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1. I am making some progress on bb. I had a lot of ambitions for this fic, but several people have reminded me that putting that kind of pressure on myself can stunt the creativity. So, I'm just going to treat it like idfic (although that only helps so much, because I take my idfic kinda seriously, too).

2. I have been extremely productive today. I swept and mopped floors, I sorted the huge pile of papers on my bedroom floor into the filing cabinet I bought for $2 at the garage sale, I put bunches of junk into the garage and/or the trash, and I cleaned my bathroom. This is about about as much housework as I generally do in a month. GO ME. Of course, I quite possibly won't do any more until next month...

3. I told myself I could not buy a Marvel Unlimited pass for myself until bb was done. So much for that. I have to say, though, THANK YOU INTERNET, because I now have years and years of Marvel back issues available for my reading pleasure. It's not perfect; the special panel-by-panel reader has some bugs, and one issue I was reading didn't show any of the narrative text, for some reason. Still. I'm going to try it for the month, and if it I'm still reading at the end of it, I switch to an annual subscription (= much much cheaper).

Which brings us to...

4. THINGS I'VE BEEN READING. (I see this being a regular feature on this blog from now on.)

The Indestructible Hulk #1 )

X-23: Innocence Lost )


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