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Several people have made noises to me recently about being curious about comics but unsure where to start, and I realized I had never addressed precisely that question before. Here, then, is a list of suggestions as made by someone who's very enthused about comics but only been actively reading them for eight months.

These are all fairly recent comics, some of them still ongoing, which I personally have read and enjoyed and think would be approachable to someone with very little knowledge of comics continuity, either because they're standalone titles (the Image stuff) or because the writers kept away from the continuity tangles of the larger universe inhabited by the characters (the Marvel stuff). I also stuck to stuff that's available in trades, so that you have a hope of acquiring them through your local library. However, they are all also available via Comixology, the one-stop shop for digital comics by the big publishers.

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I need to get ahold of some real live photo editing software, because there's only so much you can do with the Photobucket image editor. Fortunately, with comics art often a decent crop is all it takes - very little skill required. :D

Most of these are of Saga, for an [ profile] insmallpackages wish (great taste like that needs rewarding, I felt), but also a couple of others I made a while back for my own use. Looking at them now, I find it hilarious not only that they are all of ladies - which could perhaps have been predicted - but that nearly all of them involve the lady in question looking straight at the viewer. IDK what to say about that.

1-5 Saga
6 Nextwave
7 X-Men

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