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Several people have made noises to me recently about being curious about comics but unsure where to start, and I realized I had never addressed precisely that question before. Here, then, is a list of suggestions as made by someone who's very enthused about comics but only been actively reading them for eight months.

These are all fairly recent comics, some of them still ongoing, which I personally have read and enjoyed and think would be approachable to someone with very little knowledge of comics continuity, either because they're standalone titles (the Image stuff) or because the writers kept away from the continuity tangles of the larger universe inhabited by the characters (the Marvel stuff). I also stuck to stuff that's available in trades, so that you have a hope of acquiring them through your local library. However, they are all also available via Comixology, the one-stop shop for digital comics by the big publishers.

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OH MY GOODNESS, you guys, GLORY. Wow. Um. I realize that "Just go read it!" is a completely unhelpful review, but it is very tempting. Because you SHOULD.

This is a quite thorough reboot of an Image character from the 90s. (For an idea of how thorough, see #2 in this list of heroine costume redesigns. Yeah.) Glory is big and violent and an alien, and the little dark-haired gal to the left on the cover is Riley, who's a quite ordinary human. The blond gal on the right is a possibly less ordinary human called Gloria, because why not?

There's a war brewing, although the factions aren't entirely clear, but Glory's clearly in the thick of it, and by extension Riley and Gloria are, too, and there are big friendly monsters and big unfriendly monsters (difficult to tell apart) and a whole lot of blood. And it's just... very unexpected. I've finished the first trade (of two), and I'm not sure which direction we're taking this, although we've set up several options for ourselves.

And the art is, well. As you can see, not your standard superhero art, even though Image categorizes this as a superhero book. There's Glory, for one thing, who is very much not standard superheroine-shaped. However, she's very much the shape of someone who's going to do a whole lot of damage. But even besides her, there's a lot of visual creativity going on - I especially like how alien our aliens look.

Definitely acquiring the second volume. Possibly sooner rather than later.


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