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Polysemy (3071 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Railsea - China Mieville, MIEVILLE China - Works
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Abacat Naphi/OFC
Characters: Abacat Naphi

She stands on deck, weight shifting as natural as breathing with each nickitut nickitut of wheels on rails, & she shields her eyes with her hand – her natural one, made of meat not metal – & you ask, out of what stock does one begin to whittle Abacat Naphi?


Finally, after years of wanting to write Miveille fic, this year I did: a treatfic about Captain Naphi from Mieville's newest, Railsea. Naphi is the (female) Captain Ahab figure in a novel that in the end does not look very much like Moby Dick. She's rather an enigma, in terms of motivation, and she is fabulous.

I ended up working in my fascination for the novel's concept of a "philosophy": a driving force, a motivating principle embodied by some particular, huge animal that one is trying to kill. In Naphi's case, it's the gargantuan pale mole Mocker-Jack, Mole of Many Meanings. This is not, it seems to me, so very much unlike the Church of God Kraken's worship in Kraken (another Mieville novel which I otherwise mostly disliked). It's got that same idea of attaching personal metaphysical significance to elements of nature.

The fic's also notable for being my first honest-to-goodness femslash, of Naphi/OFC, although the basic thrust of the fic is more character study than romance. (I notice that I tend to be very lady-centric for Yuletide; all of them have at least one significant woman, even if I had to invent her myself - I also tend to invent OCs for Yuletide - and most have no male characters at all.)
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Only a handful this time, split pretty evenly between stuff that's wildly AU and stuff immediately following 7.23 (for which, spoiler warning!).

Pre-S7 stuff )

post-7.23 stuff )
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Title: Adaptability in the Workplace is Key
Pairing: Cordelia/Giles
Rating / Words: PG / 370 words
Setting: Early Ats S2
Warnings/Kinks: mpreg, genderswap, idiosyncratic use of first-person plural

A/N: This is dedicated to [personal profile] deird1 first of all, who muttered something weeks ago about "Cordelia/Giles mpreg season 5 genderswap PG-rated drabble darkfics." This is neither darkfic (because I'm apparently incapable of writing that) nor composed of drabbles, but I think I hit all the others. Also dedicated to [ profile] angearia, for whom I've always wanted to write genderswap but never managed to.

Thanks to [ profile] ghostyouknow27 for the beta and [ profile] bobthemole for the handholding. :)

Tuesday plan: Get Giles in at the Hyperion to look over Shanshu prophecy. )
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Title: What She Knew
Character/Pairing: Riley/Dru ('mong others)
Words: a cool 100
A/N: for [ profile] that_september's Three-Sentence prompt "Spike/Buffy," "old loves." (There may, ah, have been some creative reinterpretation of the prompt.)

It's addiction and he's still psych major enough to see it, but that’s why he stays in the abandoned hut at jungle’s edge and lets the hostile drain him, ounce by ounce, every nerve ecstatically afire, until the day this woman Sam walks in, shoots his hostile goddess faceless, and saves him.

He loves her now, that’s not in question, and he never loved the vampire whore, neither of which explains why the dark eerie whispers of gallant dark knights lost to electricity and Slayers in dark throes have sent him back to Sunnydale, just to check. Just to see.
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Lookee! Dollhouse fic! No explicit spoilers for DH, but I've put it under a cut anyway.

For [ profile] penny_lane_42: Dawn Summers, Topher Brink. Mild would-be shippiness.

Unassuming )
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And now I try my hand at slash, sort of, and end up with something that looks... almost shippy? Sort of?

(Also, see my rare-character representative icon!)

For [ profile] gabrielleabelle: Larry/Jonathan (ish)

He was shorter than Larry, but then, everyone was shorter than Larry. Still, short, built like he’d wrestle at 103 if he wrestled at all, which he didn’t. Had never been athletic, but Larry was okay with that. (Anyway, since the rumors had started to drift Larry’d gotten a pretty good idea where he stood with the jocks.) Soft brown eyes that saw a lot more than they were seen. A little-lost-boy look that Larry wanted to win him out of. And maybe, maybe gay.

After graduation, Larry thought. Everything done. Then he’d finally nerve up and ask Jonathan out.


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