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I was telling Ghost the other day that I am very easy these days: happy tropey fic with ladies just makes me grin from ear to ear, every time. And lately my cup runneth over! Lookie lookie!

First, the springfling fic for me was posted this morning:
Brave New Planet - Jared/Gen, for my prompt "science fiction AU"

YOU GUYS. JARED/GEN SPACE SHENANIGANS. They are both adorable in it, warming up to each other in very small quarters during a space voyage. The science fictional bits are way cool, too - there's enough there to feel like this is set in a real universe somewhere, but not enough that it overwhelms.

It is adorable and wonderful and exactly my sort of thing, and you all should read.

Second, almost by accident I discovered someone had filled a prompt of mine from Tropefest (which is for tropey fics featuring women):
A Clean Line Across the Sea by [ profile] exmanhater - Gen/Adrianne

Is a PERN AU. :DDDD Pern AUs are a guilty pleasure and a bulletproof kink; you will always have me at "Pern AU." This one is delicious and delightful, and spends a fair bit of time just hanging out in the Pern universe before the shippy stuff goes into high gear. The author manages, IMO, to excise the icky bits from the canon, while keeping dragons and mating flights. And the side characters! Julie McNiven as wingleader! And Gen and Adrianne themselves are just as sweet as they can be (while also being, you know, highly competent dragon riders).
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Trope Fest 3: The Tropening is what we call An Event Specially Designed for Snick: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a female character-centric fanwork that uses at least one fannish trope.

That's a link to the (optional) prompts post, which closes tonight. I was quite enthusiastic in my prompting, oh yes. :D


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