Feb. 7th, 2013 06:10 pm
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So that hiatus is over. Honestly, it was mostly in my head; I was still around, lurking, I just felt like I had removed any pressure to engage. Although I forgot myself a few times, there, so a few of you heard from me anyway. :D Anyway, I will probably continue to be a little slow responding to comments and such for a while.

1. Have started watching Breaking Bad; I've seen the first season. Everybody told me it was amazing, and it is. Time lapse photography! Consistent characterization! And also Aaron Paul having the most amusing, most delightful inflection known to man.

However, nobody told me that it is like a marginally more sympathetic Coen brothers miniseries, and it's that, too. I feel like I wouldn't have any idea how to watch this show without first having seen, say, Fargo and The Ladykillers. The former, especially; Walter White reminds me a lot of the Steve Buschemi character in Fargo, only rather more competent. Also, there certain scenes in this show that suggest parallels with the wood chipper.

Otherwise, I don't have a lot to say about it yet other than that I agree with all the points [personal profile] selenak makes in this post.

2. I haven't been writing much. I do have 3k of fic for [ profile] genteensybang, but I don't really like it. I don't have a word written for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang yet and haven't even really settled on a story.

I also have absolutely nothing written for my [ profile] spnpairingbingo card; I've managed to write several shippy things since I got it, but they either were pairings not on the card (Sam/Madison, Sam/Jess) or not long enough (Dean/Bela). And now I reeeeally want to write some Meg/Castiel (perhaps inspired by this gifset), which isn't on the card either. I think I'm doing this bingo thing wrong.

3. I watched SPN. My thoughts are brief: spoilers )

4. It never fails to make me sad when I see a fic marked Jared/Gen or Jensen/Danneel on AO3 only to realize that the primary ship is actually J2. This is true of like 95% of the fics marked Jared/Gen or Jensen/Danneel on AO3.

5. [ profile] spn_weirdnews will introduce an exciting new feature on Sunday. :D


Dec. 3rd, 2012 03:48 pm
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Was rereading the [ profile] spnpairingbingo rules and discovered this key fact:

For each square, the prompted pairing must be the focus of the produced work. There can, of course, be other pairings in the story/art/vid. For the sake of this community, a pairing can be romantic or simply friendship, or pre-relationship.

First, I am always glad to see friendship and other relationships legitimized alongside romantic ones. Second, that makes certain pairings a whole lot easier and also eases my anxiety of producing fic that isn't quite shippy enough.
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Clearly this is the best thing to ever thing. As if I needed motivation to write crack pairings, amirite? You can specify what kind of ships you want (het, m/m, f/f, or mixed) and you have up to five opt-outs, whether pairings or ships or whatever.

my card )

Obviously, I need to do something with that lower right corner. (This is obvious if you've met [ profile] gryfndor_godess.) The far right vertical line is intriguing - Dean/Bela and Ellen/Dean (I even have an idea for that one; I've been wanting to write more Dean/Ellen) and unusual Castiel pairings. OTOH, the middlemost vertical line has Sam/Lisa, which I'm intrigued by, and Jo/Cas, which I also have an idea for, and Balthazar/Kali, which I just think would be a hoot.

Difficult decisions, here. I suppose I could always try for a blackout, but that'd take me, like, a year. Hmmmmmm.

I may call on y'all later to give me prompts for pairings I'm finding sticky


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