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We'll see if I manage to follow through and rec things all week, but for now, here are my favorites for the first few days (with the caveat that I read very little Sam/Dean and am unlikely to rec porn unless it's also got good character stuff I like).

Please note that all these are anonymous! Author reveals don't happen until later. Also, they're all under 2500 words.

It's Always Sunny in Area 51 - Dean+Cas, PG-13
Military/SF AU, in which Dean gets lost in the military complex known as Area 51 and runs into a nerdy scientist type with zero socials skills. Neat Dean+Sam dynamic, too, and the final image is great.

We Are Only Free Inside These Walls - Meg/Castiel, R
Every so often, Meg and Castiel play hookey from their respective duties and meet in the middle. A far future fic with some neat angel/demon ship aspects to it. Also, hairbrushing. I really like the interplay between them here.

Devil's Luck - Sam/Dean, PG-13
LADYHAWKE AU, YOU GUYS. From an OC demon's perspective in second person POV, which I realize will lose some people, but this is SO GREAT. It's dark but not too dark, the narrator voice is great, the slow unfolding of what's happening is great. For those concerned about the ship, it reads as basically gen expect for one line of implied Sam/Dean. It's great fun, y'all.

A Thin Veneer - J2, PG-13
FBI AU, in which Jared got stuck in white collar crimes years ago on account of freezing in action, and now is the one-man welcome wagon for the guy just coming out from deep undercover. This fic is mostly character, and very nicely done character work it is, too. The slow development of Jared's relationship with Jensen and the emotion of the finish really worked for me.

The Wall Between Us - ART, Dean+Cas, NSFW (gore)
Dean may or may not have acquired a pet komodo dragon in purgatory. One way or the other, the giant lizard in the picture no doubt explains why Dean is holding a corpse by its hair. Great composition, very dramatic lighting, this fic invites all sorts of stories to explain it.

When You Put It Like That - ART, Victor+Bela, SFW
Noir AU! W00t! Is he the world-weary cop doing what he can in a city full of scum? Is she the sticky-fingered moll who sometimes gifts him with information sometimes? They snark a lot, but neither of them ever mention that one incident when they got drunk together after a gunfight...


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