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My last post for the day. Probably.

* I'm all caught up with Mighty Avengers just in time to find out that it's being relaunched soon as Captain American and the Mighty Avengers (because Sam Wilson is going to be the new Captain America, as you've probably heard). It's going to have the same writer, Al Ewing (YAY), and a new artist (YAY), and is going to keep building on what came before, just with more Sam Wilson. In general: YAY. This continues to be my favorite team book.

* I also caught up with X-Force. I still hate Kim's art, but this is a smart, clever book that really rewards careful reading. Spurrier has a lot going on in it, and things that are presented as facts early on are given the lie to later on. House to Astonish has a great review of the first arc. (I love that they review arcs instead of just individual issues. I wish more review outlets did.)

* Also caught up on: X-Men. Ugh what is even happening with this 50-50 split. This is so dumb. And yet I'm invested in Storm's daughter from the future, Kymera, and I want all the Storm-Kymera stuff. Also, am I supposed to take that Psylocke really actually was sleeping with the danger room guy? In summary: UGH.
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Full solicitations listing here.

- Oh look, yet another artist for X-Men. Matteo Buffagni, whom I'm not familiar with but whose work looks fine. That's six artists in 17 issues, unless I've missed one: Coipel, Lopez, Dodson, Anka, Mann, Buffagni. That seems excessive. I'd care more if the writing hadn't become such a complete train wreck.

- Rock He-Kim is back on X-Force; apparently the Jorge Molina issues were just fill-in. Feh.

- I know just enough about Runaways to be mad about the Avengers Undercover solicit.

- Meanwhile, the solicit for Black Widow:
• On a snowy night in Prague, Natasha must fight her way out of disaster alongside the WINTER SOLDIER!

Given... events, I wonder if this is flashback issue, or...?

- The Moon Knight cover is sooooo pretty.

- IDC about Cyclops, but "Young Cyclops has space adventures with his space pirate father" is the kind of premise I can get behind. Also, Greg Rucka. I await reports.

- Has anyone read any of the new Wolverine & the X-Men? I got reeeally tired of the old one, but the new looks to be putting more emphasis on characters I care about while toning down the zaniness a lot.
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Last week's subscription issues are filtering in one by one. Sometimes I get them all the same day, but not this week. So, here are some of the new issues, and also some old issues.

New books:
Ms Marvel #1 )

X-Men #10 )

Old books:
Captain America and Bucky #620-624 )

Winter Soldier: Winter Kills #1 )

Enter the Heroic Age #1 )
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Marvel April solicits are out. My feelings:
* Gosh, I hate that cover art on X-Men. HATE. Jubilee's so shiny, her limbs are weirdly elongated, she has exactly the same body as every other Dodson cover woman ever (except for being slightly less busty than some, so we should give thanks for small favors), and there's no background. Ugh. Dodsons, Dodsons, go away.

* Speaking of art, we're onto yet another new artist for that title, Clay Mann this time. I wonder if the plan was originally to rotate in a new artist every three issues, or if Marvel has decided to turn a bug into a feature, or what. Mann will be the fifth artist in 13 issues.

* However, I am pleased that we're getting more story about Shogo's backstory.

* I don't know Moon Knight from a hole in the ground, but the covers, the interiors I've seen, and the silly overhype ("The best new comic of 2014," what) reeeally make me want to pick it up. And it's Warren Ellis, whom I frequently like quite a lot.

* ELEKTRA. Finally solicited, yay. Cannot wait to get my hands on that one. Cannot wait to just see some del Mundo interiors on that one.

* So you all know Nightcrawler has a new ongoing, yes? Written by Claremont, no less. I doubt I'll care much, but, you know, Nightcrawler.

* Gosh, the X-Force art is SO UGLY. If the writing turns out to be good, then fingers crossed that we'll switch artists out pretty fast.

* Aaand we're back to Greg Land on Mighty Avengers. Sigh.

* More Annie Wu (and therefore Kate) on Hawkeye. I haven't been excited about how Fraction's written Kate lately, but the fact that she's sharing the title with Clint these days still makes me happy, and I like Wu's work quite a lot.


In other news, I just realized that the Captain America and Black Widow series I was enthusing about the other day does not have its last two issue on MU, despite originally being released over a year ago. (Usually things go up on MU after six months.) I had already decided I needed a trade, but perhaps I will be getting it sooner rather than later. Grr.
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I just caught up on reading stuff from the last three weeks or so.

First, above the cut: I subscribed to Loki: Agent of Asgard almost solely because of how impressed I've been with Al Ewing's work on Mighty Avengers. Frankly, Mighty Avengers seems to have most everything against it: it's got Greg Land on art and a relative unknown writing, its first three issues were tied up in a crossover that no one I know paid any attention to, and I, personally, have very little interest in the Avengers side of the Marvel universe. And yet Ewing keeps me consistently entertained while introducing and juggling a cast of characters I have almost no familiarity in. Even the Infinity tie-in arc felt self-contained enough to be comprehensible.

(Not that this is so much down to Ewing, but I also, it must be said, enjoy the fact of characters of color not only being the majority, but also walking on and off panel in cameos, completely unremarked upon. It's easy for me to forget how many such Marvel characters there are, because so often there's only one or two of them to a team.)

I totally understand if you just can't take the Land art on this book, but at the very least EVERYONE should pick up the three issues Valerio Schiti is arting, starting in February. And also everyone who's even marginally interested in the Loki comic should give it a closer look, because I expect Ewing to do good things on it.

Now, onto vaguely spoilery things.

Mighty Avengers #4 )

FF #15 )

X-Men #9 )

Uncanny X-Force #15 )

Rocket Girl #3 )

Pretty Deadly #3 )
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I need to get ahold of some real live photo editing software, because there's only so much you can do with the Photobucket image editor. Fortunately, with comics art often a decent crop is all it takes - very little skill required. :D

Most of these are of Saga, for an [ profile] insmallpackages wish (great taste like that needs rewarding, I felt), but also a couple of others I made a while back for my own use. Looking at them now, I find it hilarious not only that they are all of ladies - which could perhaps have been predicted - but that nearly all of them involve the lady in question looking straight at the viewer. IDK what to say about that.

1-5 Saga
6 Nextwave
7 X-Men

icons! )
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X-Men #6 – Wood, Lopez
I enjoyed this event installment a lot more than the previous one. In fact, I liked the issue well enough that I might get the last three crossover installments on Comixology, just so I can see firsthand how things turn out.

further thoughts )
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Factoid: Apparently "adjectiveless" is how one refers to the X-men book that has no adjectives in the title, presently Brian Wood's all-ladies book. (This as opposed to "Astonishing X-Men," "Ultimate," "All New," soon "Amazing," and possibly a couple more that I'm forgetting.)

Anyway, on to the squee. First, the 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast did quite a long interview with Brian Wood, which basically confirmed all the positive impressions I'd had of him before this, that this is a man I trust to write a female-team comic. There was a lot of talk about how he wants this to be a superhero comic that happens to feature women; that he wants this book's identity in the X-Men stable to be "the action book." Which happens to be full of women.

Second, I read X-Men #3. I was amused by the discussion on the CBR boards, which focused almost entirely on plot logistics and the uses of various people's powers, because man, do I not care about any of that. What I want are character beats. I'll believe whatever silly thing you want about sentient bacteria from outer space that can possess machinery, just as long as I get character stuff. And not only did I get that in this issue, but now I know these characters well enough to be excited about them. The first two I enjoyed, but this one I LOVED.

other things I loved (with slight spoilers) )
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It occurred to me recently via a Tumblr post that perhaps I would like superhero comics more if I read some that were about women. Adventure! Monsters! Ridiculous tropey goodness, with women! I have no idea why this had never occurred to me before, but it hadn't. I wasn't really sure how to start, though.

A little while after, I stumbled across an encouraging article about costume redesigns of female superheroes. As a person concerned with representation of women in fiction, I looked at the before-and-afters, smiled approvingly, and moved on to the next article.

Then I found out that several of those redesigns were part of Marvel's plan to relaunch their X-Men comic with an all-female cast. "OOOH," I said.

and then I went on at length )


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