RPF, Downton Abbey )

Thank you so much, author! I very much look forward to reading what you write.
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If you were thinking about nominating female characters in a rare fandom or rare female characters in a large fandom for [ profile] rarewomen, today's your last chance. Nominations are here.

Sign-ups start on Wednesday, as explained in the fest guidelines.
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Character nominations are open at [ profile] rarewomen, which is a Yuletide-like ficathon, but for rare female characters from large fandoms and any female characters from small fandoms.

Apparently I'm participating, since I nommed people (in SPN RPF, BtVS, BSG, Downton Abbey, and Pern). Therefore you should too! You don't have to nominate fandoms/characters in order to sign up for the ficathon itself, but if there's a particular rare fandom/character you want, you might want to go over there and nominate it.


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