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More A+X. Not actually spoilery, but cut for length. Again, the shtick is two Avengers, two X-men, half an issue per pairing.

A+X #10 )

A+X #8 )


I started reading Wolverine & the X-Men on an anon recommendation that promised mutant academy hijinks and headmaster!Logan wearing clunky sweaters with shoulder pads. I would never have guessed that that was what it was about. I mean, just look at these covers; do those say "day-to-day mutant school activities" to you? (Insert "Marvel is dumb about marketing" rant here.)

But lo! It is indeed largely adorable. I'm reading this for the humor more than anything, and there is a fair bit of that. I found the first issue particularly delightful.

I skipped most of the Avengers vs. X-Men stuff (which, that seriously went on for eight months last year? How did anyone stand it?). I also could do with more female characters in the main rotation; out of fourteen characters pictured in the front, usually ~five are women, which makes me sad, because there are girl students in the background - Bling and Blindfold come to mind - that I wouldn't mind seeing more of. Really, does anyone need another panel with Kid Gladiator ever again? No. No, they do not.

I could also do without the kid villains of the Hellfire Club. They're one-dimensional and annoying. (To be fair, I have consistently found villains to be the weakest story elements in the superhero comics I've read so far. There was a Fantastic Four collection in which all FF's biggest villains had a powwow, and I just, I could not. They were all so silly. I guess if my heroes get to wear silly costumes and still have characterization, my villains ought to able to as well, but I usually can't tell that there's any characterization there beyond Has Evil, Will Travel.)

One of the things that this series does help with is put names to faces that I see in, for example, Wood's new X-Men. So there's Glob Herman and Evan/Genesis/Kid Apocalypse and Quentin Quire and Doop. (Evan is clearly tragic; Doop is not as funny as the comic wants him to be, but I enjoyed his guest issue well enough. Quentin Quire can go jump in a bog.)

Also, Idie! I happen to have read the Hope Summers-centric volume where Idie is first introduced, so I was pleased to see her again. However, I am actually really ticked about her treatment in this book. spoilers )

Still, I am enjoying this title, and I've got another four issues before I run out on Marvel Unlimited. So.
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85% of this story in A+X #6 is Captain Marvel and Wolverine riffing on the astronauts vs. cavemen argument from Angel. Which it explicitly references. The argument is eventually resolved by a giant robot, and also there is poker.
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The Rogue+Black Widow, Kitty Pryde+Tony Stark issue of A + X, which is basically a fic comic about various Avenger + X-man team-ups. Some of them are friendshippy, some are antagonistic, the Storm+Black Panther one was sweetly nostalgic, but this issue was def my favorite of the ones available via Marvel Unlimited. Rogue and Natasha kick robot butt together, and Kitty totally pwns Tony (with some really interesting, stylized art to boot). :DDDD

The Sif standalone by Kelly Sue Deconnick, in which Sif is struggling with the psychological aftermath of some Loki nastiness and works through it via a space mission in which she stabs things. (I adore Sif. I wish she got lots more stories. I wish her run of Journey into Mystery weren't ending soon, woe.)

The first two issues of Runaways, which everyone and their brother has been telling me to check out. Kids of supervillains band together to foil their parents and do good! I expect to enjoy this series very, very much.

Young Avengers #1 (of the newly relaunched title). I just, I like everyone. There are sweet teenage boyfriends and Kate Bishop (<3) and America Chavez, who is clearly awesome even though I don't know her at all. And teen!Loki. One of these days I'm going to have to sort out the backstory for that. Also I like the art.

Yay comics.


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