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Title: Two Suckers in an Icebox (1/?)
Characters: Faith, Giles (Faith/Giles? not clear yet)
Rating / Words: PG-13 so far; this part 2000 words
Setting: post-series, so potential spoilers for everything

A/N: Look at me, starting an actual WIP! I'm hoping that posting part of it will motivate me to write the next part.

This is the winterpocalypse fic I've been threatening you all with, and as such takes place (I think) in the same universe as Oz, After the Apocalypse. It is pretty much just one long indulgence in a bunch of my favorite things: Faith and Giles and snow and a world that's broken.

This fic is dedicated to [ profile] dragonpaws, who also loves Faith and Giles and worlds that are broken and who has been my fannish friend since before I even got into fandom. I hope she enjoys it muchly.

The cabin’s stocked; when or by what is no problem of Faith’s, not when she’s been half-dragging Giles for what seems likes weeks, though she thinks the worst has probably lasted barely a day. )
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'Verse: Winterpocalypse
Characters: ensemble - different characters in different fics
Rating / Words: PG-13 / 4k so far
Setting: post-series, so potential spoilers for everything
Summary: In the south there are monsters. In the north there's a deep freeze. Everywhere, every bit of black magic anyone has ever dabbled in, every taint of demon they've ever been marked with, is rising to the surface. In a cold, dark world, our heroes are struggling just to stay on the side of good.

Two Suckers in an Icebox - Faith, Giles (possibly Faith/Giles? Not sure yet) - PG-13. So far: 1 chapter / 2000 words.
Summary: Faith and Giles hole up in a cabin to ride out the winter that might be ending the world.
Part 1

Oz, After the Apocalypse - Oz, surprise guests - PG - 2200 words.
The world ended. Oz didn't.


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