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Would have Jared, Jensen, Misha, and Osric, and a whole bunch of women. Definitely Liane, Alona, and Rachel. I'd really like Alaina Huffman to be there, too. After that, some combination of Kim Rhodes, Lauren Tom, Julie McNiven, Jessica Heafey (because if Christian Campbell can be a repeat con guest, you bet Gwen can be invited to this one), Cindy Sampson, Traci Dinwiddie, Felicia Day, Lauren Cohan, and Samantha Ferris. Votes? Also I no doubt forgot someone you would want to see.
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During the panel, Jensen was asked about his favorite death on screen. He replied, "Tacos." (NO ONE understands my squick about the tacos. Death by food poisoning: drawn-out and awful and NOT FUNNY.) He then went on to reiterate what he's said before, that he wants Sam and Dean to go out fighting, maybe driving the Impala into a sea of monsters.

Okay, first, I just hate that as an ending. I hate the final message of the show being "Life sucks, and then you die," especially given the unpleasant possibilities for the afterlife in this verse. I want so badly for Sam and Dean to find some middle ground between white picket fence (which they've both rejected as unworkable, although I remain unconvinced) and dying young in a blaze of glory. I am a h/c woman who's in it for the comfort, okay? Not the hurt. I want an ending that suggests at least the possibility of some degree of healing for them both.

But second, good grief, Angel already went there. Ugh, we so do not need two such endings. No. No Butch Cassidy and Sundance, okay? Okay?

This show is going to break my heart in the end. I just know it.
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Saturday night, roommate and I had a discussion about how there seemed to be an inversely proportional relationship between the popularity of the panel guests and the stupidity of the questions. Thus Julie's panel was sober and informative, the Marks' panel was so-so, and Misha and Jim's panel was off-the-wall chaos. We were therefore feeling fairly pessimistic about the Jared+Jensen panel on Sunday.

But lo! The Jared and Jensen panel was excellent! They were gracious and professional, and they had, shall we say, very different ideas from some of the other panelists about what is appropriate to say in a public forum. They also did a great job of answering the questions fully and then immediately moving on; unlike most of the panels on Saturday, there was no dithering and no feeling of lag time. They made every minute count. What's more, they generally got decent questions. I'd suggest that maybe someone screened the questions for their panel, except the one asking what the plural of moose was got through, so I think not. Maybe, as [ profile] goldenusagi commented to me, they just have a reputation for being more serious, and thus fans brought more serious questions? I guess I wouldn't have thought enough people would have been tuned in to their panel style to make such a huge difference in the quality of the questions, but IDK.

Some highlights (caveat that the quotations are paraphrases and sometimes condensed)

many notes! )

And there you go: Snick's epic write-up. I don't know that I have a useful summary. The panel was excellent, absolutely a highlight of the convention, and I find my enthusiasm for canon in general and the new season in particular revitalized by Jared and Jensen's obvious commitment to their work and the story they're telling. On a personal level, they both were classy and professional in their interactions with fans and with each other. My fangirling continues apace.

All questions of panel quality aside, I have to say, there's something electric about being in the same room as the people I've spent so many hours watching on TV. Watching con video just is not the same.

That said, there's a total of twenty minutes' worth of video of the panel here and here, and tweets of the panel are here.
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Short version: highlights of the convention were karaoke, Julie McNiven yesterday, and Jared and Jensen today. Also today roommate and I walked ALL OF DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER. And now we're home, and we're going to watch Bad Day at Black Rock, because why not?

Full reports later. Also I spotted at least one person taking video at the J2 panel, so presumably that will be up on YouTube soonish.
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Julie McNiven: a class act from start to finish. I loved her so much I decided to get a photo with her after. (This is highly impressive, I'd like to point out. Generally I'm all bleah when it comes to the idea of me contrasted with Hollywood gorgeous. But.)

- When asked about the transition from "good angel" to "bad angel," she said, "I don't really think Anna went bad. She was trying to save the world. She saw a chance to save the world by killing one man, and she took it."

- Her favorite line, she says, is from her exchange with Uriel right before she kills him:
URIEL: There is no God.
ANNA: Maybe, maybe not. But there's still me

It is indeed an excellent line. I applaud her taste.

- She named Anna as a formative character to play and one of her favorites because Anna was the first character she played who "broke the rules because she thought she needed to" and because Anna was more empowered as a character than what Julie usually plays. As an example, she said her last job was as a preschool teacher - which, she explained, was probably closer to her RL personality. I thought it was interesting, hearing about that kind of typecasting.

- Asked what currently running show she'd most like to appear on, she answered without missing a beat, "Breaking Bad. But the only characters on there my age are methheads, and nobody buys me as a methhead!"

- Someone asked for stories about the Dean/Anna sex scene. She said that it was the first sex scene she'd ever done, and she didn't know whether or not you were supposed to use tongue, but she was too nervous to ask Jensen, because if the answer was obviously you don't use tongue, then she was afraid he'd be weirded out and it'd be awkward. So she decided that since he'd done these kinds of scenes before, he'd know, and she'd follow his lead. (Answer: nope, standard practice is they don't use tongue.) Also she commented that for the window scene, Jensen wasn't even in the car.

- Someone (*cough* me) asked her if she could design a role for herself, what kind of character she'd like to play. I was angling for something a little more serious about her as an actor, but her response was that someone from the New Jersey con had shown her a photoshopped picture of her as Ariel from Once Upon a Time with Matt Cohen as Prince Eric, and that she thought that would be fun.

- She commented that when she was given the scripts for her first two episodes, she was supposed to die at the end - for Dean to mourn over as a fallen lover. This is counter to what I'd heard before, which was that she was supposed to be introduced as a long-term love interest and angel ally, but that it was decided to have Castiel take that role instead. Also, hey guys, they chose not to kill a female character to further the manpain! A blind squirrel, improbably found nuts, etc.

Overall, Julie was polite, friendly, apologized the once or twice she thought she might accidentally have embarrassed someone, answered questions directly and informatively, and was generally everything I could hope for. She was flawless. My fangirling knows no bounds.
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It is much too late to be posting this, but I'm hungry anyway, so I shall eat and journal at the same time.

Roommie and I got into Vancouver this evening. After a good deal wandering around downtown, we located our rooms and went out for yummy gourmet pizza, and then we went down to check out this karaoke thing I'd been hearing about.

You guys, Matt Cohen and Richard Speight's karaoke party is the kind of thing that I suspect is only possible in this weird cultural cross-section that is cult TV. The whole karaoke production is extremely informal. Here are some no-name actors who happen to be much beloved by a small but devoted group of TV fans who are thrilled to come watch them ham it up on stage for a couple of hours. Folks come up and sing, Richard makes fun of them (gently!), and Matt grinds with them or just blocks the view and makes silly motions. Neither of them are great as MCs, but nobody seems to care much, because: Gabriel! Young John Winchester!

And in addition to the two of them, a ton of other folks showed up to dance (er, "dance"), talk smack, and wave at the crowd. Most of them were scheduled to be here for the convention, including the two who were today that roommie and I missed (Julian Richings and Kim Rhodes), but there were also some totally unscheduled delights (see below!). And again, some folks were better on stage than others, but seriously: when else am I going to see a bunch of bit-part actors I happen to be attached to being silly and dancing badly? And because most of them were just flat not very good at stage improv with music, there was a sense of, hmm, authenticity? Sure, they were performing, but it wasn't a polished performance. They're actors, not singers or dancers or Cat Deeley; what we were getting up there on stage was, I can't help but feel, pretty much what we get. And how often do you get to see those kinds of snapshots of your favorite celebrities?

tl;dr If you're ever at one of these conventions, don't skip the karaoke. It's bizarre, but it's a blast.

* Best surprise: Rekha Sharma, AKA Kali, AKA Tory Foster (POCO I THOUGHT OF YOU). She was gorgeous and gracious, if possibly a little overwhelmed.

* Best imitator of Angel's dancing skills: Matt Cohen. He looked like he was having fun, though. In fact, he had so much fun he suffered a wardrobe malfunction early on and spent most of the evening with a bandanna holding his pants fastened. In other news: folks, that boy is not bad looking.

* Most surprising surprise and best singer: Timothy Omundson, AKA that one detective from Psych, who came because he... happened to be in the neighborhood? IDEK. He did one very nice rendition of a Bobby Darrin song, and spent the rest of his time hanging out on the side of the stage nursing drinks and talking to the guy running the computer.

* Best imitation of the SPN character they played: Mark Pellegrino. Y'all, now I understand why what we saw of Lucifer last season felt so natural. It's because Pellegrino wasn't acting. He also wins best performer; he had twice as much ham up there on stage as anyone else. I expect that if I could hear the lyrics to the two songs he performed, they would not be at all to my taste, so I'm just as glad I couldn't. Lastly, to quote a wise woman: "Have you seen his arms? Those are nice arms to have."

* Looked most uncomfortable: Julian Richings. He may or may not have actually been uncomfortable, but he looked it. He hung back for the most of the evening and swayed to the songs. And then he came out front to sing a song of his own and jumped around the stage a lot in his jeans and t-shirt, which was... unnerving. You're just not sure you want Death grinning like that.

* Best rendition of "O, Death": courtesy of Richard Speight, introducing Julian. Richard's also runner-up for the "best imitation of the character he played" award. Judging by tonight, I don't think Gabriel was all that much of a stretch for him.

* Least willing to make a fool of themselves: Mark Shepperd. He appeared, and we were all thrilled. (I leaned over to roommie and said, "That's a lot of antagonists on one stage." When Shepperd showed up, we had Lucifer, Death, Gabriel, Michael, and the king of Hell. And also Kim Rhodes, our representative human.) He stood to the side and watched the proceedings for about ten minutes, and then he disappeared.

* Most lacking in awards from the other categories: singer Steve Carlson (who, hey, now I know what he looks like) and Kim Rhodes (who was there! dancing and singing back-up! looking not at all mom-like! but about whom I have nothing else to say)

Um, no pictures, alas, as the combined intellectual power of myself and my camera were not enough to figure out how to deal with the poor lighting. There were lots of cameras out, though, so surely pictures will be forthcoming from somewhere.

Ugh, tired. Bed.


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