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I've been reading comics fic relevant to my interests as I've stumbled across it. Alas, my tastes are kind of narrow, I guess? In any case, I don't find tons that is even focused on the characters/titles I want, much less stuff I like. But here's some.

No Crash Landings, by [ profile] jouissant - Saga - The Stalk, The Will
This is exactly the Stalk backstory I needed. Spaceships, tentative friendship, eyebrow-raising asides about the coming-of-age rituals of the Stalk's race.

Speed Bumps, by [ profile] Salmon_Pink - Young Avengers - David/Tommy
See, this is the kind of kink I expect out of a canon like Marvel, but rarely actually see. Tommy has this problem where, when he gets aroused, time doesn't operate properly for him. It's really a drag for all concerned, but they work it out eventually. Sexy and fun and with sneaky feelings, too.

so rip me up and set me loose by [ profile] defcontwo - Winter Soldier comics - Natasha/Elektra
This is all sharp edges and teeth, as I'd expect from these two, set just after a major event in the Winter Soldier comic.

Lilac Perfume by [ profile] redbrunja - Hawkeye - Clint/Kate
I don't ship this, precisely, but I don't not-ship it? And this is a delightful fic written for Porn Battle that really uses its primary prompt word - lilac - to full advantage.

Embiggen, by [ profile] thingswithwings - Young Avengers, Ms. Marvel - Kamala Khan, America Chavez
Teen girl superheroes meet, bond, older shares wisdom with younger. THERE IS NO BAD HERE.
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Several people have made noises to me recently about being curious about comics but unsure where to start, and I realized I had never addressed precisely that question before. Here, then, is a list of suggestions as made by someone who's very enthused about comics but only been actively reading them for eight months.

These are all fairly recent comics, some of them still ongoing, which I personally have read and enjoyed and think would be approachable to someone with very little knowledge of comics continuity, either because they're standalone titles (the Image stuff) or because the writers kept away from the continuity tangles of the larger universe inhabited by the characters (the Marvel stuff). I also stuck to stuff that's available in trades, so that you have a hope of acquiring them through your local library. However, they are all also available via Comixology, the one-stop shop for digital comics by the big publishers.

onto the recommendations! )
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It changes a person's perspective on the mainstream superhero comics to realize that most of them cost $1 more than an issue of Saga. Like, "This looks moderately interesting, but is it a whole dollar more interesting than Saga?" The answer will nearly always be no.

(And oddly, most of the ones for which the answer might conceivably be yes, like Hawkeye and FF and Young Avengers, are in Marvel's lower price bracket. WHO KNOWS.)
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The Rogue+Black Widow, Kitty Pryde+Tony Stark issue of A + X, which is basically a fic comic about various Avenger + X-man team-ups. Some of them are friendshippy, some are antagonistic, the Storm+Black Panther one was sweetly nostalgic, but this issue was def my favorite of the ones available via Marvel Unlimited. Rogue and Natasha kick robot butt together, and Kitty totally pwns Tony (with some really interesting, stylized art to boot). :DDDD

The Sif standalone by Kelly Sue Deconnick, in which Sif is struggling with the psychological aftermath of some Loki nastiness and works through it via a space mission in which she stabs things. (I adore Sif. I wish she got lots more stories. I wish her run of Journey into Mystery weren't ending soon, woe.)

The first two issues of Runaways, which everyone and their brother has been telling me to check out. Kids of supervillains band together to foil their parents and do good! I expect to enjoy this series very, very much.

Young Avengers #1 (of the newly relaunched title). I just, I like everyone. There are sweet teenage boyfriends and Kate Bishop (<3) and America Chavez, who is clearly awesome even though I don't know her at all. And teen!Loki. One of these days I'm going to have to sort out the backstory for that. Also I like the art.

Yay comics.


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