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Fic Mountains fics are now open for perusal. My fic is there somewhere in the archive. I suspect it is a little predictable; if any of you think you've spotted it, I'd be most interested to hear.

Meanwhile, I received:
Two for Joy (3389 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Loki: Agent of Asgard, Journey into Mystery
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Loki (Marvel), Verity Willis

This is a story about Loki. It doesn't feature quite as much lying as you might expect based on that. Verity won't let it.

Agent of Asgard fic! Fic with Verity in it! This fic is told by Loki himself, with frequent interjections from Verity. I think in some ways it's meant as a fix-it for the end of the Loki run of Journey into Mystery, so probably best read once you're familiar with what happens with Loki there.

In any case, it's delightful, with references to real-life oddities and other Marvel characters, too, as well as winks to canon and the mild zaniness Al Ewing has been writing into it. If you're at all a fan of 616!Loki in his recent incarnations, I suspect you'll find a lot to enjoy here.
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YAY, comics! I just started reading them in earnest about eight months ago, but I am having a blast. I am so very excited that there's now an exchange just for them, and I am beyond thrilled that you, dear author, are going to write me fic for one of them.

First: If you have a story you've been wanting to write about any of these canons, I would love to read it. I talk a lot (a LOT) below about some of these comics, including lots of suggestions, but they are only meant to help get you started. Any story you've been itching to write for these characters, I would love to read.

Also: personally, when I write really small fandoms I end up putting all this pressure on myself to write The Definitive Fic in the fandom, but that's silly. If you feel the same, please be assured that I'm not hoping for the fic, just a fic. :)

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Several people have made noises to me recently about being curious about comics but unsure where to start, and I realized I had never addressed precisely that question before. Here, then, is a list of suggestions as made by someone who's very enthused about comics but only been actively reading them for eight months.

These are all fairly recent comics, some of them still ongoing, which I personally have read and enjoyed and think would be approachable to someone with very little knowledge of comics continuity, either because they're standalone titles (the Image stuff) or because the writers kept away from the continuity tangles of the larger universe inhabited by the characters (the Marvel stuff). I also stuck to stuff that's available in trades, so that you have a hope of acquiring them through your local library. However, they are all also available via Comixology, the one-stop shop for digital comics by the big publishers.

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Herein with much visual evidence I argue my thesis that Valerio Schiti (artist on Mighty Avengers starting in February) is amazing and explain why he's one of my, hmm, top three artists working in comics right now.

A few things to watch for:
  • The best expressions. The best. Both the humor and the pathos in this owes a lot to Schiti's faces.
  • Women being gorgeous without their depiction being even remotely sexualized or male-gazey. Women being physically imposing. (Would love to see him draw She-Hulk.)
  • Everything being gorgeous, really. I don't know much about art in general or composition in particular, but he takes what could be ho-hum scenes and makes them very attractive, and he takes would should be beautiful scenes and make them absolute stunners.
  • Great large-scale stuff. Big gorgeous scenery with little tiny people. (For example: I have a pair of earrings that are pictures of Sif pasted onto Scrabble pieces. They are full-body shots, and they're both full size wrt to the comic.)
  • Really clean lines/inking? I don't have enough comics knowledge or vocabulary here to articulate exactly what I mean, but there's no muddiness in his lines, and no extra anywhere. His lines are extremely unfussy, but at the same time the border between one thing and another is very clear. (That he manages this while drawing Sif's costume is particularly impressive, because it is a very fussy costume indeed.)

I would be remiss if I didn't also gush over colorist Jordie Bellaire. I would say she relies less heavily here on particular palettes than she does on Hawkeye or Pretty Deadly, both of which tend to rely on one or two key colors per scene, sometimes for an entire issue. However, here she still does a great job making the color choices in each panel complementary and pleasing to the eye. A lot of comics (I'm going to say specifically a lot of, how to put this, comics for Real Men) seem to be trying to draw a lot of their visual force from being as ugly and affronting as possible. I think this is also an era thing – possibly the early Image era? Anyway, this is not those comics, and Schiti and Bellaire are not those artists. Bellaire's colors here rarely clash or jar. They are just, well, very pleasant. Possibly that sounds like I am damning with faint praise, but as someone who frequently puts down comics because I find them so visually unpleasant, I really, really am not. And her simple palettes complement Schiti's simple lines very nicely. The last thing his pencils need is a misguided attempt at photorealism.

I should note that despite my enthusing, I actually don't know tons about art in general or comics art in particular; half the point of this post is me trying to work out why this particular artist works for me so well. Feel free to jump in and provide historical context and/or better vocabulary to describe what I'm talking about here.

Anyway. On to the visual evidence! The bulk of these come from #652, which is the issue that just went up on Marvel Unlimited today and begins the Gaea / Sif IN SPACE arc. I apologize in advance for weird lines; I missed things while cropping.

behind the cut lies an image-heavy post of AWESOME )

So there you have it. Aren't you excited about Schiti's move to Mighty Avengers now? If you can't wait, both trades of Sif's Journey into Mystery are out now, available here and here.
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Some newish things I have been reading. I'm saving the back issues reviews for another post.

Before I get to the books, though, sirdef on Tumblr has made a bunch of wonderful wallpapers from Journey into Mystery featuring Sif, and they happen to exactly fit the resolution on my laptop. I'm using the top one as my desktop right now. So pretty.

Pretty Deadly #1 )

Journey into Mystery vol. 2: Seeds of Destruction )

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Oct. 24th, 2013 07:03 am
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You guys, someone drew me Sif for [ profile] rarecharacters!!! Isn't it the coolest?! Gosh, I love the textures in it especially, and also of course the subject matter, because SIF. And besides, I have never gotten art in an exchange before, so I am all :DDDD.

And I have a fic somewhere in the collection, too, although things are anon for now, so I guess you get to guess which is mine. :)
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I quickfast edited this one last time on Friday October 18 - just the general likes/dislikes. I thought I had the whole weekend to fiddle before assignments went out!

First: If you have a story you've been wanting to write about any of these canons, I would love to read it. I talk a lot (a LOT) below about some of these comics, including lots of suggestions, but they are only meant to help get you started. Any story you've been itching to write for these characters, I would love to read.

Also, you definitely don't need to write all the characters listed for any of these canons. I've picked people I like to give you variety, but feel free to zoom in on just one or two.

Another thing: personally, when I write really small fandoms I end up putting all this pressure on myself to write The Definitive Fic in the fandom, but that's silly. If you feel the same, please be assured that I'm not hoping for the fic, just a fic. :)

And finally, I wrote a lot more about some of these canons than others, but I seriously will be thrilled with fic for any of them. I haven't done Yuletide for several years, and I signed up this year specifically because I've fallen in love with comics. Whatever you write for me, I will be excited about. :)

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Thank you so very much for writing fic for me, dear author! I can't wait to read it. :)
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The Rogue+Black Widow, Kitty Pryde+Tony Stark issue of A + X, which is basically a fic comic about various Avenger + X-man team-ups. Some of them are friendshippy, some are antagonistic, the Storm+Black Panther one was sweetly nostalgic, but this issue was def my favorite of the ones available via Marvel Unlimited. Rogue and Natasha kick robot butt together, and Kitty totally pwns Tony (with some really interesting, stylized art to boot). :DDDD

The Sif standalone by Kelly Sue Deconnick, in which Sif is struggling with the psychological aftermath of some Loki nastiness and works through it via a space mission in which she stabs things. (I adore Sif. I wish she got lots more stories. I wish her run of Journey into Mystery weren't ending soon, woe.)

The first two issues of Runaways, which everyone and their brother has been telling me to check out. Kids of supervillains band together to foil their parents and do good! I expect to enjoy this series very, very much.

Young Avengers #1 (of the newly relaunched title). I just, I like everyone. There are sweet teenage boyfriends and Kate Bishop (<3) and America Chavez, who is clearly awesome even though I don't know her at all. And teen!Loki. One of these days I'm going to have to sort out the backstory for that. Also I like the art.

Yay comics.
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Journey Into Mystery featuring Sif - Vol. 1: Stronger Than Monsters, by K. Immonen and Schiti

This was very pretty. Very, very pretty. See here and here for a couple of pages early in the first issue (beware lots of blue monster robot blood), or this for a page of Sif being adorable with children.

Storywise, I was underwhelmed. I found an interview of Immonen talking about Sif finally coming into her own, apart from the guys. Aside from a one-shot in 2010, this seems to be the first time Sif has ever had her own title, however briefly (it's now been canceled after, I believe, the second volume). So I guess I should be more forgiving of the fact that the plot of this first volume is basically a "Sif Learns a Valuable Lesson," since she as a character apparently has never been given the space to learn much of anything until now.

Still. This is a Sif Learns a Valuable Lesson story. In fact, it's a story about how she wants to be a better warrior, takes steps to that end with the best of intentions, and is slapped down by the narrative for it. Her older brother Heimdall (now there's a detail I did not get from the movie!) being a major player in teaching her that lesson didn't sit well, either.

OTOH, as I said, the art is gorgeous. Sif is dressed, if not entirely sensibly, at least less like a pin-up girl than she could be, and her proportions are all physically plausible. She herself is as capable and unapologetic a warrior of Asgard as one could wish. And I very much appreciate that she is in no way a Thor adjunct here; he barely gets a mention and never appears. I will look up the next volume; I am still interested in seeing where Sif's quest might take her.

(In the department of Snick Is Still Finding Her Feet in the Marvelverse, apparently Asgard has been destroyed or made unlivable, because now its citizens live in Asgardia, an island floating in the sky above Broxton, Oklahoma. Yes.

Also, I gather this volume is a sort of rogues' gallery of critters from old issues of Thor, not that I recognized any of them. Otherwise, though, prior knowledge requirements are pretty low.)


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