Nov. 1st, 2015 06:34 pm
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So somehow the crosspost of that WIP amnesty has crossposted to LJ four times in the last two days?? I have not been doing this, and I don't check LJ very often, so I didn't even realize until now. I am so confused. I'm going to give it a day or two to see if it stops, and if not, I will... try to do something.
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So, it seems that our lj-cut text on the /feed version of the flist went away and we're back to the scissors? Drat. I prefer the text, but also the scissors format leaves these huge gaps of white space in the middle of the entry.

EDIT: However, I see that the /friends page looks basically same as the /feed version these days, but with cuts that are less broken. So I guess I'll switch back to that.
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And it's that terrible kind of broken where things do come in eventually, usually, if I am patient, which means I do actually still try to access them and spend a lot of time staring at the 'in progress' swirly. :P


Feb. 8th, 2014 11:42 am
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My sidebar in my LJ layout has suddenly started appearing below all the entries. To the left of the entries themselves there's just white space. That's weird enough, but I habitually use "view in my style" everywhere on LJ, and I can still see everyone else's sidebars just fine, right where they're supposed to be, even though I'm viewing them in the same style as my own LJ.

What even.


Dec. 27th, 2013 09:53 am
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If you put part of the text of your post behind an lj-spoiler tag, no one on mobile can view it. (Or at least, I can't on mobile.) They can't even tell any text has been cut. An lj-cut tag, on the other hand, is still clickable in mobile view.
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I've been watching the comments to the insmallpackages get post pretty closely, and suddenly there are new comment threads wedged in between older comment threads. There are comment threads on the first page that were not there when I checked this morning! And there were already two pages worth this morning, so it's not like they just got bumped (as also sometimes happens). WHAT EVEN. Maybe something's gone wrong with LJ's timestamp function?
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So many errors. All the time. At least I haven't lost any comments yet. >:(

ugh LJ

Nov. 8th, 2013 05:41 pm
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Why are you so broken? I was all set to tell people a bunch of my most important opinions.
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Anyone having trouble with DW entries not crossposting to LJ? I posted one an hour ago, and the DW told me the crossposting failed, so I tried again and it still failed.


May. 16th, 2013 09:02 pm
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On one hand, yay LJ being back; OTOH, BOOOOOO that significant numbers of comments seem to be missing or misplaced. Like, half the fills for my comment meme have disappeared. (If they don't reappear in a day or two, I might go in and repost them myself, since I have them all saved in my email? Or just notify the authors. IDK.) It sounds like some people's info - inbox messages, for example - is slowly coming back, so maybe there is hope?

Feeling extra glad I changed my LJ settings so that I'm sent copies of all my own comments (carefully filtered away in a folder so that I don't ever have to see them in my mail). Also glad for the back-up DW that I have purely for importing posts/comments into from LJ.
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LJ has been loading slowly for me lately, but in a new and exciting way - the page will be mostly loaded, I'll be able to see everything, but it'll take an extra 3-5 seconds before I'll be able to click on anything, and in the meantime it freezes my browser. This has been happening both at school on Explorer and at home with Firefox. No other web pages seem to be affected.

Is this happening to anyone else? Any suggested fixes?
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1. You know that new option at the bottom of notification emails that allows you to "unsubscribe from this notification"? If you click it, it unsubscribes you from all the notifications of that type. I just about had a heart attack; I have several hundred posts and threads I'm tracking. Fortunately, all those threads and posts still existed under my message settings, so I just had to recheck them. But. That link in the email is not a way to unsubscribe from individual threads or posts, which makes it UTTERLY USELESS, imo.

2. On the 'feed' page, there's an option to view the feed of your current flist for any past date. Before you could only go back two weeks; now you can read your flist back as far as you want. W00t!
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You know that pesky 'share' button everyone was anxious about a while back? Aside from the actual reposting function, it has a second convenient feature: if someone uses cool html in their LJ post, you can 'share' the post and swipe the html code out of it!
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The Snick verdict on new LJ features:

* the new "expand/collapse" feature: I love it, I use it all the time, and I would never want to do without it again. Thank goodness DW has had a similar feature for quite some time now; I just have to remember to click on the arrow next to the cut rather than on the cut itself.

* the notifications that now (usually) have the title of the post/comment included in the subject line: LOVE. I know this is a fairly old change, but I think it's worth noting that LJ does make strictly positive changes sometimes!

* the spoiler-cuts: again, an old change, but oh so useful! Even though the formatting is sometimes hinky and they don't show up on the mobile interface at all. :P

* the new posting page: ew ew ew. I need my drop-down icon menu! And also everything is so shiny, which I do not quite see the value of. Another great reason to cross-post directly from DW.

* the new "feed" (friendslist) page: eh. I'm ambivalent about the eternal scrolling (which has some other name than that, and also can or soon will be able to be turned off, I believe). I don't mind the general look of it; I DO mind that it doesn't seem to have a "custom friends colors" option. You folks know that I have spent the last four years choosing my layouts partly based on whether I get to have my custom friends colors! It's so much easier to color-code people than to have to actually read their name / recognize their icon (especially if they're someone that has a like a million of them)!

* the new profile page: eh. Again, shiny, but I can't see any particular features I dislike. I do miss being able to see (via bolding / not bolding) which friends of theirs I don't have friended, as well as the ones I do. Also, as a piece of grammar, the "Mutual Friend-ofs" category amuses me.
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Was there an announcement about this? If there was, I missed it.


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