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- catch up on East of West
- read the issues of New Mutants that are on MU
- continue on with Claremont Uncanny X-Men (I'm reading the Brood Saga right now)
- Whedon's Uncanny X-Men

- Storm
- Uncanny X-Force (Remender)

Hilariously, these make for a much shorter list than last time, even though I haven't read most of what was on the old list. I guess I just got pickier?
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This is an experiment, and I'm not sure how it's going to go, but we'll give it a shot. I want to basically create a timeline of all the stuff that happens to the Pens this year, on and off ice - trades, fun interviews, games and notable features, random happenings from the wider hockey world. Lots of links, generally. If I keep this up the whole year, it would be SO USEFUL for fic. (Also if I manage to keep it up, I'll probably make it public at some point.) I have not decided yet how fine-grained this should be or how much a completist I can stand to be.

However, as part of this project I NEED YOUR HELP. The goal is to make a timeline of all the news/major events for the Pens in one place for future reference. Things that count as news: games, injury reports, roster transactions, cute photos on Instagram, Sidney Crosby documentaries. Things that don't count as news: interviews and profile pieces of players, analysis, speculation (unless I feel like it).

So if you happen to notice me failing to link to any of those things and feel like dropping me a link, PLEASE DO. I'm going to be tracking stuff I want to link to on my Pinboard, but crowdsourcing this would make it so much better.

UGH HOCKEY CANON, why are you so hard. Why is reality so humongous big.

the timeline )
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It's awfully late in the year to make a list of stuff I want to read, but I'm finally reading again, so what the hey. FYI my list from last year is here.

New Fiction
* Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis books
* Kameron Hurley's SF series that starts with God's War
* Cyteen by CJ Cherryh, because [personal profile] verity says so
* We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson, because I love The Haunting of Hill House so
* The Instrumentality of Mankind, the complete short stories by Cordwainer Smith
* Gullstruck Island / The Lost Conspiracy by Frances Hardinge (Why is the US title always so much worse than the UK one??)

Hugo-Eligible Novels
* Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear
* Seveneves by Neal Stephenson
* Seraphina and Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman
* The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard
* Dark Eden and Mother of Eden by Chris Beckett
* Uprooted by Naomi Novik
* Beasts of Tabat by Cat Rambo
* The Book of Phoenix by Nnedi Okorafor
* The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu
* Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho
* The Just City and Philosopher Kings by Jo Walton
* Updraft by Fran Wilde
* The Ancillary books by Ann Leckie
* Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge

New Non-Fiction
* Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans
* The Language of the Night by Ursula Le Guin, because it's sitting on my shelf

* The Birthday of the World, collection by Ursula Le Guin
* Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
* Sunshine by Robin McKinley, because it's time
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I've rather abruptly gone off Marvel, for the most part. It's been a combination of becoming disenchated with:
* the charms and (mostly) pitfalls of massive shared continuity, especially re: crossovers and events
* things I like getting canceled before their potential is realized and developed
* the hamfisted, po-faced earnestness of the things that DO get lots of issues. (If I never see a superhero attempt to talk about politics again, it will be TOO SOON.)
* the vulnerability of any given comic to editorial whims and artist availability

I talked about most of those things a little bit here, and it hasn't changed much, I guess.

So, the result is that right now this is what I'm reading with enthusiasm:
* Ms. Marvel (still my fav Marvel book)
* Gotham Academy (teen girls and basically zero dependence on outside continuity)
* Saga
* Copperhead
* The Wicked + The Divine (because Jamie McKelvie, basically)
* Ody-C
* Bitch Planet
* a bunch of new Image things I'm looking forward to soon

And these are books I'm reading until my Marvel subscription runs out:
* Black Widow (although I have to say I actually liked the interwoven story structure of #12 quite a lot, even though it was only a set-up issue)
* Storm (love the art, but the story doesn't seem to be going anywhere in particular)
* Loki: Agent of Asgard (I have no idea what's going on with Loki anymore, if I ever did, and the crossover mini that I didn't read just compounded the problem)
* Captain America and the Mighty Avengers (wow do I hate what Axis did to this book. I hate it SO MUCH. And somehow Luke Ross is bizarrely Greg Land-like with his faces? Is that just me? I feel like I still haven't escape Land-face.)
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Because I should go to bed instead, and yet here I am.

Things I'm reading as they come out because I love them that much
Loki: Agent of Asgard
Mighty Avengers
Ms. Marvel
Black Widow (I mean, I don't love it, but nor do I plan to give it up anytime soon)
Moon Knight
Lazarus (I'm not actually caught up with this yet, but I have a Comixology subscription now!)

Things I read/am planning to read on MU as they appear or in trade
Secret Avengers (the new one)
Wolverine & the X-Men (the new one)
Amazing X-Men (swashbuckling!)
Cyclops (Rucka. Also space.)
Silver Surfer
X-Force (as soon as my subscription runs out)
the Original Sin side comic with the Asgardians

New things I am looking forward to with varying amounts of squee and/or trepidation
Storm (ugh, the covers. ugh, the X-office.)
Low (Remender. But so pretty! But Remender.)
Trees (Ellis. 'nuf said)
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For my reference. Not in any kind of order either chronologically or in terms of priority. A lot of the X stuff is there so I can get a general lay of the X-verse landscape over the last fifteen years or so, and is not so much selected for quality (although at least some of them are supposed to be good). And this is all Marvel, obviously.

X Things
- Morrison's New X-Men (#114-something, I'm on #120)
- Astonishing X-Men, from Whedon to Liu
- House of M
- Messiah Complex / Messiah War / Second Coming (on general principles, and to prep for C&XF)
- the current C&XF run (to prep for crossover)
- Previous run of X-Men, just 'cause
- Peter David's X-Factor (for Monet and because people say it's good)
- Dark Phoenix Saga and bunch of other Claremont tbd
- Backstories for Bling and Pixie and the other X-kids of that generation. New X-Men, I think? I have it written down somewhere...

Non-X Things
- Runaways
- NEXTWAVE (I think I spelled/punctuated that correctly...)
- Dan Slott's She-Hulk
- a couple of Black Widow things
- Daredevil, apparently, because everyone tells me how good it is - tried and failed
- Sean McKeever's Young Allies
- Bendis/Maleev Spider-woman
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Fact: it is time-consuming to track down vids. I never think to bookmark them, because I've already downloaded the thing; why do I need a link? But of course that's not good for telling other people about them. So, this will be an occasionally updated list of vids I like and/or find interesting enough to want links to.

Asterisks mark vids that I consider readily accessible to folks not familiar with the source material.

SPN vids )

Buffyverse vids )

Other fandom vids )
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A sort of index page to help me keep track of WIP I'm following. (Number in parentheses is the number of parts I've read/seen updated)

Bug on the Cosmic Windscreen, by Miss Murchison - BSG/Ats crossover (ch. 15)
Not My Beautiful Sequel, by Herself (ch 10)
If Strangers Meet, by [ profile] ruuger - pre-series AU; Spike/Giles, but so far just interesting gen interaction, and really good. (ch 6/7)
Tekubi, by Caia - S/B during Ats S5 (ch 9)
Sideways, by [ profile] goldenusagi - pre-series AU Spuffy (ch. 78)
A Little Compassion - Spuffy H/C (ch. 3)
Deaf, by holetoledo - another Spuffy H/C, this one post-series (ch. 7)
Predestination, by [ profile] crackers4jenn - Ats S5 AU mid-"Destiny" Spuffy (ch. 8)
Influence of Demons, by [ profile] gabrielleabelle - S5 AU Spuffy, w/trauma and drugs and portals (ch. 6)
Thought You Should Know, by [ profile] angearia (ch. 8)
Spike: End Times, by [ profile] pheonixofborg - post-series Spike/Dru (ch. 1)
Hay Fever, by [ profile] ljs - Giles/Anya (ch. 1)

Closure, by [ profile] eowyn_315 - Buffy recovers from rape
Ashes by [ profile] nwhepcat - Ats S1 AU darkfic
Running Wild, by dreamweaver - Doc sends the gang to another dimension.
Descent, by [ profile] goldenusagi - AU Spuffy-ish ficlets
Not Dead, by Herself - S6 AU w/vamp!Buffy
Infinitas Infinitio Infinitus, by [ profile] penny_lane_42 - Buffy faces immortality

Spike: The Series - Marissa Harris, and stuff (ch 2 - two parts)
The Writing on the Wall, by Holly - Spike goes to Hell to get Buffy out
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There's a bunch of kinds of fic that I'd just like to see More Of. Some of it I've written myself and some is on the to-do list, but this "write it yourself" motto only goes so far - sometimes I want to read what I like as written by other people.

So, other people: Consider this a standing wishlist. If you're ever wanting to write something that you know at least one person will be thrilled to read, then here y'are. I, for one, promise to be enthused.

Besides, it'll be fun. Honest!


Buffy and Faith, gen. These two together fascinate me. Equals, yet utter contrasts with one another. So much potential for angst and competition and moments of grace. I'm especially fond of Buffy and Faith maturing towards some kind of understanding post-series, after Faith's grown up a lot more, but pretty much any time in canon makes me happy.

Post-series Giles/Faith. Or, failing that, Giles&Faith. By the end of the series there's so much history not exactly between them, but adjacent to them. They've each been broken by both choice and circumstance, each defensive and well-armored against any kind of intimacy, and I love watching them each fumble past those barriers.

Spike and Illyria, shippy or gen. This is all [ profile] anaross's fault - her snippets of Spike/Illyria backstory in Baby Blue and Nevertime had me immediately and utterly enthralled. I think it's because there's a lot of Dru about Illyria: a singularity of focus on things not necessarily visible to anyone else and an utterly unselfconscious self-centeredness, plus those little moments of vulnerability. And Spike, as we saw with Dru, has plenty of experience with daft, capricious women.

Dawn and Illyria, gen. The God-King who walks dimensions and the Key who opens them. What stories these two could have...

Buffy and Dawn, gen. Sisters! Sisters with so much unsaid between them because they've been too busy surviving tragedy and apocalypses all this time. Fic that lets them work some of that stuff out make me very happy indeed - or would, if I had ever found any to read. Ever. I especially see a lot of post-series potential, but anytime, really.

Spike and Darla, gen, anytime during the series. Oh, the snark! The sniping! The history dragged into light! Plus those oh-so-rare occasions when they're both feeling just mellow enough, just vulnerable enough to remember that they're family.

Spike/Buffy circa S4 or S5, stories whose entire point isn't just that Spike and Buffy have lots of meticulously transcribed sex. Stories where Buffy is still Buffy (strong, no weepiness, no bouts of damsel-in-distress) and Spike is still Spike (snarky with occasional chinks in the armor, and also no weepiness). Plotty stories with inventive premises. You know, the good stuff!

The Buffyverse interacting with faith (as opposed to Faith). I have a few Riley drabbles, some interesting stuff in the midst of a Drusilla fic, Spike in church by himself once and with Angel another time. Oh, and a Xander&Faith piece in which Anyanka turns out to have been sainted. But really? Not sufficient. What about Willow? Does she ever make anything more of her Jewish heritage than spouting "Hannakuh!" a few times? What about all the crosses and holy water - why are they any good against vampires? What about that priest character in "Pangs" who dies?

Mpreg. Preferably not slash, but I'll take what I can get. Gen or het mpreg with any of my favorite male characters (Spike, Giles, Oz) being in-character would send me over the moon. And none of this fainting or these crazy ridiculous mood swings, please.


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