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If I do not fall in love with at least one of the new lady-centric solos, I will be deeply disappointed. (I'd give any two of them to get the Immonen/Schiti Sif book back, but possibly that's a bird in the hand/bush problem.)

New series announced:

Author: Charles Soule. Good news is that he's an attorney and will be writing about Jen Walters being an attorney. Bad news is that he's been on Thunderbolts for a while now, which I hear is terrible.
Artist: Javier Pulido. He's the back-up artist on Hawkeye, so in my head he's the poor man's David Aja, but I suspect I will quite like him when he's doing his own thing and I'm not continually tempted to compare him to other people.

Black Widow
Author: Nathan Edmondson. I hear he writes a lot of espionage stuff. That's all I got.
Artist: PHIL NOTO. Phil Noto is wonderful, including/especially at women. There is no bad here. Just look at this cover.
Additional Notes: FINALLY. That's all, really.

Author: Zeb Wells. The CBR fanboys like him. I know nothing.
Artist: Mike del Mundo. I only know him from that Kitty+Tony short in A+X, which I enjoyed the art for once I got used to it. There's definitely a 'getting used to it' factor involved; his art in that was very stylized, with extremely long and flexible limbs, and so on. Based on that, though, I expect this will be gorgeous.
Additional Notes: I only know Elektra from the Jennifer Garner movie (which was 2/3 bad and 1/3 awesome) and I'm not familiar with the Daredevil 'verse at all.

Captain Marvel "relaunch"
Author: Kelly Sue DeConnick. AKA the same author who is already writing it. I expect you'll continue to like the writing about as well as you've been liking it already.
Artist: David Lopez. He's been filling in on X-Men, and I can't say I'm hugely enthused, but it's possible I'm still just mourning Olivier Coipel's departure. He's more mainstream than Captain Marvel's artists have been lately, which I suspect will be good for the book.
Additional notes: "Relaunch," indeed. Given that this book by this same author was switching out artists every four issues or so anyway, why on earth it would need relaunching is a question only the marketing office can answer.

Silver Surfer
Author: Dan Slott. Again, the CBR fanboys like him. I only know him from Superior Foes of Spider-man, which I didn't care for, but I'm willing to chalk that up to the character selection.
Artist: Mike Allred. Because he's off FF, which I'd much rather have instead, but oh well.
Additional Notes: I have only slightly greater than zero interest in and knowledge of the Silver Surfer, but I'm a firm Allred fan at this point, and the cover of #1 is awfully fun. In general, 'fun' seems to be the keyword for this book, and I'm for that.

There were bunches of other announcements, including, for example, a new X-Factor by Peter David and a new Loki solo written by Mighty Avengers author Al Ewing. Surely someone has a full list by now, but you can get an overview from write-ups of the X-Men panel, the Avengers panel, the Inhumanity/cosmic Marvel panel, and the Spider-man + everything else panel.


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