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Why do one recs post in a day when you can do two? I mean, obviously. It's been three years since I made an SPN recs post (and a year since [ profile] rocksalt_recs closed, *sob*) so obviously some of these of have been sitting around for a quite a while! Which means they are... well-aged, right? Right?

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I haven't posted any big lists of recs here in quite a while, mostly because my reccing energy has been diverted to other places - [ profile] rocksalt_recs, for example. I've been reccing there pretty regularly; if your curious, you can see all my posts here.

Also, for those looking through my SPN recs posts on the LJ side and wishing there was a way to uncollapse all the cut tags at once, I direct you to the DW side. If you look at the bottom of the left sidebar, there's a box that says "Expand Cut Tags," and if you click the arrow below, lo! All the posts, expanded. :)
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Quite a mix this time: angsty de-aging fic, casefic with Bela, some hilarious Ruby POV, a bunch of melancholy Casfic, and other yummy things.

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Yay recs! Quite a mixed bag this time: some AUs, a lot of Sam-and-Dean, a Ruby fic, and my first recs from [ profile] spn_summergen. (I had plans to read all the Summergen stories this year before the reveal, but it now occurs to me that my time between now and then is pretty packed. Hmm.)

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So, uh, I apparently plan to make up a week's worth of posts all in one day, because it's time for another recs post. This time, again, I have post-finale recs. Also this round seems to have a theme of "totally excellent things that are not fic." There are even two fan poems, what bounty.

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Only a handful this time, split pretty evenly between stuff that's wildly AU and stuff immediately following 7.23 (for which, spoiler warning!).

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Somehow this ended up being the Dean hurt/comfort recs list. It's not all about Dean, and it's not all strictly hurt/comfort, but those are definitely the prevailing themes.

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Yay, a recs post. Beware character spoilers for 6.15 (down at the bottom, since fics are arranged by spoiler). Is very difficult to talk about 6.15 and not give things away.

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All one-shots this time around. Not sure how that happened. I haven't been reading as much longfic lately, which may explain the gap between recs posts.

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Quite a variety of stuff this time, but mostly not enough to separate into the usual categories. Instead we have exciting new categories! *g*

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Delicious yummy goodies! And I just discovered the SPN tag over at [ profile] het_reccers, which has even more goodies that I'll probably point to next time around.

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Sometimes when people ask, I say I haven't been reading much lately, but what I mean is I haven't been reading much profic lately. I haven't decided how I feel about that.

Anyway, recs! Summaries should be spoiler-free. I meant them to be, anyway.

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SPN recs

Apr. 9th, 2011 11:33 pm
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Because making recs lists is totally my purpose in life fandom. I've been reading here and there for a few weeks now, one eye always on the spoiler warnings, and here's some of the yummy stuff I've found so far.

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